LeBaron, Lundmark Lead Golden Cougars

Southwestern’s Cassidy Allen leads the 100-meter dash in a heat against Cassadaga Valley/Falconer during CCAA girls track and field Friday at the Sirianni Athletic Complex. P-J photo by Greg Bacon

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley was a 79-62 winner over Southwestern in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls track and field at the Sirianni Athletic Complex on Friday.

Leading the winners was Mikaela LeBaron with wins in the 1,500 meters (5:33) and the 3,000 meters (13:06).

Cassidy Allen claimed the 100 meters (12.4), 200 meters (26.3), pole vault (12-1) and the triple jump (34-7) for the Trojans.

Grace Lundmark won the shot put (26-10) and the discus (78-0) for the Golden Cougars.

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Mikaela LeBaron, Marie Lemay, Hannah Madonia, Sarah Elder). T–10:51

100m hurdles: Kayla Allen (S), Paiden Wittmeyer (F/CV), Grace Lundmark (F/CV). T–17.1

100m: Cassidy Allen (S), Wittmeyer (F/CV), Joslyn Brown (S). T–12.4

1,500m: LeBaron (F/CV), Lemay (F/CV), Lily Nelson (S). T–5:33

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Ella Ekstrom, Madonia, Mary Lundmark, Wittmeyer). T–54.8

400m: Alexis Grijalva (S), Ekstrom (F/CV), Emma Anderson (S). T–1:07

400m hurdles: KAllen (S), Madonia (F/CV), Gabby Wigren (S). T–1:11

800m: Elder (F/CV), Lemay (F/CV), Gracie Anderson (S). T–2:41

200m: CAllen (S), MLundmark (F/CV), AGrijalva (S). T–26.3

3,000m: LeBaron (F/CV), Lemay (F/CV), LLundmark (S). T–13:06

1,600m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (MLundmark, Madonia, Elder, LeBaron). T–4:33

Long jump: KAllen (S), Ekstrom (F/CV), GLundmark (F/CV). D–14-11

Triple jump: CAllen (S), IGrijalva (S), Ekstrom (F/CV). D–34-7

High jump: Wittmeyer (F/CV), KAllen (S), Hartman (S). H–4-6

Shot put: GLundmark (F/CV), Nija Hawkins (S), Autumn Lynn (F/CV). D–26-10

Discus: GLundmark (F/CV), Hawkins (S), Erin Keppel (S). D–78

Pole vault: CAllen (S), MLundmark (F/CV) H–12-1


SALAMANCA — Portville picked up an 87-52 win over Salamanca (2-5, 2-3).

The Wyant sisters commanded the sprinting events with Jenna taking first and Julia taking second in the 100-meter dash. Jenna continued her domination and took home a first in the 400-meter dash while her sister Julia took first in the 200-meter dash and a third in long jump.

Jenna and Julia were a part of the winning 400-meter relay and Jenna earned her fourth win of the night on the 1,600-meter relay.

Samantha Bray took first place in both the distance races, the 1,500 meters and the 3,000 meters and was a member of the winning 3,200-meter relay team.

Aryanna Hatch placed second in the 400 meters and first in the 100-meter hurdles. Allison Smith brought home a first in the 800 meters, a third in the 1,500-meter run, and was a part of the 3,200-meter realy team.


CATTARAUGUS –Gowanda was a 74-26 winner over host Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Janel Williams claimed the long jump (13-2) and the 100 meters (14.2) and Lindsey Gabel the 100-hurdles (20.2) and the triple jump (28-0) for Gowanda.

Rose Ellis won the shot put (21-2) and the discus (63-9 1/2) for the Timberwolves.

3,200m relay: Gowanda. T–14.46

100m hurdles: Lindsey Gabel (G), Ashton Francis (G). T–20.2

100m: Janel Williams (G), Elise Forbes (G), Madeline Browning (G). T–14.2

1,500m: Autumn Pupu (G), Kayla Forthman (G), Cali Hudson (G). T–5:48

400m relay: Gowanda. T–58.3

400m: Miranda Kaminski (G). T–1:20.1

800m: Cali Hudson (G). T–3:28

200m: Madeline Browning (G), Lindsay Gabel (G). T–31.8

3,000m: Onalee Osgood (C-LV). T–13:28

Long jump: Janel Williams (G), Clara Thompson, Elise Forbes (C-LV). D–13-2

Triple jump: Lindsay Gabel (G), Ashen Francis (G). D–28

High jump: Clara Thompson (C-LV). H–3-8

Shot put: Rose Ellis (C-LV). D–21-2

Discus: Rose Ellis (C-LV), Ashten Francis (G). D–63-9 1/2


ALLEGANY — Allegany-Limestone was a 72-59 winner over Fredonia, thanks to Angelina Napoleon taking home four events.

Napoleon claimed the 1,500 meters (5:02.2), 100-meter hurdles (17.4), high jump (5-0) and set a new school record of 2:17.5 in the 800 meters, wiping out the mark of 2:18.7 from 2012.

Ashlyn Collins claimed the 400 meters (1:04.8) and the 3,000 meters (12:31.1) for the Gators.

100m: Ava Cook (F), Walsh (A-L), Jones (A-L). T–13.7

200m: Abby Roth (F), Cook (F), Swan (F). T–29.8

400m: Ashlyn Collins (A-L), LeBarron (F), Lippert (A-L). T–1:04.8

800m: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Ambrose (F), Sheehy (A-L). T–2:17.5

1,500m: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Peters (A-L), Ambrose (F). T–5:02.2

3,000m: Ashlyn Collins (A-L), Peters (A-L). T–12:31.1

100m hurdles: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Swan (F), Ferro (F). T–17.4

400m hurdles: Jillian Walsh (A-L), Swan (F), Coulter (A-L). T–1:24.4

400m relay: Fredonia (Roth, Swan, Ferro, Cook). T–57.3

1,600m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Collins, Walsh, Coulter, Sheehy). T–4:44.4

3,200m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Collins, Peters, Sheehy, Lippert). T–11:56.8

Long jump: Kelly Lucas (F), Czekanski (F), Lippert (A-L). D–12-8 1/2

Triple jump: Julia LeBarron (F), Roth (F), May (F). D–30-5

High jump: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Lucas (F), Ferro (F). H–5-0

Shot put: Gianna Gullo (F), JGullo (F), Rhodes (A-L). D–24-10

Discus: Gabie Rhodes (A-L), GGullo (F), JGullo (F). D–67-5


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