Andy Blasdell’s 780 Is Top Effort At JBC

Jamestown Bowling Company was the site of many outstanding efforts this week.

Leading the way was Andy Blasdell, who smashed a 259-286-235-780 for AXA Equitable in the JBC Classic Doubles.

In the same league, Dan Gould rolled a 248-258-259-765 for Pine Creek Creations; Brian Kennelley a 299-245-749 for Emco Finishing; Mark Blasdell a 247-259-723 for John C. Nelson Corp.; Jim Mee a 296-721 for Gametime; Dave Saxton a 278-719 for Dave Warren DRCJ; Dan Walker a 235-264-695 for Guild-Walker; Paul Burdic a 237-262-689 for T&A Events; and Mark Meleen a 233-258-682 for Bowlers Corner Pro Shop.

There were more headline efforts from the Foote Avenue establishment.

Jeremy Crist fired a 230-280-245-755 for Bemus Point Inn, Jamie Willey shot a 245-257-685 for Falconer Rod & Gun; and Ang Volpe rolled a 254-679, all in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League; Chris Goodwill hit a 279-247-735 for The Dragon Balls in the Wine Cellar League; and Kate Foti shot a 224-612 for Fricken Fives in the Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Classic Doubles League — Jamie Willey 230-224-217-671, Jordan Basile 210-261-670, Brandon Miller 238-669, Ray Textor 232-653, Tab Berkhous 246-652, Josh Volk 254-638, John Williams Jr. 248-633, Andrew Raymond 237-632, Joe Jagoda 611, Mark Gould 611, Mike Greiner 247-610, Bill Thompson 2445-608, Jeff Arnold 224-607, Steph Tompkins 247-605, James Cappalino 605, Brent Miller 602, Tom Sacilowski 591, Tom Volpe 588, Devin Kennelley 232-587, Beth Sacilowski 584, Andy Proctor 581, Josh Beckstrom 80, Chelsey Mee 575.

Lena’s Pizza Men’s League — Chris Conti 247-248-675, Tim Wares 258-671, Tyler Jones 238-227-661, Ryan Beaver 268-655, Bubby Michael 242-653, Paul Burdic 248-245-634, John Williams Jr. 242-630, Bill Colburn 233-627, Nate Donisi 238-618, George Wendell 223-618, Andrew Chapman 261-616, Jeff Arnold 236-613, Duane Rosenow 610, Dave Fiorella 608, Terry Frank 233-608, Brent Carlson 607, Roger Golden 223-604, Brent Miller 244-595, Dan Walker 592, Blake Morrison 593, Cody Kane 587, Greg Grimm 243-583, Dan Benson Jr. 578, Michael Melice 238-575.

Wine Cellar League — Bill Hartzel 227-604, Dennis Goodwill 600, Brad Johnson 585, John Robbins 225-582, Jenny Johnson 495, Brenda Peterson 484.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League — Laura Schlining 483.

Cutting Lanes: American League — Drew Robinson 223-622, Michael Reed 608, Brad Robinson 227-607, Pat Bemis 603, Jeff Donor 579.


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