Pillittieri Doubles For Frewsburg/Falconer Swimmers

Frewsburg/Falconer’s Cara Pillittieri swims the 100-meter breaststroke during Thursday’s CCAA girls swimming and diving meet against Salamanca in Frewsburg. Submitted photo

FREWSBURG — Cara Pillittieri was a double winner to lead Frewsburg/Falconer to a 130-53 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls swimming and diving victory over Salamanca on Thursday.

Pillittieri captured the 50-meter freestyle (30.79) and 100-meter breaststroke (1:28.45) for the winners.

200m medley relay: Salamanca (Makenzie Crouse, Mikaela Tennity, Jem Yarbour, Myra Breazeale), Frewsburg/Falconer. T–2:47.05

200m freestyle: Addison Lawson (F/F), Abby Ward (F/F), Alex Waid (F/F). T–2:38.42

200m individual medley: Kylee Wakamatsu (F/F), Taylor Yost (F/F), Mikaela Tennity (S). T–3:04.55

50m freestyle: Cara Pillittieri (F/F), Camryn Quigley (S), Hannah Eckert (F/F). T–30.79

1m diving: Elayna Pitts (F/F), Kristina Oyer (F/F), Gabriella Bly (S). P–236.32

100m butterfly: Ava Palmquist (F/F), Brianna Rosequist (F/F), Addison Lawson (F/F). T–1:22.08

100m freestyle: Camryn Quigley (S), Hannah Eckert (F/F), Teresa Mole (F/F). T–1:10.76

400m freestyle: Emily Swan (F/F), Mikaela Tennity (S), Alex Waid (F/F). T–5:21.79

200m freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Cara Pillittieri, Ava Palmquist, Emily Swan, Hannah Eckert), Salamanca, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–2:08.13

100m backstroke: Taylor Yost (F/F), Brianna Rosequist (F/F), Riley Spoon (F/F). T–1:24.81

100m breaststroke: Cara Pillittieri (F/F), Kylee Wakamatsu (F/F), Abby Ward (F/F). T–1:28.45

400m freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Ava Palmquist, Emily Swan, Cara Pillittieri, Hannah Eckert), Frewsburg/Falconer, Salamanca. T–4:45.22


PANAMA — Cassie Lyon, Emery Watkins and Evelyn Montagna were all double winners as Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer beat Gowanda/Pine Valley 131-30 on Tuesday.

Lyon won the 200-yard freestyle (2:22.46) and 500-yard freestyle (6:44.18); Watkins claimed the 200-yard individual medley (2:29.43) and 100-yard freestyle (1:08.46); and Montagna captured the 50-yard freestyle (28.65) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:21.41).

200y medley relay: Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer (Evelyn Montagna, Jalyn Linton, Desiree Putt, Emery Watkins), Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer, Gowanda/Pine Valley. T–2:22.46

200y freestyle: Cassie Lyon (P/MG/C), Desiree Putt (P/MG/C), Kayla Griffin (P/MG/C). T–2:22.46

200y individual medley: Emery Watkins (P/MG/C), Addi Bryant (P/MG/C), Sophia Jones (G/PV). T–2:29.43

50y freestyle: Evelyn Montagna (P/MG/C), Molly Sunick (G/PV), Caroline Apthorpe (P/MG/C). T–28.65

100y butterfly: Jalyn Linton (P/MG/C), Molly Sunick (G/PV), Britta Watkins (P/MG/C). T–1:12.85

100y freestyle: Emery Watkins (P/MG/C), Caroline Apthorpe (P/MG/C), Halle Karlson (P/MG/C). T–1:08.46

500y freestyle: Cassie Lyon (P/MG/C), Kayla Griffin (P/MG/C), Kendra Schultz (G/PV). T–6:44.18

200y freestyle relay: Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer (Desiree Putt, Britta Watkins, Evelyn Montagna, Cassiey Lyon), Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer, Gowanda/Pine Valley. T–2:24.12

100y backstroke: Desiree Putt (P/MG/C), Britta Watkins (P/MG/C), Halle Karlson (P/MG/C). T–1:14.40

100y breaststroke: Evelyn Montagna (P/MG/C), Jalyn Linton (P/MG/C), Sophia Jones (G/PV). T–1:21.41

400y freestyle relay: Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer (Cassie Lyon, Caroline Apthorpe, Emery Watkins, Jalyn Linton), Panama/Maple Grove/Clymer. T–4:30.55


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