Pischera, Suckow, Colburn, Arnold, Burdic, Tompkins Shine At Jamestown Bowling Co.

Larry Pischera rolled 257-211-235-703 for Team 7 to lead the Monday Hot Shots Seniors at Jamestown Bowling Company.


Jim Suckow hit 207-226-622 for Team 6 in the JBC Monday Seniors lead at Jamestown Bowling Company.


Bill Colburn smashed 207-278-221-706 for Townline Auto in the Belle View East league at Jamestown Bowling Company.


Jeff Arnold knocked 289-213-253-755 for J-Team in the Saturday Mixed Couples league at Jamestown Bowling Company.


Paul Burdic tossed 256-241-685 for The Big Four in Jeremy’s BelView League at Jamestown Bowling Company.


Stephanie Tompkins hammered 207-236-223-666 in the Monday Night Ladies Doubles league at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Monday Hot Shots Seniors–Gary Wells 544, Hank Mole 209-543, Sue Schultz 402.

JBC Monday Seniors–Gerry Kemp 545, Chloe Vincent 469, Ruth Sodeur 434, Jean Kemp 430, Linda Conti 415.

Belle View East–Andrew Raymond 631, Jim Glotz 611, Larry Pischera 599, Justin Fardink 597, Tim Whitmore 579.

Friday Night Couple–John Van Horn 234-258-648.

Saturday Mixed Couples–Bill Colburn 237-204-624, Becky Washer 222-219-603, Kevin Colburn 210-586.

Jeremy’s BelView League–Chuck Ryberg 254-671, Zack Ryberg 265-638, Jamie Willey 225-638, Steve Ryberg 231-621, Rob Stockton 610.

Monday Night Ladies Doubles–Dawn Raynor 202-202-572, Mary Gayton 201-545, Daryl Wadsworth 203-540, Kathy Bradshaw 521, Donna Clark 519, Dana Williams 515, Pat Weeks 505, Sheila Vergith 495, Laura Schlining 485.

Acme Appliance–Jason Pool 236-218-214-668, Ken Bedford Jr. 224-580, Tim Perrin 579, Kelly Savaree 525, Heather Ewing 484.

Cutting Lanes: Tuesday A.M. Jr. League–Clarence Madison 552, Linda Redfield 456.


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