Swabik Sets Pole Vault Mark

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s John Swabik clears the bar in the pole vault at 11 feet, 6 inches during Tuesday’s Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track & field meet at Frewsburg. The Wolfpack won the boys meet, 86-54. Submitted photo

FREWSBURG — John Swabik set a new school record in the pole vault as Clymer/Sherman/Panama (3-0) topped Frewsburg (0-3), 86-54, on Tuesday in a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track & field meet.

He cleared 11 feet, 6 inches in the pole vault while also winning the 110-meter high hurdles.

Jordan Svetz claimed the 400-meter hurdles (1:10.4) and the high jump (5-8); and Owen White won the 1,600 meters (5:01.7) and the long jump (15-11) for Clymer/Sherman/Panama.

Jake Constantino won the 100 meters (11.9) and the 200 meters (24.9) for Frewsburg.

3,200m relay: Frewsburg (Micah Barber, Xander Pitts, Evan Rounds, Juvenal Diaz). T–9:53.7

110m hurdles: Swabik (CSP), Svetz (CSP), Zayne Cline (F). T–15.8

100m: Jake Constantino (F), Treyvon Kopta (CSP), Hayden Bataglia (CSP). T–11.9

1,600m: Owen White (CSP), Juvenal Diaz (F), Lucas Dunnewold (CSP). T–5:01.7

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Jordan Svetz, Michael Shampoe, T. Kopta, Swabik). T–48.1

400m: Jake Constantino (F), Hayden Battaglia (CSP), Noah Collins (F). T–56.0

400m hurdles: Svetz (CSP), Declan Gibbons (F). T–1:10.4

800m: Owen White (CSP), Juvenal Diaz (F), Evan Rounds (F). T–2:17.3

200m: Constantino (F), Treyvon Kopta (CSP), Landon Stormer (F). T–24.9

3,200m: Xander Pitts (F), Lucas Dunnewold (CSP), Benjamin Cooke (CSP). T–11:39.6

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Swabik, Marcus King, Michael Shampoe, Battaglia). T–4:00.4

Long jump: Owen White (CSP), Micah Barber (F), Alex Barmore (CSP). D–15-11

High jump: Svetz (CSP), Barber (F), Zayne Cline (F). H–5-8

Triple jump: T. Kopta (CSP), Owen White (CSP), Cline (F). D–37-2

Shot put: Sebastian Hinkle (CSP), Jacob Murphy (CSP), Jake Sears (F). D–33-2

Discus: Hayden Battaglia (CSP), Jake Sears (F), Jacob Murphy (CSP). D–79-5.5

Pole vault: John Swabik (CSP), Noah Collins (F), Landon Stormer (F). H–11-6.


WEST SENECA — Orchard Park claimed a 104-37 win over Jamestown in Erie County Interscholastic Conference track and field.

Nathan Hill claimed the 110-meter hurdles (17.5) and the 400-meter hurdles (1:03.7) for the Red Raiders.

Dominic Cervellera won the shot put (44-4) and the discus (133-6) for Orchard Park while Chris Bertola took home the 1,600 meters (4:36.2) and the 800 meters (2:02.2).

3,200m relay: Orchard Park (Ben Betrus, Dennis Choroser, Julian Bocanegra, Michael Breth). T–9:51.1

110m hurdles: Nathan Hill (J), Paden Homer (OP), Coleton Fisher (OP). T–17.5

100m: Kegan Mancabelli (OP), Ed Irrizary (OP), Ozion Rosario-Kinney (J). T–11.3

1,600m: Chris Bertola (OP), Andrew Carlson (J), Joey Bertola (OP). T–4:36.2

400m: Tristan Vargo (OP), Colton Cappalino (J), Luke Coffta (OP). T–55.2

400m: Hill (J), Joe Nicometo (OP), Nate Messina (OP). T–1:03.7

800m: C. Bertola (OP), Carlson (J), Greg Brumagin (J). T–2:02.2

200m: Irrizary (OP), Coffta (OP), Mekhi Watkins (OP). T–24.5

3,200m: J. Bertola (OP), Breth (OP), Jaymin Morano (J). T–11:03.9

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Cappalino, Brumagin, Hill, Carlson). T–3:49.4

400m relay: Orchard Park (Vargo, Irrizary, Nicometo, KMancabelli). T–55.7

Long jump: K. Mancabelli (OP), Takye Branch (J), Dominic Cervellera (OP). T–21-1 1/2

Triple jump: Nicometo (OP), Rosario-Kinney (J), Homer (OP). D–36-8

Shot put: Cervellera (OP), Peter Barry (J), Chris Smith (OP). D–44-4

Discus: Cervellera (OP), Smith (OP), Irrizary (OP). D–133-6

High jump: Nicometo (OP), Brad Casto (OP), Maxwell Knight (J). H–5-10

Pole vault: KMancabelli (OP), Anthony Mancabelli (OP), Owen Casto (OP). H–13-6


MAYVILLE — Chautauqua Lake topped Salamanca 118-15.

Dominic Cusimano won the 400-meters hurdles (1:09.3) and the 200-meters (25.1) while Elias Quintero claimed the 800 meters (2:18.5) and the 3,200 meters (11:47.8) for the Thunderbirds.

Raiden Stalter won the discus (100-9) and the shot put (35-5) while Carson D’Anthony claimed the high jump (5-4) and the 1,600 meters (4:49.9) for the winners.

