Kinnear, Trojans Claim D1 Boys Title

Maple Grove’s Ava Crist leads the field during the girls 800 meters at the CCAA Division 3 track & field championships Saturday in Randolph. P-J photo by Tim Frank

FALCONER — Jaden Kinnear was a double winner while Trenton Shutters, Dontae Hoose and Hans Vanderzyden also picked up individual victories for Southwestern as the Trojans won the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys track and field league meet Friday with 182 points at Bill Race Field.

Kinnear captured the 400-meter hurdles (1:03.5) and 110-meter hurdles (16.1); Shutters claimed the 800 meters (2:02.6); Hoose took the shot put (43-9); and Vanderzyden won the discus (109-2) for Southwestern. The Trojans also won the 1,600-meter relay (3:32.02).

Allegany-Limestone finished second with 117 points, paced by Jake Brink’s victories in the 1,600 meters (4:43.7) and 3,200 meters (10:23.09). Noah Paterniti won the pole vault (10-0) while the Gators also took the 3,200-meter relay (8:41.2).

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley was third with 94 points, led by Devin Austin’s wins in the high jump (5-10) and triple jump (42-6). The Golden Cougars also took first in the 400-meter relay (46.5).

Fredonia was fourth with 91 points as Oliver Madariaga was a triple winner in the 100 meters (11.2), 200 meters (22.7) and 400 meters (49.8). Matt Linder also captured the long jump (20-6) for the Hillbillies.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s John Swabik leads Maple Grove’s Sam Eimiller and Franklinville/Ellicottville’s Connor Terwilliger in the 110-meter hurdles during the CCAA Division 3 boys track & field championships Saturday in Randolph. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Olean was fifth with 31 points and Dunkirk was sixth with 9 points.

3,200m relay: Allegany-Limestone, Southwestern, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley. T–8:41.2

110m hurdles: Jaden Kinnear (S), Vance Alvarez (S), Alex Field (F). T–16.1

100m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Miracle Berakah (S), Michael Butterfield (S). T–11.2

1,600m: Jake Brink (A-L), Nate Lewis (S), Daniel Casey (A-L). T–4:43.7

Randolph's Roan Kelly leads the 1,600 meters during the CCAA Division 3 boys track & field championships Saturday in Randolph. P-J photo by Tim Frank

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Fredonia, Allegany-Limestone. T–46.5

400m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Anthony DeCapua (A-L), Miracle Berakah (S). T–49.8

400m hurdles: Jaden Kinnear (S), Alex Field (F), Zack Krenzel (A-L). T–1:03.5

800m: Trenton Shutters (S), Carter McKotch (S), Daniel Casey (A-L). T–2:02.6

200m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Miracle Berakah (S), Michael Butterfield (S). T–22.7

Maple Grove's Christina Peppy runs her leg of the 3,200-meter relay during Saturday's CCAA Division 3 girls track & field championships in Randolph. P-J photo by Tim Frank

3,200m: Jake Brink (A-L), Ryan Wisniewski (A-L), Ethan Luce (S). T–10:23.09

1,600m relay: Southwestern, Fredonia, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley. T–3:32.02

High jump: Devin Austin (F/CV), Jaden Kinnear (S), Anthony DeCapua (A-L). T–5-10

Pole vault: Noah Paterniti (A-L), Nate Gabler (O), Zack Krenzel (A-L). H–10-0

Long jump: Matt Linder (F), Devin Austin (A-L), Jason Copella (O). D–20-6

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley celebrates a relay win at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 Track & Field Championships on Friday at Falconer’s Bill Race Field. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Triple jump: Devin Austin (F/CV), Matt Linder (F), Vance Alvarez (S). D–42-6

Shot put: Dontae Hoose (S), Drew Wigren (S), Matt Linder (F). D–43-9

Discus: Hans Vanderzyden (S), Logan Cowles (O), Dontae Hoose (S). D–109-2


FALCONER — Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Grace Lundmark was a double winner and the Golden Cougars also placed first in two relays en route to winning the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 girls track and field league meet Friday with 157 points at Bill Race Field.

