Southwestern Boys Capture 5th Consecutive League Title

The Southwestern boys captured their fifth straight Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 track and field championship and their 35th straight dual-meet victory following a 123-18 win over Olean on Tuesday.

The victory improved Southwestern’s record to 7-0 overall and 6-0 in the division.

Trenton Shutters tripled, claiming the 1,600 meters (4:41), the 800 meters (2:21) and the 200 (23.6); and Dontae Hoose, Declan Kennedy and Michael Butterfield won two events apiece. Hoose prevailed in the shot (45-1) and the discus (120-6); Kennedy placed first in the 110-meter high hurdles (18-0) and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:03.7); and Butterfield crossed the finish line first in the 100 meters (11.2) and the 400 meters (53.2).

The Huskies dropped to 0-6.

The Southwestern girls improved to 5-2 overall and 4-2 in the division following an 89-45 win over Olean.

Reece Beaver won the triple jump (31-0.5) and the high jump (4-4), and Erin Keppel claimed the shot (28-5) and the discus (80-3) for the Trojans.


3200 Relay: Southwestern (Donavin Brown, Jake Johnson, Trey Faulk, Trenton Shutters). T — 10:23

110m high hurdles: Declan Kennedy (SW), Jake Lawton SW), Maddox Windus (O) T — 18.0

100m: Michael Butterfield (SW), Matt Burlingame (SW), Jameson Pittman (O). T –11.2

1600m: Shutters (SW), Ethan Luce (SW), Faulk (SW), T — 4:41

400m relay: Southwestern (Brendan Luce, Matt Butterfield, Burlingame, Matt Pannes). T — 46.0

400m: Michael Butterfield (SW), Johnson (SW), B. Luce (SW). T — 53.2

400m intermediate hurdles: Kennedy (SW), Lawton (SW), Sam Kautzman (SW). T –1:03.7

800m: Shutters (SW), Brown (SW), Ebaad Meer (SW). T — 2:21

200m: Shutters (SW), Pittman (O), B. Luce SW). T –23.6

3200m: E. Luce (SW), Brown (SW), Zack Bishop (SW). T –11:12

1600m relay: Southwestern (Johnson, Kautzman, Kenyan McBride, B. Luce) T –3:57

Long jump: Pittman (O), Chris Miller (SW), Matt Pannes (SW). D –19-8

Triple jump: Miller (SW), Pannes (SW), McBride (SW). D –38-4

High jump: Cayden Tingley (O), Gabe Tyger (SW), Kole Lyon (SW). H — 5-7

Shot: Dontae Hoose (SW), Mitchell Pike (SW), Will Hoden (SW). D — 45-1

Discus: Hoose (SW), Hoden (SW), Pike (SW). D –120-6

Pole vault: Pannes (SW), Tyger (SW), Blake Kinnard (O). H — 9-0


3200m relay: Southwestern (Mia Turnbull, Lucy Brown, Grace Anderson, Marley Ohl).

100m hurdles: Gabby Wigren (SW), Ava Boren (O), Molly Demose (O). T –19.8.

100m: Lily Schena (O), Jez Fayson (O), Chelsea Lemmer (O). T –13.4.

1500m: Emma Lewis (SW), Lexi Lundmark (SW), Wigren (SW). T — 5:00.9.

400m relay: Southwestern (Alexis Grijalva, Joslyn Brown, Morgan Troutman, Avery Johnson). T — 53.9.

400m: Johnson (SW) Boren (O), Kate Miller (SW). T — 1:04.7.

400m hurdles: Paiton James T — 1:33.0.

800m: L. Brown (SW), Lundmark (SW), Turnbull (SW). T — 2:43.1.

200m: Grijalva (SW), Boren (O), J. Brown (SW). T — 28.3.

3000m: Nya Mantinelli (O), Marley Ohl (SW). T –13:42.4.

1600m relay: Southwestern (Grijalva, Reece Beaver, Madilynn McIntyre, Johnson). T — 4:33.8.

Long jump: Lily Schena (O), Johnson (SW), Miller (SW). D — 13-11.5.

Triple jump: Beaver (SW), Leah Williams (O), McIntyre (SW). D — 31-0.5.

High jump: Beaver (SW), McIntyre (SW), Lemmer (O). H –4-4.