3,200mm relay: Chautauqua Lake (Devin Putney, David Speagle, Carson D’Anthony, Elias Quintero). T–10:20

110m hurdles: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Grant Gillman (S). T–20.0

100m: Gavin Segovia (CL), Ethan Testa (CL), JT Auman (S). T–13.7

1600m: Carson D’Anthony (CL), Newark (S), Ryan Petroff (CL) T–4:49.9

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Dominic Cusimano, Michael Anderson, Gavin Segovia, Raiden Stalter). T–51.3

400m: David Speagle (CL), Sully Ferrino (CL), Devin Putney (CL). T–56.6

400m hurdles: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Grant Gillman (S). T–1:09.3

800m: Elias Quintero (CL), Edwin Henderson (CL), Corry Gebaur (S). T–2:18.5

200m: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Sully Ferrino (CL), Gavin Segovia (CL). T–25.1

3200m: Elias Quintero (CL). T–11:47.8

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake (David Speagle, Sully Ferrino, Carson D’Anthony, Elias Quintero). T–4:06.4

Pole vault: Ian Freay (CL), Chris Breads (CL). H–7-6

Long jump: David Speagle (CL), Arlen Newark (S), Sully Ferrino (CL). D–18-7 1.2

Triple jump: Michael Anderson (CL), Devin Putney (CL). D–35-4 1/2

High jump : Carson D’Anthony (CL), Michael Anderson (CL), JT Auman (S). H–5-4

Discus: Raiden Stalter (CL), Wayne Swogger (CL), Gary Linger (CL). D–100-9

Shot put: Raiden Stalter (CL), Gary Linger (CL), Jack Whipple (CL). D–35-5


DUNKIRK — Silver Creek/Forestville was able to sneak out a 61-59 win over Gowanda.

Dylen Harbison claimed the high jump (5-4), 110-meter hurdles (20.1) and the long jump (18-4.5) for the winners.

Sam Braidich claimed the 100 meters (11.7) and the 200 meters (25.3) for Silver Creek/Forestville.

110m hurdles: Dylen Harbison (G). T–20-1.

100m: Sam Braidich (SC/F), Noah Vogtli (G), Hunter Larson. T–11.7

1,600m: Rocco Azzarella (SC/F), Seth Kaminski (G). T–6:16.7

400m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (Braidich, Matt Woleben, Hunter Larson, Kaden Baker). T–49.53

400m: Logan Perryman (SC/F), Noah Vogtli (G), Azzarella (SC/F). T–59.9

400m hurdles: Kaminski (G), Matt Gawron (SC/F), Matt Dunn (SC/F). T–1:18.9

800m: Alex Procknal (SC/F), Logan Perryman (SC/F), Jason Twoguns (G). T–2:21.7

200m: Braidich (SC/F), Larson (SC/F), Elliot Jackson (G). T–25.3

Discus: Josh Covert-Freeman (G), Javion Eggleston (SC/F), Matt Woleben (SC/F). D–80-4

Shot put: Matt Dunn (SC/F), Josh Covert-Freeman (G0, Javion Eggelston (SC/F). D–28-4

High jump: Dylen Harbison (G), Braidich (SC/F). H–5-4

Triple jump: Noah Vogtli (G), Dylan Harbison (G), Elliot Jackson (G). D–34-3.5

Long jump: Dylen Harbison (G), Noah Vogtli (G), Larson (SC/F). D–18-4.5


FREDONIA — The Falconer/Cassadaga Valley boys track team held off Fredonia 78-62.

Recording two individual wins for the Golden Cougars were Joe Krenzer in the 1,600 meters (5:01.1) and the 3,200 (11:10.2), and Austin in the high jump (5-7) and the triple jump (39-9).

Oliver Madariaga tripled for the Hillbillies in the 100 (11.1), the 200 (23.2) and the 400 (51.2), while teammate Matt Linder claimed the shot (38-9) and the long jump 19-.75.

3,200m relay: Falconer/CV (Alex Hudson, Chris Bacon, John Brocklebank, Nick Erickson). T–9:35.5.

110m high hurdles: Alex Field (F), Zander Austin (FCV), Lenieth Velez-Olmo (F). T–18.2

100m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Collin Real (FCV), Ledreth Velez-Olmo (F). T–11.1

1,600m: Joe Krenzer (FCV), Brocklebank (FCV), Adam Lesch (F). T–5:01.1

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Austin Johns, Jaden Johns, Real, Noah Abram). T– 46.7

400m: Madariaga (F), Wyatt Harrington (FCV), Calder Annear (F). T–51.2

400m hurdles: AJohns (FCV), Field (F), Carson Kuzdzal (F). T–1:02.5

800m: Brocklebank (FCV), Ledreth Velez-Olmo (F), Hudson (FCV). T–2:18.1

200m: Madariaga (F), Real (CV), Lenieth Velez-Olmo (F). T–23.2

3,200m: Krenzer (CV), Brocklebank (FCV), Lesch (F). T–11:10.2

1600m relay: Falconer/Casssadaga Valley (AJohns, Harrington, Austin, Real). T–3:42.3

Discus: Matt Cash (F), Matt Linder (F), Caden Dove (FCV). D–101

Shot: Linder (F), Cash (F), Jack Fortna (F). D–38-9

High jump: Austin (FCV), Harrington (FCV), Sam Murphy (F). H–5-7

Long jump: Linder (F), Austin (FCV), JJohns (FCV). D–19-0 3/4

Triple jump: Austin (FCV), Linder (F), JJohns (FCV). D–39-8

Pole vault: Harrington (FCV), Murphy (F). H–8-6


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