Lundmark captured the shot put (28-10) and discus (82-3) while the Golden Cougars claimed the 3,200-meter relay (10:37.4) and 400-meter relay (55.9).

Southwestern finished second with 135 points, led by triple-winners Kayla and Cassidy Allen. Kayla won the 100-meter hurdles (16.3), 400-meter hurdles (1:11.2) and long jump (15-8) while Cassidy took the 100 meters (12.4), triple jump (34-5) and pole vault (13-1) for the Trojans.

Allegany-Limestone was third with 88 points, paced by Angelina Napoleon’s victories in the 1,500 meters (4:49.1), 800 meters (2:22.7) and high jump (5-0) as well as Ashlyn Collins’ first-place showings in the 400 meters (1:03.2) and 3,000 meters (11:51.2).

Olean was fourth with 56 points, Fredonia was fifth with 51 points and Dunkirk was sixth with 32 points.

The Marauders took the 1,600-meter relay in a time of 2:30.4 while Siera Jacques was second in the 400 meters and Octavia Porter was second in the 100 meters.

Kelly Lucas’ second-place performance in the high jump was Fredonia’s top finish.

Hallie Zalwsky was second in the discus for the Huskies.

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Southwestern, Allegany-Limestone. T–10:37.4

100m hurdles: Kayla Allen (S), Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Paiden Wittmeyer (F/CV). T–16.3

100m: Cassidy Allen (S), Octavia Porter (D), Ava Cook (F). T–12.4

1,500m: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV), Marie Lemay (F/CV). T–4:49.1

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Olean, Fredonia. T–55.9

400m: Ashlyn Collins (A-L), Siera Jacques (D), Emma Anderson (S). T–1:03.2

400m hurdles: Kayla Allen (S), Hannah Madonia (F/CV), Jillian Walsh (A-L). T–1:11.2

800m: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV), Sarah Elder (F/CV). T–2:22.7

3,000m: Ashlyn Collins (A-L), Marie Lemay (F/CV), Lily Nelson (S). T–11:51.2

1,600m relay: Dunkirk, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Southwestern. T–2:30.4

Long jump: Kayla Allen (S), Ella Ekstrom (F/CV), Jez Fayson (O). D–15-8

High jump: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Kelly Lucas (F), Paiden Wittmeyer (F/CV). H–5-0

Shot put: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Kayla Allen (S), Autumn Lynn (F/CV). D–28-10

Triple jump: Cassidy Allen (S), Isabella Grijalva (S), Abbie Roth (F). D–34-5

Pole vault: Cassidy Allen (S), Mary Lundmark (F/CV), Jem Fayson (O). H–13-1

Discus: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Hallie Zalwsky (O), Gabie Rhodes (A-L). D–82-3


RANDOLPH — John Swabik was a quadruple winner to lead Clymer/Sherman/Panama to victory in the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys Division 3 league meet Saturday morning.

Swabik captured the 110-meter hurdles (15.7), pole vault (11-6), high jump (6-3) and long jump (20-9) as the Wolfpack finished with 132.5 points.

Franklinville/Ellicottville finished second with 102 points, just a quarter-point better than Randolph in third.

Noah Steinbroner led the Titans with victories in the 100 meters (11.3) and 200 meters (23.0) while Roan Kelly claimed the 1,600 meters (4:48.1) and 800 meters (2:11.6) for the Cardinals. Carson Conley took the triple jump (38-11 1/2) and Jaiden Huntington won the discus (122-1 1/2) to join Kelly in the win column for Randolph.

Maple Grove was fourth overall with 89.75 points, buoyed by victories in the 3,200-meter relay (8:57.9) and 400-meter relay (47.0). Sam Eimiller was victorious in the 400-meter hurdles (1:00) as was Lukas Baer in the 3,200 meters (10:42.3) and David Marshall in the shot put (41-7) for the Red Dragons.

West Valley was fifth with 49 points, paced by Chris Amodeo’s 400-meter title (52.6); Frewsburg was sixth with 33 points, led by Jake Constantino’s second-place showing in the 200 meters; and Westfield/Brocton was seventh with 11 points. The Wolverines’ Lincoln Paternosh was second in the discus.

