Junior Bowling


Colton Cappalino led the Majors Division, firing a 288-203-193-684. Following behind him was Vincent Parasiliti with a 226-214-200-640 and Brandon Michael with a 224-215-200-639.

Ethan McNally led the Preps Division with a 145-108-347 while Macy Bailey hit a 141-100-337.

Ella Dean led the Bantams Division with a 106-96-202 while Rowan Gilson had a 97-70-167.

Majors–Kyle Christensen 214-205-199-618, Braddock Damore 243-178-584, Camden Austin 213-179-565, Nicolas Houston 194-513, Brendan Randall 187-185-505, Amee Sprague 203-477, Abby Derby 476, Jonathan Erickson 190, Cameron Gifford 189, Roman Weaver 181.

Preps–Joshua Lincoln 120-115-322, Talon Houston 126-320, Robert Peck 124, Ryan Miraglia 105.

Bantams–Laim Jagoda 81-67-148, Holden Brooks 84-143, Jaxson Higbee 65-119.


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