Golden Cougars Sweep

F/CV Boys, Girls Beat Dunkirk

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Grace Lundmark throws the shot put during Monday’s CCAA track and field meet against Dunkirk at Karl Hoeppner Field in Dunkirk. P-J photo by Christian Storms

DUNKIRK — Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s track and field teams picked up a pair of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association victories over Dunkirk on Monday at Karl Hoeppner Field.

The Golden Cougars beat Dunkirk 71-61 in boys competition and 77-45 in girls competition.

Joe Krenzer and Jase Smith were double winners for Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s boys. Krenzer captured the 1,600 meters (4:58.1) and 800 meters (2:13.4) while Smith claimed the long jump (19-9) and triple jump (36-2.5).

Adrian Montalvo took the shot put (33-6.5) and discus (107-5) for the Marauders.

Paiden Wittmeyer and Grace Lundmark were double winners for the Falconer/Cassadaga Valley girls. Wittmeyer won the 100-meter hurdles (18.3) and high jump (5-6) while Lundmark was victorious in the shot put (28-10) and discus (85-7).

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Joe Krenzer competes in the 1,600 meters during Monday’s CCAA track and field meet against Dunkirk at Karl Hoeppner Field in Dunkirk. P-J photo by Christian Storms

For the Marauders, Siera Porpiglia won the 1,500 meters (5:32.8) and 800 meters (2:35.6); Siera Jacques took the 400 meters (1:05.4) and 200 meters (29.8); and Felicity Cooper won the 100 meters (14.0) and pole vault (7-0).


3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Jacob Roth, Christian Hernandez, Alex Hudson, Alex Reynolds). T–9:21.6

110m hurdles: Mathis Baehr (F/CV), Xander Austin (F/CV), Elijah Nuccio (F/CV). T–18.5

100m: Collin Riel (F/CV), Jordan Lockett (D), Felix Gonzalez (D). T–11.5

Golden Cougars’ Marcella Seekings competes in the long jump. P-J photo by Christian Storms

1,600m: Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Gabe Lundmark (F/CV), Rafael Cruz (D). T–4:58.1

400m relay: Dunkirk (Felix Gonzalez, Jordan Lockett, Nate Carlson, Michael Hanlon). T–46.2

400m: Alex Reynolds (F/CV), Jacob Roth (F/CV), Charlie Scott (D). T–54.6

400m hurdles: Michael Hanlon (D), Alex Hudson (F/CV), Mason Kilmer (F/CV). T–1:02.5

800m: Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Lucas Lawrie (D), Rafael Cruz (D). T–2:13.4

Golden Cougars’ Marcella Seekings competes in the long jump. P-J photo by Christian Storms

200m: Jordan Lockett (D), Felix Gonzalez (D), Jashawn Couser (D). T–24.1

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Nate Carlson, Jordan Lockett, Lucas Lawrie, Michael Hanlon). T–3:46.6

High jump: Quanyay Thomas (D), Jacob Roth (F/CV), Erick Vega (D). H–5-4

Pole vault: Nathan Bailey (F/CV), Mason Kilmer (F/CV), Jaziel Correa Gomez (D). H–10-0

Long jump: Jase Smith (F/CV), Quanyay Thomas (D), Riley Houghwot (F/CV). D–19-9

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Joe Krenzer competes in the 800 meters during Monday’s CCAA track and field meet against Dunkirk at Karl Hoeppner Field in Dunkirk. P-J photo by Christian Storms

Triple jump: Jase Smith (F/CV), Riley Houghwot (F/CV), Jalen McMichael (D). D–36-2.5

Shot put: Adrian Montalvo (D), Alex Jackson (D), Chaz Sunquist (F/CV). D–33-6.5

Discus: Adrian Montalvo (D), Connor Jakubowicz (D), Elijah Naccio (F/CV). D–107-5


3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Rachael Birath, Hannah Madonia, Jasmine Spangler, Maddie Hattaway). T–13:28

Golden Cougars' Alex Reynolds wins the 400 meter. P-J photo by Christian Storms

100m hurdles: Paiden Wittmeyer (F/CV), Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Addie Pierce (F/CV). T–18.3

100m: Felicity Cooper (D), Siera Jacques (D), Emma Powell (F/CV). T–14.0

1,500m: Siera Porpiglia (D), Rachael Birath (F/CV), Maddie Hattaway (F/CV). T–5:32.8

400m: Siera Jacques (D), Hailey Koch (F/CV), Annalise Potter (F/CV). T–1:05.4

400m hurdles: Hannah Madonia (F/CV), Addie Pierce (F/CV). T–1:16.1

800m: Siera Porpiglia (D), Sarah Elder (F/CV). T–2:35.6

200m: Siera Jacques (D), Felicity Cooper (D), Octavia Fred (D). T–29.8

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Siera Jacques, Octavia Fred, Felicity Cooper, Siera Porpiglia). T–4:48.7

High jump: Paiden Wittmeyer (F/CV), Emma Powell (F/CV). H–5-6

Pole vault: Felicity Cooper (D), Julia Frazita (D). H–7-0

Long jump: Gracey Barber (F/CV), Marcella Seekings (F/CV), Brynn Zaranek (F/CV). D–13-2

Triple jump: Ella Eckstrom (F/CV), Sarah Elder (F/CV). D–30-3

Shot put: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Autumn Lynn (F/CV), Addie Schrader (F/CV). D–28-10

Discus: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Autumn Lynn (F/CV), Marlei Armstrong (F/CV). D–85-7


RANDOLPH — Randolph swept a pair of meets from Chautauqua Lake.