3,200m relay: Maple Grove, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T–8:57.9

110m hurdles: John Swabik (C/S/P), Sam Eimiller (MG), Connor Terwilliger (F/E). T–15.7

100m: Noah Steinbroner (F/E), Chris Amodeo (WV), Jake Constantino (F). T–11.3

1,600m: Roan Kelly (R), Owen White (C/S/P), Maddox Bush (F/E). T–4:48.1

400m relay: Maple Grove, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Franklinville/Ellicottville. T–47.0

400m: Chris Amodeo (WV), Talon Rowland (R), Caydon Hatch (F/E). T–52.6

400m hurdles: Sam Eimiller (MG), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P), Rodney Boberg (WV). T–1:00

800m: Roan Kelly (R), Owen White (C/S/P), Ben Cornell (MG). T–2:11.6

200m: Noah Steinbroner (F/E), Jake Constantino (F), Chris Amodeo (WV). T–23.0

3,200m: Lukas Baer (MG), Tavi Riling (F/E), Xander Pitts (F). T–10:42.3

1,600m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville, Randolph, Maple Grove. T–3:46

Pole vault: John Swabik (C/S/P), Wyatt Tinelli (F/E), Clayton Crouse (R). H–11-6

High jump: John Swabik (C/S/P), Sam Eimiller (MG), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P). H–6-3

Long jump: John Swabik (C/S/P), TreyVon Kopta (C/S/P), Chris Amodeo (WV). D–20-9

Triple jump: Carson Conley (R), TreyVon Kopta (C/S/P), Connor Terwilliger (F/E). D–38-11 1/2

Shot put: David Marshall (MG), Jaiden Huntington (R), Ryan Carpenter (R). D–41-7

Discus: Jaiden Huntington (R), Lincoln Paternosh (W/B), Nolan Spencer (WV). D–122-1 1/2


RANDOLPH — Hayly Fredrickson and Anna Slavinski had individual wins and Franklinville/Ellicottville placed in the top three of all three relays en route to winning the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls Division 2 league meet Saturday morning.

Fredrickson claimed the 100-meter hurdles (17.5) and Slavinski won the 400-meter hurdles (1:13.7) for the Titans, who finished with 135.5 points after taking second in the 3,200-meter and 400-meter relays as well as third in the 1,600-meter relay.

Tessa Mozzi was a double winner for Maple Grove with first-place showings in the shot put (29-9) and discus (91-10). The Red Dragons were second with 121 points after Abby Brunenavs won the 1,500 meters (5:14.9), Ava Crist captured the 800 meters (2:26), Tina Peppy took the 3,000 meters (11:04.1) and Emma Foley won the high jump (4-8).

Clymer/Sherman/Panama was third with 91.5 points, led by Jenna Fisher’s second-place finishes in the 100 meters and 200 meters. Mackenzie Gratto was second in the high jump while the Wolfpack won the 1,600-meter relay.

Frewsburg finished fourth with 62 points, led by Gracie Conlan’s victories in the long jump (15-1 1/2) and triple jump (32-0). Acacia Barber also won the 400 meters (1:00).

Randolph was fifth with 60 points as Corinne Inkley won the pole vault (8-9).

Westfield/Brocton was sixth with 22 points. Aliyah Rivera was the Wolverines’ top finisher with her second-place showing int he long jump.

West Valley was seventh with 21 points as Janay Ghani won both the 100 meters (13.1) and 200 meters (26.5).

3,200m relay: Maple Grove, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T–10:01.7

100m hurdles: Hayly Fredrickson (F/E), Mandy Hurlburt (F/E), Dakota Rammelt (W/B) and Emma Foley (MG). T–17.5

100m: Janay Ghani (WV), Jenna Fisher (C/S/P) and Tyyetta Herman (F/E). T–13.1

1,500m: Abby Brunenavs (MG), Allison Bohall (MG), Hannah Schauman (C/S/P). T–5:14.9

400m relay: Randolph, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Frewsburg. T–55.2

400m: Acacia Barber (F), Tyyetta Herman (F/E), Mackenzie Gratto (C/S/P). T–1:00

400m hurdles: Anna Slavinski (F/E), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E), Tayden Persons (C/S/P). T–1:13.7

