Gowanda Prevails On Senior Day At K&L Lanes

GOWANDA — At K&L Lanes, Gowanda was a 4-0 winner over Cattaraugus-Little Valley in both boys and girls Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 3 action, improving to 13-7 and 12-8 on the year, respectively.

David Goodemote bowled his long-awaited 600 series with a 620. Danny Marrocco bowled a high game of 225. Rowan made his debut with games of 131 and 152. Kirk Mohawk bowled a 140 and a 133. Cami Clark bowled her season-high game of 137. Paige Szalay bowled a high game of 173. Deme Spire bowled a 169.

Tuesday was the last home match for Gowanda with the senior bowlers honored before the match began.

Marrocco has been on the team for six years. He was a first-team all-star last year.

Goodemote has been on the team for three years, but has been bowling for over 10 years.

Cameron Wight has been on the team for the past four years. In addition to being a valuable bowler to the team, he is also an avid member of the Gowanda trap team.

Rowan Mentley-Peters joined the bowling team this year and has improved 100-plus pins since his first and last games.

Kirk Mohawk and Austin Sanchez also joined the bowling team this year.


SILVER CREEK — Silver Creek (20-16) was a 3-1 winner over Maple Grove (15-21) in Division 2 boys bowling at Hanover Lanes thanks to a line score of 707-639-715-2,062, while the Red Dragons finished with a 600-643-663-1,906.

Leading the winners was Nate Barlette-Dye with a 205-211-234-650 while Kyle Mullen hit a 169-141-443. Logan Crist had a 151-156-153-470 and Brogan Egan had a 136-150-373 for Maple Grove.

Silver Creek (18-18) was a 4-0 winner in the girls match with a line score of 540-424-486-1,450 while Maple Grove (2-34) had a 417-405-355-1,177.

Emily Barlette-Dye had a 188-174-476 and Laneya Olsen a 151-142-408 for Silver Creek. Elizabeth Quadt struck a 126-348 and Hayley Clark a 327 for Maple Grove.


Jamestown (27-5) was a 4-0 winner over Chautauqua Lake (2-26) in Division 1 boys action at Jamestown Bowling Company with a line score of 1,169-1,018-1,105-3,292 while the Thunderbirds hit a 460-479-400-1,339.

The Red Raiders had a hot night on the lanes with Zach Ryberg leading with a 279-226-697. Kyle Christensen smashed a 226-222-214-662, Riley Piazza a 226-225-208-659, Brandon Michael 224-223-641 and Camden Austin 232-209-633.


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