Stick & String Hunters Have Great Options

While ATA have not had traditional show this year, there was many new products for archery hunters that will be, if they haven’t already, hitting the market in coming weeks.

It seems every year I’m looking for a new bow. It also seems the past few years have found me opening morning sitting on stand with the Ross bow I have had for some time. Heck, it’s so old the company is out of business.

My justification for not springing for a bow is simple. Every year I practice, I take care of it and it kills whatever I draw back on. Really, what more does a hunter need? A good trusty piece of equipment that does what it supposed to when it supposed to it. Then the new bows hit the market and the bank account starts getting the feeling again. You know the one, just before it’s about to lose a bunch green

Quest Forge belongs to the G5 products, and you can be sure that you have the best quality equipment. The bow is one of the most reliable for single cam fans. It is durable, featuring forged aluminum riser and smooth draw cycle. And the fact that it is a single cam means that you will not encounter synchronization and timing problems. It is ready to shoot the moment that you get it you can feed your excitement by trying the compound bow right out of the box.

The range of the draw length is between 25.5 and 30 inches. On the other hand, the draw weight is adjustable, between 40 and 70 pounds. That means any level of shooter can comfortably use the compound bow without any complications.

The IBO speed is not so bad, standing at 315 feet per second. The mass weight is only a mere 3.9 pounds and, therefore, one of the lightest and well-balanced on the market. And while you will come across let-offs that are an exceptional 90%, this one is 75%, and which is not so bad.

The rounded grip may cause a few problems, but this is only for beginners. People with a proven shooting form will not have a problem getting the right hold. The roller slides have a better shooting feel and are smoother.

Overall, the compound bow is comfortable on your hands, and you can use it for an extended period, hunting, or at the shooting range. The rotating mod-based cam is easy to use, and the experience makes it all worth it.

It is compact and easy to handle with a brace height of 7 inches and axle to axle and standing at 32 inches. In particular, the brace height allows for a significant amount of forgiveness to make the perfect shot, and accommodate the small mistakes associated with beginner shooters.

This season PSE archery was showing off the Evolve 28. The 28 is one of the few bows that accommodate the needs of backcountry hunters at an exceptional level as it was designed with backcountry hunters in mind.

But is it just for folks that make the long walks every time they head out? With the axle-to-axle measurement is relatively small, and ideal for hunting and the like. Most people that first experience the compound bow are thrilled with the overall feel and balance. The fit is surprisingly natural, as well. Perfect for tight quarters of a blind or when you didn’t have a bunch of head space.

This compound only weighs 4.1 pounds and, therefore, easy to handle. It also explains the exceptional balance and overall feels that you get from the bow. The bow comes at both the 60- and 70-pound draw weight.

It has a unique proprietary cam system that you only find in the PSE Archery Evolve 28. You can adjust the draw length from 24.5 inches to 30 inches, and claims as much as 90% let-off after the full draw. You can relax at full draw, and achieving your target is not as hard as it first seems.

The let-off of 90% may seem like an exaggeration to some people, but it is achievable. The only problem is that you need some skills, and that means a lot of practice. On the good side, 90% let-off is ideal for many hunting situations.

But no need worrying about the pull as it is smooth to accommodate the high let-off.

The IBO speed is an exceptional 342 feet per second, and which effortlessly compares to the other premium compound bows on the market. The cable system and the cam are similar to that of Evolve. They are as smooth as butter, and that significantly contributes to your efficiency and accuracy – pretty much the best value compound bow.

For new archery hunters the 7-inch study brace height and back wall that provide more forgiveness for hunters who are learning the ropes.

The compound is perfect for maneuverability in the blinds or tree stands, and that characterizes backcountry hunting areas. The short profile makes it ideal for throwing on the backpack. In our opinion, it is the best compound bow on the market.

The producer of Southland archery supply compound bow is Man Kung, a Taiwan brand among the best compound bow brands. The brand has good experience in archery products, and you don’t need to worry about quality.

This compound bow is appropriate for those looking to develop their skills in archery. It has a smoother draw cycle compared to the others on the market, at least at the same price range.

The axle to axle is 35 inches and features a draw speed of 270 FPS. For optimal strength weight and balance, the compound bow has a compressed ABS limb.

The layered limb in this bow can handle up to 70 pounds of draw weight. You can adjust this weight by 5 pounds, only by loosening the bolt. Some people dislike the heavy draw weight, but it is comparable to the other units on the market in that regard. It is, therefore, not appropriate for children and teenagers who are learning the ropes. Not so much for left-handed hunters.

Accuracy when using the compound bow is critical, and this unit has rigid tolerances and back pivoting to accommodate the limbs. The riser gives the compound some curb appeal. It has some waffle look with all the cutouts on the surface.

The twin cams only activate when you pull the drawstring up to 70 pounds. The cam produces a solid wall with their movable stop pins, and this is quite helpful for people with zero knowledge of archery. You can build a steady archery point as you grow your skills. The arrow attains an incredible speed of 270 feet per second, and the buck can never know what hit it.

Unfortunately, it has a minimum draw weight of 55 pounds, which may not be very appropriate for beginners. It may feel a bit tough, and you will need to grow the muscles quickly to use it effectively.


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