800m: Ava Crist (MG), Acacia Barber (F), Megan Baer (MG). T–2:26

200m: Janay Ghani (WV), Jenna Fisher (C/S/P), Tyyetta Herman (F/E). T–26.5

3,000m: Tina Peppy (MG), Hannah Tarbrake (MG), Alysa Williams (F/E). T–11:04.1

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Randolph, Franklinville/Ellicottville. T–4:25.4

Pole vault: Corinne Inkley (R), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E), Eve Adams (R). H–8-9

High jump: Emma Foley (MG), Mackenzie Gratto (C/S/P), Mandy Hurlburt (F/E). H–4-8

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Aliyah Rivera (W/B), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E). D–15-1 1/2

Triple jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Emma Foley (MG), Lilly Johnson (C/S/P). D–32-0

Shot put: Tessa Mozzi (MG), Tarryn Herman (F/E), Renee Waterman (R). D–29-9

Discus: Tessa Mozzi (MG), Bailey South (F), Renee Waterman (R). D–91-10


GOWANDA –Kyle North and Lucas Smith were double winners for Portville as the Panthers won the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 2 boys league meet Saturday with 178 points.

North captured the 100 meters (12.1) and long jump (18-10) while Smith claimed the shot put (36-11 1/2) and discus (113-8) for Portville. Teammate Braxton Stone won the 110-meter hurdles (17.1) and Hunter Griffin took the triple jump (38-0 1/2).

Chautauqua Lake was second with 168 points, paced by Dominic Cusimano’s victories in the 400-meter hurdles (1:03.8) and 200 meters (24.4). Also for the Thunderbirds, David Speagle won the 400 meters (55.3), Elias Quintero claimed the 3,200 meters (11:17.7), Jonas Simora captured the pole vault (7-10) and Gavin Sauerland prevailed in the high jump (5-9).

Gowanda was third with 53 points, led by second-place finishes by Dylen Harbison (110-meter hurdles) and well as Noah Vogtli (100 meters, triple jump).

Cattaraugus-Little Valley was fourth with 34 points. The Timberwolves won the 3,200-meter relay.

Silver Creek/Forestville was fifth with 24 points. The Black Knights were third int he 1,600-meter relay.

Salamanca was sixth with 20 points, thanks largely to Arlen Newark’s victory in the 800 meters (2:05.5).

3,200m relay: Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Portville. T–9:05.5

110m hurdles: Braxton Stone (P), Dylen Harbison (G), Kyle Stone (P). T–17.1

100m: Kyle North (P), Noah Vogtli (G), Jayden Lassiter (P). T–12.1

1,600m: Arlen Newark (S), Carson D’Anthony (CL), Matt Snyder (P). T–4:53.4

400m relay: Portville, Chautauqua Lake. T–46.7

400m: David Speagle (CL), Ethan Dean (P), Sullivan Ferrino (CL). T–55.3

400m hurdles: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Braxton Stone (P), Aiden Hoover (C-LV). T–1:03.8

800m: Arlen Newark (S), Elias Quintero (CL), Ben Isaman (P). T–2:05.5

200m: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Bryan Randolph (P), Lucas Smith (P). T–24.4

3,200m: Elias Quintero (CL), John Visnesky (C-LV), Matt Snyder (P). T–11:17.7

1,600m relay: Portville, Chautauqua Lake, Silver Creek/Forestville. T–3:50

Pole vault: Jonas Simora (CL), Aiden Hoover (C-LV). H–7-10

High jump: Gavin Sauerland (CL), Bryan Randolph (P), Dylen Harbison (G). H–5-9

Long jump: Kyle North (P), David Speagle (CL), Gavin Sauerland (CL). D–18-10

Triple jump: Hunter Griffin (P), Noah Vogtli (G), Michael Anderson (CL). D–38-0 1/2

Shot put: Lucas Smith (P), Raiden Stalter (CL), Jayden Lassiter (P). D–36-11 1/2

Discus: Lucas Smith (P), Wayne Swogger (CL), Raiden Stalter (CL). D–113-8


GOWANDA — Four different individual winners pushed Chautauqua Lake past Portville with 146 points to captured the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 2 girls meet Saturday.

