Greiner Hits 795 Series At JBC

Mike Greiner had quite a performance in the Classic Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Bowling For Dom’s Mobil, Greiner smashed a 274-226-295-795 to lead a big night at the Foote Avenue establishment.

Also recording 700 series were Brandon Miller 226-225-279-730 for Don’s Car Wash; Josh Volk 225-246-259-730 for Geraci & Company Accounting; Mark Meleen 264-224-237-725 for Bowler’s Corner; Mark Gould 215-247-259-721 for Gould-McIntyre; Dan Hallberg 258-225-224-707 for Southern Tier T’s; and Dan Gould 228-226-247-701 for Tops Markets.

Other top sets in that league were Justin VanArsdale 213-268-216-697 for VanArsdale; Ang Volpe 216-247-222-685 for Lena’s; Chris Conti 224-234-226-684 for Lena’s; Mark Blasdell 231-268-680 for John C. Nelson Co.; Brent Miller 232-256-678 for Jeremy’s Bel-View; and Paul Burdic 223-247-206-676 for T&A Events.

Chris Goodwill rolled a 257-232-219-708 in the Wine Cellar League at JBC, and Brad Robinson found the mark for a 244-235-683 in the American League at Cutting Lanes.

In the Thursday Early Bird Seniors League at JBC, Larry Pischera shot a 233-202-627.

Dan Walker fired a 289, Dennis Goodwill hit a 263 and John Williams Jr. shot a 256 at JBC, and Pat Bemis rolled a 256 game at Cutting Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Classic Doubles — Jim Mee 232-228-673, Dan Walker 671, Andy Proctor 247-227-670, Jamie Willey 238-670, John Williams Jr. 668, Cody Kane 244-237-659, Joe Jagoda 238-656, Ray Textor 229-654, Dave Saxton 235-649, Andrew Chapman 232-640, John Robbins 226-637, Bob Paterniti 634, Howie McIntyre Jr. 627, Joe Foti 628, Jeff Wadsworth 235-623, George Wendell 618, Tyler JOnes 245-617, James Cappalino 227-608, Andrew Raymond 603, Jim Elardo 592, Ray Colburn 585, Steph Tompkins 560, Christy Cuifolo 498.

Wine Cellar League — Dennis Goodwill 618, John Robbins 594.

Thursday Early Bird Seniors — Jim Suckow 245-599, Hank Mole 520, Sharon Dowd 456, Sue Hobart 412, Kathy Fessenden 407.

Cutting Lanes: American League — Pat Bemis 658, Michael Reed 246-630, Drew Robinson 609.

Monday Men’s League — Mark Halvonik 575, Aaron McGrath 578, Brad Robinson 576.


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