Southwestern Wins Another Boys Championship

ALLEGANY — Michael Butterfield was a triple winner while Dontae Hoose and Declan Kennedy were both double winners as Southwestern won its fifth straight Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys track and field championship with an 85-56 victory over Allegany-Limestone on Tuesday.

Butterfield captured the 100 meters (11.4), 200 meters (22.9) and long jump (19-4); Hoose claimed the shot put (44-3) and discus (113-0); and Kennedy took the 110-meter hurdles (18.1) and 400-meter hurdles (1:03) for the Trojans (6-0, 5-0).

Jacob Brink won the 1,600 meters (4:38) and 3,200 meters (10:03) for the Gators.

In the girls meet, Angelina Napoleon won four events to send Allegany-Limestone to a 83-58 victory.

Napoleon was victorious in the 1,500 meters (5:08.6), 400-meter hurdles (1:05.9), 3,000 meters (10:47.8) and high jump (5-4) while teammate Anna Wolfgang won the triple jump (28-4) and discus (80-0) for the Gators (4-1).

Avery Johnson captured the 400 meters (1:05.2) and long jump (14-3.5) for the Trojans (4-2, 3-2).


3,200m relay: Southwestern (Donavin Brown, Ethan Luce, Trey Faulk, Trenton Shutters). T–10:58

110m hurdles: Declan Kennedy (S), Devin Bish (A-L), Josh Nolder (A-L). T–18.1

100m: Michael Butterfield (S), Connor Goudie (A-L), Matt Butterfield (S). T–11.4

1,600m: Jacob Brink (A-L), Nate Lewis (S), Luce (S). T–4:38

400m relay: Southwestern (Aaron Zaccardo, MaButterfield, Matt Burlingame, Matt Pannes). T–46.9

400m: Damion Bish (A-L), Lewis (S), Jake Johnson (S). T–53.1

400m hurdles: Kennedy (S), DeBish (A-L), Sam Kautzman (S). T–1:03

800m: Shutters (S), Brink (A-L), Faulk (S). T–2:02

200m: MiButterfield (S), DaBish (A-L), Burlingame (S). T–22.9

3,200m: Brink (A-L), Luce (S), Brown (S). T–10:03

1,600m relay: Southwestern (MiButterfield, Lewis, Kennedy, Shutters). T–3:37

Long jump: MiButterfield (S), DaBish (A-L), Zaccardo (S). D–19-4

Triple jump: Chris Miller (S), Jacob Herbert (A-L), Kenyan McBride (S). D–37-11

High jump: Nolder (A-L), Miller (S) and Milliner (A-L). H–5-6

Shot put: Dontae Hoose (S), Josh Lea (A-L), Ahren Faller (A-L). D–44-3

Discus: Hoose (S), Kevin Hardy (A-L), Lea (A-L). D–113-0

Pole vault: Pannes (S), Herbert (A-L), Jesse Decker (A-L). H–10-6


3,200m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Erin Sheehy, Lilly Coulter, Maddie Straub, Lilianna Peters). T–11:27.2

100m hurdles: Liza Giardini (A-L), Gabby Wigren (S), Sheehy (A-L). T–19.0

100m: Alexis Grijalva (S), Avery Johnson (S), Cait Kellogg (A-L). T–13.6

1,500m: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Lucy Brown (S), Peters (A-L). T–5:08.6

400m relay: Southwestern (AGrijalva, Joslyn Brown, Morgan Troutman, AJohnson). T–54.7

400m: AJohnson (S), Ashlyn Collins (A-L), Reece Beaver (S). T–1:05.2

400m hurdles: Napolean (A-L), Wigren (S), Coulter (A-L). T–1:05.9

800m: Collins (A-L), Grijalva (S), Straub (A-L). T–2:41.6

200m: Madison Honeck (A-L), Kellogg (A-L), Beaver (S). T–29.8

3,000m: Napolean (A-L), Peters (A-L), Lexi Lundmark (S). T–10:47.8

1,600m relay: Southwestern (AGrijalva, Wigren, Hiba Munir, Beaver). T–4:35

Long jump: Johnson (S), Kate Miller (S), Kellogg (A-L). D–14-3.5

Triple jump: Anna Wolfgang (A-L), JBrown (S), HMunir (S). D–28-4

High jump: Napoleon (A-L), Alli Watkins (A-L), Beaver (S). H–5-4

Shot put: Erin Keppel (S), Wolfgang (A-L), Bella Sirianni (S). D–28-11

Discus: Wolfgang (A-L), Kenzie Rhodes (A-L), Keppel (S). D–80-0

Pole vault: Watkins (A-L), Giardini (A-L), Coulter (A-L). H–6-6



Onnalee Nellis and Morgan Torrey were both double winners for Jamestown’s girls on a 100-39 Division 1 victory over Olean at Strider Field.