Calla Zarpentine won the 100-meter hurdles (19.3), Kylie Keefe captured the 800 meters (2:27.8), Lydia Kushmaul claimed the 3,000 meters (12:41.3) and Lauren Alfa prevailed in the long jump (14-9) for the Thunderbirds, who also won the 3,200-meter relay.

The Panthers finished second with 141 points, thanks to a pair of wins from Jenna Wyant in the 100 meters (13.5) and 400 meters (1:02.7). Samantha Bray took the 1,500 meters (5:32.7) and Olivia Dean won the pole vault (7-0) for the Panthers, who also won the 400-meter and 1,600-meter relays.

Silver Creek/Forestville was third with 134 points, paced by Alina Beadle’s victories in the shot put (32-2 1/2) and discus (78-6). Rachael Beadle claimed the high jump (4-5) and Alivia Penman won the triple jump (29-10).

Salamanca was fourth with 57 points. Harley Brown took second in the 400-meter hurdles while Jillian Rea was the runnerup in both the shot put and discus for the Warriors.

Gowanda was fifth with 26 points and Cattaraugus-Little Valley was sixth with 2 points.

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake, Gowanda, Salamanca. T–10:48.8

100m hurdles: Calla Zarpentine (CL), Amelia Brown (CL), Aryanna Hatch (P). T–19.3

100m: Jenna Wyant (P), Jackie Daley (P), Katie Castiglia (SC/F). T–13.5

1,500m: Samantha Bray (P), Lydia Kushmaul (CL), Autumn Pupo (G). T–5:32.7

400m relay: Portville, Silver Creek/Forestville, Chautauqua Lake. T–51.8

400m: Jenna Wyant (P), Aryanna Hatch (P), Kylie Procknal (SC/F). T–1:02.7

400m hurdles: Amelia Brown (CL), Harley Brown (S), Rachael Beadle (SC/F). T–1:13.7

800m: Kylie Keefe (CL), Juliana Flick (SC/F), Ava Haynes (P). T–2:27.8

200m: Jackie Daley (P), Julia Wyant (P), Kylie Procknal (SC/F). T–28.0

3,000m: Lydia Kushmaul (CL), Samantha Bray (P), Hailey Roush (CL). T–12:41.3

1,600m relay: Portville, Chautauqua Lake, Silver Creek/Forestville. T–4:30

Pole vault: Olivia Dean (P), Emma Romanik (SC/F), Aliyah Lee (S). H–7-0

High jump: Rachael Beadle (SC/F), Kylie Keefe (CL), Olivia Cook (P). H–4-5

Long jump: Lauren Alfa (CL), Kylie Procknal (SC/F), Alivia Penman (SC/F). D–14-9

Triple jump: Alivia Penman (SC/F), Kira Erickson (CL), Calla Zarpentine (CL). D–29-10

Shot put: Alina Beadle (SC/F), Jillian Rea (S), Anayah Carson (CL). D–32-2 1/2

Discus: Alina Beadle (SC/F), Jillian Rea (S), Grace Mullen (SC/F). D–78-6


CLARENCE — Nathan Hill won both the 110-meter hurdles (17.13) and the 400-meter hurdles (1:01.20) to highlight Jamestown’s performances at the Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 league meet Friday.

Drew Carlson won the 800 meters (2:01.61) while teammate Greg Brumagin was fourth.

For the girls, Kaylin Russell won the pole vault and took sixth in the high jump.

Holly Isaacson was third in the long jump, Belle Johnson was fifth in the 1,500 meters and Colton Cappalino was fifth in the triple jump.

The Red Raiders boys 3,200-meter relay team of Jaymin Morano, Andres Pacheco, Maxwell Knight and Cappalino was second and the boys 1,600-meter relay team of Hill, Brumagin, Cappalino and Carlson was fifth.

The Red Raiders girls 400-meter relay team of Aaralyn McKoy, Aaliyah West, Amara Pacheco and McKenna Cuifolo was fourth and the 1,600-meter relay team of Jesenia Barber, Emylia Hallberg, Johnson and Kayla Eddy was fifth.


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