The Cardinals beat the Thunderbirds 84-57 in boys competition and 123-16 in girls competition.

Roan Kelly captured the 1,600 meters (5:17.5), 800 meters (2:03.2) and 3,200 meters (11:24.8) while Carson Kelly claimed the 110-meter hurdles (16.7) and triple jump (36-8) for Randolph’s boys.

Anton Graham (100 meters), David Speagle (400 meters) and Sully Ferrino (200 meters) were victorious for Chautauqua Lake’s boys.

In the girls meet, the Cardinals’ Payton Morrison took the 100 meters (13.3), 200 meters (27.6) and 400 meters (1:04.1). Sydney Smith won the 1,500 meters (5:33.5) and 800 meters (2:37.7) while Corinne Inkley claimed the pole vault (9-6) and long jump (14-4.5).

Mercedez Obert (high jump) was the Thunderbirds’ lone winner.


3,200m relay: Randolph (Dempsey McDonald, Caden Inkley, Jordan Parsons, Roan Kelly). T–9:04.2

110m hurdles: Carson Conley (R), Ben Hitchcock (R), Dominic Cusimano (CL). T–16.7

100m: Anton Graham (CL), Josh Bush (R), Talon Rowland (R). T–11.2

1,600m: Roan Kelly (R), Carson D’Anthony (CL), Zack Braun (CL). T–5:17.5

400m relay: Randolph (Josh Bush, Carson Conley, Talon Rowland, Gavin Stearns). T–46.5

400m: David Speagle (CL), Talon Rowland (R), Sully Ferrino (DL). T–53.4

400m hurdles: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Clayton Crouse (R), Ben Hitchcock (R). T–1:05.5

800m: Roan Kelly (R), Elias Quintero (CL), Damon Fisher (R). T–2:03.2

200m: Sully Ferrino (CL), Cole Otto (CL), Josh Bush (R). T–24.2

3,200m: Roan Kelly (R), Kameron Press (CL), Lincoln Smith (CL). T–11:24.8

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake (David Speagle, Sully Ferrino, Elias Quintero, Carson D’Anthony). T–3:46.3

Pole vault: Caden Inkley (R), Clayton Crouse (R), Christopher Brooks (CL). H–10-6

High jump: Drew Hind (R), Cole Otto (CL), Zak Kachermeyer (R). H–5-4

Long jump: Josh Bush (R), David Speagle (CL), Cole Otto (CL). D–18-3.75

Triple jump: Carson Conley (R), Michael Horvath (CL), Drew Hind (R). D–36-8

Shot put: Ryan Carpenter (R), Gavin Segovia (CL), Wayne Swogger (CL). D–41-2

Discus: Maverick Adams (R), Ryan Carpenter (R), Clayton Fairbank (CL). D–104-9


3,200m relay: Randolph (Gracyn Rowland, Eve Adams, Sara Smith, Sydney Smith). T–12:07.1

110m hurdles: Ashley Crouse (R), Tayla Keyes (R), Eve Kushmaul (CL). T–19-5

100m: Payton Morrison (R), Piper Keyes (R), Mercedez Obert (CL). T–13.3

1,500m: Sydney Smith (R), Lydia Kushmaul (CL). T–5:33.5

400m relay: Randolph (Willow Rader, Payton Morrison, Lucy VanRensselaer, Piper Keyes) T–54.3

400m: Payton Morrison (R), Skylar Herington (R), Paige Zarpentine (CL). T–1:04.1

400m hurdles: Tayla Keyes (R), Eve Adams (R), Eve Kushmaul (CL). T–1:19.7

800m: Sydney Smith (R), Sara Smith (R), Lydia Kushmaul (CL). T–2:37.7

200m: Payton Morrison (R), Lucy VanRensselaer (R), Alyia Oliverio (R). T–27.6

3,000m: Gracyn Rowland (R), Lydia Kushmaul (CL). T–12:10.5

1,600m relay: Randolph (Piper Keyes, Willow Rader, Sara Smith, Lucy VanRensselaer). T–4:42.4

Pole vault: Corinne Inkley (R), Eve Adams (R), Willow Rader (R). H–9-6

High jump: Mercedez Obert (CL), Jada Cole (CL), Lucy VanRensselaer (R). H–4-8

Long jump: Corinne Inkley (R), Piper Keyes (R), Savannah Horvath (CL). D–14-4.5

Triple jump: Skylar Herington (R), Megan Blakeslee (CL), Alyia Oliverio (R). D–28-10

Shot put: Renee Waterman (R), Aspen Hawkins (R), Rileigh Lynn-Haskell (R). D–29-2

Discus: Rileigh Lynn-Haskell (R), Aspen Hawkins (R), Renee Waterman (R). D–63-2


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