Blasdell Leads Classic Doubles With 743 Series At JBC

Andy Blasdell spun a 249-269-225-743 for Tarp Skunks during the Classic Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Ang Volpe rolled a 269-226-227-722 for Lena’s Pizza followed by Jim Mee with a 246-227-249-722 for Gametime. Jeremy Crist had a 216-289-704 for Geraci & Co. Accounting and Dave Saxton had a 260-243-701 for Dave Warren Preowned.

Also in the Classic Doubles, Jeff Wadsworth rolled a 211-222-267-700 for Wadsworth Construction, Chris Conti spilled a 257-245-693 for Lena’s Pizza, Dan Hallberg had a 208-247-234-689 for Southern Tier T’s, Mark Gould cracked a 212-211-262-585 for Gould-McIntyre and Steph Tompkins had a 214-214-616 for Zamborik-Tompkins.

Chris Goodwill rolled a 243-226-225-694 during the Wine Cellar League at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Wine Cellar–Bill Hartzel 246-645, Nino Loverme 623, John Robbins 608, Dennis Goodwill 231-602, Curtis Goodwill 235-597, Jenny Johnson 220-563

Classic Doubles–Andrew Chapman 226-672, Dan Gould 228-227-660, Paul Burdic 248-653, Ryan Colburn 226-648, Cody Kane 238-645, Tom Sacilowski 245-644, Tab Berkhous 228-631, Mark Blasdell 249-630, George Wendell 225-629, Brandon Miller 626, Devin Kennelley 245-625, Mike Melice 234-621, Jordan Basile 232-619, Brent Miller 246-613, Jeff Arnold 612, Brian Kennelley 235-607, John Williams Jr. 233-604, Howie McIntyre Jr. 604, Mark Meleen 603, Jamie Willey 227-599, James Cappalino 598, Tom Volpe 592, Tyler Jones 592, Dan Zamborik 589, Bill Thompson 234-582, Bob Paterniti 579, Ray Textor 576

Cutting Lanes: American–Michael Reed 266-643, Cody Robinson 221-601, Jason Rhodes 595, Alton Wethli 578

Frewsburg Lanes: Tuesday Doubles–Robert Cross 232-665, Dave Fiorella 236-655, Matt Rudy 619, Dan Terhune 594, Burke Lindquist 591, James Turk 581

Angel Hair Ladies–Renae Bean 207-517


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