Berkhous, Weimer Shine At JBC

Tab Berkhous spun a 268-259-265-792 and TJ Weimer had a 253-237-707 for Crescent Inn during the Friday Night Couples League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Larry Pischera had a 278-692 for Custom Profiling and Brandon Michael had a 247-679 for Custom Profiling in the Friday Night Couples League.

Josh Volk rolled a 234-244-225-703 for Pepsi during the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at JBC. Mark Cobbe followed Volk with a 279-698 for A-Bat, Bill Colburn had a 227-245-696 for Bemus Point Inn, Andrew Raymond spilled a 257-686 for All Shots Matter and Jeff Arnold had a 289-228-685 for J.B. Liquors.

Jim Suckow rolled a 206-225-586 during the Friday Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Friday Senior Coffee Bowl–Bob Kaverman 211-531, Hary Jones 506, Mike Barton 486

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto–Jen Goshgarian 207-520, Becky Washer 200-505, Jami Olson 492, Grace Wheeler 491, Jeannie Colburn 477

Lena’s Pizza Men’s League–Jeremy Crist 276-672, Nate Donisi 238-233-667, Cody Kane 269-230-667, Patrick Ewing 288-666, Jamie Willey 233-235-665, Chris Conti 222-655, Tab Weeks 238-651, Paul Burdic 242-651, Terry Frank 244-247-648, Tom Volpe 235-637, Jason Rupczyk 225-636, Tim Wares 255-629, John Williams Jr. 626, Larry Pischera 225-624, Andrew Chapman 622, Chris McKinley 621, Bill Leonard 234-620, Ryan Beaver 235-610, Denny Beaver 232-601, Michael Melice 227-599, Chuck Ryberg 216-596, Dave Fiorella 594, Josh Golden 234-593, Tyler Jones 591, Duane Rosenow 590

Friday Night Couples–John VanHorn 221-619, Jason Pool 223-613, Jeff Arnold 230-598, Kenny Bedford 593, Heather Ewing 545

Belle View East–Bill Colburn 258-652, Andy Chapman 258-646, John Robbins 232-624, Eric Truver 225-623, Tim Whitmore 233-609, Jeremy Lundmark 601, Andrew Raymond 599, Jim Glotz 577

Cutting Lanes: Adam Newhouse 227-619, Michael Reed 221-617, Brad Robinson 601, Drew Robinson 598, Jeff Donor 597, Cody Robinson 586


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