Dunkirk Swims To First Victory In Three Seasons; JHS Wins

PANAMA — Eventually a win was going to come for the Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville swim program.

Tuesday was the day.

Steven Zentz, Matt Dunn and Owen Bates were all double winners as Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville edged Panama/Maple Grove, 93-76.

“This year (Panama/Maple Grove) has a small team, so we knew there was a pretty good chance going into it,” Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville coach Allie Saye said.

The victory was the program’s first since splitting from Fredonia three seasons ago.

Zentz captured the 200-yard freestyle (1:56.31) and 100-yard breaststroke (1:17.41) while Dunn claimed the 200-yard individual medley (2:33.06) and 500-yard freestyle (5:59.50).

“Matt swam the 500-yard freestyle, which he hasn’t done all season,” Saye said. “I put him in it because I needed somebody to cover it and he broke six minutes.”

Bates, a Westfield student who is the team’s lone senior, won the 100-yard freestyle (55.55) and 100-yard backstroke (1:08.93) for Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville.

“They were really excited and were watching the score all meet long. They knew we had a really good chance of winning,” Saye said. “Their spirits are up because they are always looking for a personal best or at least trying to finish first or second in every event.”

Adam Fred also took the 50-yard freestyle (24.19) for the winners.

“Spirit-wise, I think it’s harder on me going into meets knowing we aren’t going to win because we don’t have the bodies,” Saye said. “These guys are fantastic. They support each other and support kids on the other teams.”

RJ Helt (100-yard butterfly, 57.70) and David Marshall (1-meter diving, 251.17) were the lone individual winners for Panama/Maple Grove.

“We let them right from the first event,” Saye said. “Every event, we just had one more person than they did and that’s what makes the difference.”

200y medley relay: Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville (Matt Dunn, Steven Zentz, Adam Fred, Owen Bates), Panama/Maple Grove, Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville. T–1:56.31

200y freestyle: Steven Zentz (D/W/F), RJ Helt (P/MG), Zac Lindquest (P/MG). T–1:56.31

200y individual medley: Matt Dunn (D/W/F), Will Schlemmer (P/MG), Trestin Briggs (D/W/F). T–2:33.06

50y freestyle: Adam Fred (D/W/F), Milton Sventantics (P/MG), Lukas Baer (P/MG). T–24.19

1m diving: David Marshall (P/MG). P–251.17

100y butterfly: RJ Helt (P/MG), Adam Fred (D/W/F), Jocelyn Bowers (D/W/F). T–57.70

100y freestyle: Owen Bates (D/W/F), David Marshall (P/MG), Lukas Baer (P/MG). T–55.55

500y freestyle: Matt Dunn (D/W/F), Zac Lindquest (P/MG), Brody Bimber (P/MG). T–5:59.50

200y freestyle relay: Panama/Maple Grove (RJ Helt, David Marshall, Lukas Baer, Zac Lindquest), Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville. T–1:51.93

100y backstroke: Owen Bates (D/W/F), Milton Sventantics (P/MG), Teddy Roberts (D/W/F). T–1:08.93

100y breaststroke: Steven Zentz (D/W/F), Will Schlemmer (P/MG), Zachary Zentz (D/W/F). T–1:17.41

400y freestyle relay: Dunkirk/Westfield/Forestville (Adam Fred, Matt Dunn, Owen Bates, Steven Zentz), Panama/Maple Grove, Panama/Maple Grove. T–3:55.21


OLEAN –Four different individual winners and victories in all three relays helped Jamestown/Falconer get past Olean/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville, 97-83, at Olean Middle School.

Joseph Roehmholdt won the 200-yard freestyle (1:57.79), Kyle Dean took the 50-yard freestyle (22.46), Conner Dean captured the 500-yard freestyle (5:31.83) and Jaydon James claimed the 100-yard breaststroke (1:14.40) for the guests.

Mark Brown was a double winner in the 100-yard freestyle (54.02) and 100-yard backstroke (1:03.41) for Olean/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville.

200y medley relay: Jamestown/Falconer (Kyle Dean, Jaydon James, Aidan McCleery, Anthony Blakeslee), Olean/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville, Olean/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville). T–1:55.62

200y freestyle: Joseph Roehmholdt (J/F), Conner Dean (J/F), Gavin Weseman (O/A-L/F). T–1:57.79

200y individual medley: David Ruszkowski (O/A-L/F), Anthony Blakeslee (J/F), Logan Johnson (J/F). T–2:33.87

50y freestyle: Kyle Dean (J/F), Aidan McCleery (J/F), William Slavinski (O/A-L/F). T–22.46

1m diving: Parker Dornan (O/A-L/F), Nathan Gabler (O/A-L/F), Christopher Bargy (O/A-L/F). P–186.08

100y butterfly: Gavin Weseman (O/A-L/F), Jack Osborne (J/F), Noah Miles (J/F). T–1:05.92

100y freestyle: Mark Brown (O/A-L/F), Aidan McCleery (J/F), Alex Hudson (J/F). T–54.02

500y freestyle: Conner Dean (J/F), Kyle Dean (J/F), David Ruszkowski (O/A-L/F). T–5:31.83

200y freestyle relay: Jamestown/Falconer (Joseph Roehmholdt, Alex Hudson, Conner Dean, Jacob Anderson), Olean/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville, Jamestown/Falconer. T–1:41.78

100y backstroke: Mark Brown (O/A-L/F), Jacob Anderson (J/F), Zachary Marra (J/F). T–1:03.41

100y breaststroke: Jaydon James (J/F), Shay Lippert (O/A-L/F), Dominic Breton (O/A-L/F). T–1:14.40

400y freestyle relay: Jamestown/Falconer (Kyle Dean, Joseph Roehmholdt, Jack Osborne, Jaydon James), Olean/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville, Jamestown/Falconer. T–3:48.79


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