Berakah Triples As Southwestern Boys Prevail

Host Southwestern was a 102-38 winner over visiting Falconer/Cassadaga Valley in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys track and field Friday.

Miracle Berakah won the 100 meters (11.3), 200 meters (24.1) and the 400 meters (52.4) while Jaden Kinnear won the 110-meter hurdles (16.8) and the 400-meter hurdles (1:04) for the Trojans.

Nate Lewis won the 1,600 meters (4:54) and the 3,200 meters (11:01) for Southwestern and Dontae Hoose claimed the shot put (42-3) and the discus (109-3).

Devin Austin claimed the triple jump (40-7) and the high jump (5-8) for the Golden Cougars.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Nate Lewis, Sam Kautzman, Carter McKotch, Trenton Shutters). T–8:43

110m hurdles: Jaden Kinnear (S), Vance Alvarez (S), Xander Austin (F/CV). T–16.8

100m: Miracle Berakah (S), Michael Butterfield (S), Collin Riel (F/CV). T–11.3

1,600m: Lewis (S), Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Joey Pillittieri (F/CV). T–4:54

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Jayden Johns, Noah Abrams, Wyatt Harrington, Collin Riel). T–47.0

400m: Berakah (S), Harrington (F/CV), Brendan Luce (S). T–52.4

400m hurdles: Kinnear (S), Declan Kennedy (S), Kautzman (S). T–1:04

800m: Shutters (S), McKotch (S), John Brockelbank (F/CV). T–2:03

200m: Berakah (S), Butterfield (S), Riel (F/CV). T–24.1

3,200m: Lewis (S), Krenzer (F/CV), Pillittieri (F/CV). T–11:01

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Berakah, BLuce, McKotch, Shutters). T–3:34

Long jump: Butterfield (S), Alvarez (S), Johns (F/CV). D–19-8

Triple jump: Devin Austin (F/CV), Alvarez (S), Johns (F/CV). D–40-7

High jump: Austin (F/CV), Johns (F/CV), Alvarez (S). H–5-8

Shot put: Dontae Hoose (S), Drew Wigren (S), Hans Vanderzyden (S). D–42-3

Discus: Hoose (S), Vanderzyden (S), Wigren (S). D–109-3

Pole vault: John Conley (S), Harrington (F/CV). H–7-6


CATTARAUGUS — Gowanda was a 69-44 winner over Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Noah Vogtli took the 100 meters (11.8), 400 meters (1:03.8), long jump (17-9 1/2) and triple jump (35-0) for the Panthers.

Dylen Harbison won the 100-meter hurdles (18.8) and the high jump (7-0) while Josh Covert Freeman won the shot put (28-9 1/2) and the discus (79-3) for Gowanda.

100m hurdles: Dylen Harbison (G), Aden Hoover (C-LV), Alex Williams (C-LV). T–18.8

100m: Noah Vogtli (G), Elliot Jack (G). T–11.8

1,600m: Jason Twoguns (G), Seth Kaminski (G). T–6:08

400m: Vogtli (G), Matt Young (C-LV). T–1:03.8

400m hurdles: Aiden Hoover (C-LV), Alex Williams (C-LV), Seth Kaminski (G). T–1:11.7

800m: Matt Young (C-LV), Jason Twoguns (G). T–2:50.1

200m: Elliot Jackson (G), Alex Williams (C-LV). T–27.7

3,000m: John Visnesky (C-LV), Twoguns (G), Kaminski (G). T–12:36

Long jump: Vogtli (G), Harbison (G), Visnesky (C-LV). D–17-9 1/2

Triple jump: Vogtli (G). D–35-0

High jump: Harbison (G), Visnesky (C-LV), Williams (C-LV). D–5-0

Pole vault: Aiden Hoover (C-LV). T–7-0

Shot put: Josh Covert Freeman (G), Hunter McIneary (C-LV), Sam Latimore (G). D–28-9 1/2

Discus: Freeman (G), McIneary (C-LV), Latimore (G). D–79-3


SALAMANCA — Portville was a 107-15 winner over Salamanca (0-6, 0-5).

For Salamanca, Grant Gillman had an outstanding night as he earned personal records in all three individual events including the discus and both hurdle races, which he placed second in. Arlen Newark earned a first place in the 400-meter dash for the Warriors.


ALLEGANY –Allegany-Limestone (2-2) was a 75-65 winner over visiting Fredonia, despite the best efforts of Oliver Madariaga and Matt Linder.

Madariaga won the 100 meters (11.5) 200 meters (23.2) and the 400 meters (50.6) for the Hillbillies while Linder took home the shot put (49-4), long jump (18-8) and the truple jump (39-7).

100m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Velez-Olmo (F), Emery (A-L). T–11.5

200m: Madariaga (F), DeCapua (A-L), Yerico (F). T–23.2

400m: Madariaga (F), Higgs (A-L), Bish (A-L). T–50.6

800: Kasey (A-L), Velez-Olmo (F), Higgs (A-L). T–2:12.4

1,600m: Jake Brink (A-L), Kasey (A-L), Wisniewski (A-L). T–4:43.0

3,200m: Brink (A-L), Wisniewski (A-L), Brown (F). T–10:33.1

110m hurdles: Alex Field (F), DeCapua (A-L), Krenzel (A-L). T–18.0

400m hurdles: Field (F), Krenzel (A-L), Wisniewski (A-L). T–1:07.0

400m relay: Fredonia (Velez-Olmo, Yerico, Fortna, Velez-Olmo). T–48.6

1,600m relay: Allegany Limestone (Herbert, Higgs, Brink, DeCapua). T–3:40.2

3,200m relay: Allegany Limestone (Voegelin, Wisniewski, Bish, Higgs). T–9:42

Shot put: Matt Linder (F), Faller (A-L), Lea (A-L). D–49-4

Discus: Lea (A-L), Edwards-Hardy (A-L), Linder (F). D–97-4

Long jump: Linder (F), Yerico (F), Bish (A-L). D–18-8

Triple jump: Linder (F), Annear (F), Field (F). D–39-7

High jump: DeCapua (A-L), Annear (F), Velez-Olmo (F). H–5-6

Pole vault: Krenzel (A-L), Herbert (A-L). H–9-6


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