Shot: Erin Keppel (SW), Williams (O), Lexi Benjimin (O). D — 28-5.

Discus:Keppel (SW) Williams (O), Benjimin (O). D — 80-3.

Pole vault: Jen Fayson (O), Ohl (SW), Angelina Wilder (SW). H — 7-6.



Jamestown’s girls improved to 5-1 on the season with a 109-16 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 track and field victory over Dunkirk at Strider Field on Tuesday.

Jamestown’s boys also defeated Dunkirk 86-50.

For the girls, Addie Zahn captured the 400 meters (1:04.1) and 200 meters (29.1), Myah Crossley claimed the 100 meters (13.6) and long jump (13-10), and Morgan Torrey took the shot put (28-7.5) and discus (91-4).

Jamestown’s boys were led by double winners Christian Pumford in long jump (17-5) and 110-meter hurdles (17.4), Jarren Cotter in the 100 meters (11.8) and 200 meters (23.8), and Tyler Zwald in the 800 meters (2:11.1) and 1,600 meters (5:19.4).


3,200m relay: Jamestown (Maxwell Knight, Holden Putney, Lucas Arnone, Colton Cappalino). T–9:33.2

110m hurdles: Christian Pumford (J), Alexander LaTone (J), Massiah Jones (J). T–17.4

100m: Jarren Cotter (J), Jordan Lockett (D), Jones (J). T–11.8

1,600m: Tyler Zwald (J), Jaymin Morano (J), Jacob Smeraldo (J). T–5:19.4

400m relay: Jamestown (Kyler Nickerson, Jones, Noah Burch, Cotter). T–46.8

400m: Greg Brumagin (J), Nathan Carlson (D), Burch (J). T–53.8

400m hurdles: Jordan Braymiller, Gio Santiago (D), Pumford (J). T–1:06.5

800m: Zwald (J), Lucas Lawrie (D), Morano (J). T–2:11.1

200m: Cotter (J), Lockett (D), Nickerson (J). T–23.8

3,200m: Knight (J), Arnone (J), Jack Harris Osborne (J). T–11:33.7

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Lockett, Carlson, Correa-Gomez, Lawrie). T–3:43.8

Long jump: Pumford (J), Quanyay Thomas (D), Burch (J). D–17-5

Triple jump: Thomas (D), Pumford (J), Jaylen McMichael (D). D–38-2

High jump: Erick Vega (D), Knight (J). H–5-4

Pole vault: Jaziel Correa Gomez (D). H–9-0

Shot put: Bradley Bennett (J), Adrian Montalvo (D), Colin Johnson (J). D–36-5

Discus: Conner Jakubowicz (D), Montalvo (D), Johnson (J). D–113-6


3,200m relay: Jamestown (Amara Pacheco, Nolah Hamilton, Reagan Volpe, Emylia Hallberg). T–13:19

100m hurdles: Aarlyn McKoy (J), Kiana Harris (J), Oreana Fisher (J). T–19.4

100m: Myah Crossley (J), Ella Propheter (J), Oreana Fisher (J). T–13.6

400m relay: Jamestown (N/A). T–N/A

400m: Addie Zahn (J), Siera Jacques (D), Chryssa Wahl (J). T–1:04.1

400m hurdles: Kiana Harris (J), Reagan Volpe (J). T–1:21

800m: Siera Jacques (D), Gabby Knight (J), Nolah Hamilton (J). T–2:34.5

200m: Addie Zahn (J), Kiana Harris (J), Aarlyn McKoy (J). T–29.1

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Payani Taylor, Siera Jacques, Felicity Cooper, Siera Porpiglia). T–4:30.9

Long jump: Myah Crossley (J), Amara Pacheco (J), Jesenia Barber (J). D–13-10

Triple jump: Jesenia Barber (J), Kaylin Russell (J). D–27-11

High jump: Ella Propheter (J), Onnalee Nellis (J), Reagan Volpe (J). H–4-4

Shot put: Morgan Torrey (J), Hannah Lutgen (J), Haileigh Rhodes (J). D–28-7.5

Discus: Morgan Torrey (J), Emylia Hallberg (J), Haileigh Rhodes (J). D–91-4

Pole vault: Emily Cardinale (J), Kaylin Russell (J). H–8-3


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