Nellis claimed the 400-meter hurdles (1:21.6) and high jump (4-8) while Torrey took the shot put (29-2) and discus (78-7) for the Red Raiders (4-1, 4-1).

Nya Martinelli won the 1,500 meters (6:11.3) and 3,000 meters (13:31.6) for the Huskies.

Colin Johnson won both throwing events to lead Jamestown’s boys to a 100-40 victory over Olean.

Johnson threw the shot put 34 feet, 8.5 inches and slung the discus 100 feet, 1 inch for the Red Raiders.

Jamison Pitts was a triple winner for the Huskies, claiming the 100 meters (11.5), long jump (19-3) and triple jump (39-5).


3,200m relay: Jamestown (Tyler Zwald, Holden Putney, Colton Cappalino, Greg Brumagin). T–9:28

110m hurdles: Christian Pumford (J), Avery Thagard (J), Maddox Windus (O). T–17.9

100m: Jamison Pittman (O), Jarren Cotter (J), Kyler Nickerson (J). T–11.5

1,600m: Zwald (J), Jaymin Morano (J), Jacob Smeraldo (J). T–4:59.1

400m relay: Jamestown (Nickerson, Jack Carlson, Noah Burch, Cotter. T–46.7

400m: Caedyn Tingley (O), Cappalino (J), Burch (J). T–57.2

400m hurdles: Jordan Braymiller (J), Pumford (J), Alexander LaTone (J). T–1:07.0

800m: Brumagin (J), Jack DeRose (O), Smeraldo (J). T–2:14.6

200m: Cotter (J), Nickerson (J), Quinten Allen (O). T–24.0

3,200m: Lucas Arnone (J), Lucas Peterson-Volz (O), Jack Harris Osborne (J). T–11:34.9

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Cappalino, Brighton Lumia, Smeraldo, Holden Putney). T–4:16.2

Long jump: Pittman (O), Burch (J), Cotter (J). D–19-3

Triple jump: Pittman (O), Pumford (J), Thagard (J). T–39-5

High jump: Tingley (O), Allen (O), Thagard (J). H–5-4

Pole vault: Thagard (J), Blake Kinnaird (O). H–8-0

Shot put: Colin Johnson (J), Bradley Bennett (J), Noah Gallo (O). D–34-8.5

Discus: Johnson (J), Conner Buck (J), Caleb Micciche (J). D–100-1


3,200m relay: Jamestown (Allison MacCallum, Reagan Volpe, Nolah Hamilton, Amara Pacheco). T–12:44.4

100m hurdles: Aaralyn McKoy (J), Kiana Harris (J), Ava Borer (O). T–19.5

100m: Maddy Burgess (J), Myah Crossley (J), Lily Schena (O). T–13.1

1,500m: Nya Martinelli (O), Allison MacCallum (J). T–6:11.3

400m relay: Jamestown (N/A). T–N/A

400m: Addie Zahn (J), Ava Borer (O), McKenna Cuifolo (J). T–1:03.8

400m hurdles: Onnalee Nellis (J), Reagan Volpe (J), Aaralyn McKoy (J). T–1:21.6

800m: Nolah Hamilton (J), Sara Thomas (O), Jaiden Lutgen (J). T–2:52.4

200m: Myah Crossley (J), Addie Zahn (J), Lily Schena (O). T–28.6

3,000m: Nya Martinelli (O), Nolah Hamilton (J). T–13:31.6

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Chryssa Wahl, Amara Pacheco, Onnalee Nellis, Kiana Harris). T–4:51.2

Long jump: Lily Schena (O), Myah Crossley (J), McKenna Cuifolo (J). D–14-1

Triple jump: Leah Williams (O), Jessenia Barber (J), Jezerae Fayson (O). D–29-5.5

High jump: Onnalee Nellis (J), Ella Propheter (J), Vysali Bommireddipalli (J). H–4-8

Shot put: Morgan Torrey (J), Lexi Benjamin (O), Haileigh Rhodes (J). D–29-2

Discus: Morgan Torrey (J), Leah Williams (O), Lexi Benjamin (O). D–78-7

Pole vault: Emily Cardinale (J), Kaylin Russell (J), Jemini Fayson (O). H–7-0



FREWSBURG — Sam Annis, Audrey Eckwahl and Gracie Conlan won two events apiece to lead Frewsburg’s girls to a 71-69 victory over Maple Grove.

Annis claimed the 100 meters (13.1) and the 200 meters (27.9); Eckwahl captured the 1,500 meters (5:42.1) and the 800 meters (2:39.6); and Conlan was victorious in the long jump (15-6) and triple jump (31-1.5).

The Maple Grove boys defeated Frewsburg 81-60.

The Red Dragons were led by individual triple-winner Sam Eimiller in the 110-meter hurdles, 400-meter hurdles and high jump; and a trio of double winners with Lukas Baer in the 1,600 meters and 800 meters, Jonah Foley in long jump and triple jump and David Marshall in shot put and discus.

Frewsburg’s effort was highlighted by double-winner Landon Stormer taking first in the 100 meters and 200 meters.


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Lukas Baer, Hal Sevtanics, Ben Cornell, RJ Helt). T–10:22.09

110m high hurdles: Sam Eimiller (MG), Zayne Clein (F), Jaden Collver (F). T–15.0

100m: Landon Stomer (F), Jake Constantino (F), Cameron Bower (MG). T–11.3

1,600m: Lukas Baer (MG), Micah Barber (F), Cody Kent (F). T–4:54.0

400m relay: Frewsburg (Juvenal Diaz, Jake Constantino, Zayne Cline, Landon Stormer). T–47.6

400m: Hal Svetanics (MG), Jake Constantino (F), Landon Stormer (F). T–54.3

400m hurdles: Sam Eimiller (MG), Declan Gibbons (F), Zayne Cline (F). T–1:04.1

800m: Lukas Baer (MG), RJ Helt (MG), Juvenal Diaz (F). T–2:09.5

200m: Landon Stormer (F), Jake Constantino (F), Sam Eimiller (MG). T–23.5

3,200m: Cody Kent (F), Xander Pitts (F), Ben Cornell (MG). T–11:01.8

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (David Marshall, RJ Helt, Lukas Baer, Hal Svetanics). T–3:54.6

Long jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Ryder Carlson (MG), Brendan Devereaux (F). D–16-10.5

High jump: Sam Eimiller (MG), Zayne Cline (F) and Jonah Foley (MG). H–5-2

Triple jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Micah Barber (F), Cole Vaughn (F). D–34-2

Shot put: David Marshall (MG), Jake Sears (F), Zac Lindquist (MG). D–37-6

Discus: David Marshall (MG), Jake Sears (F), Brennan Moore (MG). D–112-7.5

Pole vault: RJ Helt (MG), Luke Tomlinson (MG), Noah Collins (F). H–9-6


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Lizzie Lai, Hannah Trabrake, Megan Baer, Abby Brunenavs). T–11:28.9

100m hurdles: Libby Hollenbeck (F), Emma Foley (MG), Allison Emley (F). T–18.3

100m: Sam Annis (F), Sophia Nelson (F), Kealy Caflisch (F). T–13.1

1,500m: Audrey Eckwahl (F), Jadyn Trocki (F), Tarbrake (MG). T–5:42.1

400m relay: Frewsburg (Emley, Gracie Conlan, Molly Spontaneo, Annis). T–1:00.6

400m: Brunenavs (MG), Riley Gore (F), Presley Haines (MG). T–1:05.1

400m hurdles: Lai (MG), Hollenbeck (F), Kylee Wakamatsu (F). T–1:18.2

800m: Eckwahl (F), Baer (MG), Gore (F). T–2:39.6

200m: Annis (F), Brunenavs (MG), Bailey Nocero (MG). T–27.9

3000m: Bohall (MG), Mae Benedetto (MG). T–12:08.8

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Baer, Lai, Bohall, Brunenavs). T–4:48.6

Long jump; Conlan (F), Foley (MG), Haines (MG). D–15-6

High jump: Foley (MG), Conlan (F), Gerring (MG). H–4-6

Triple jump: Conlan (F), Foley (MG), Haines (MG). D–31-1.5

Shot put: Madi Price (MG), Madi Collver (F), Tracy Keller (MG). D–29-11

Discus: Collver (F), Price (MG), Brea Rubrecht (F). D–77-9

Pole vault: Nocero (MG), Elayna Pitts (F), Lai (MG). H–7-6


SALAMANCA — Arlen Newark won the 400-meter hurdles and triple jump while Archer Newark captured the 200 meters and long jump as Salamanca beat West Valley and Cattaraugus-Little Valley in boys action.

Jorden Ambuske took the 100 meters, Jesse Hill won the 400 meters, JT Auman was victorious in the high jump and Easton Chudy claimed the pole vault for the Warriors.

In the girls meet, Summer Downey tripled in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters. Harley Brown won the 100-meter hurdles and 400-meter hurdles; Ryanna Brady won the 800 meters and 1,500 meters; and Michaelynn Lecceardone took the long jump and triple jump.

Aliyah Lee won the pole vault and Isabella Milks captured the high jump.

Senior Jillian Rea won the shot put and discus in her last home meet.


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