Exceptional Stars Athletics Seeking Community Support

Exceptional Stars Athletics, a local organization dedicated to providing children with special needs the opportunity to participate in sporting events, is seeking support from the community.

ESA is holding a fundraiser raffle to help raise funds for the program.

“We keep every event we host free for all of the children to participate. In order to do that, we rely heavily on support from our community and local businesses,” said Rich Bianco, ESA director.

ESA has several items that are part of the raffle. There is a hand-crafted wooded American flag made by Jacob Youngberg, a round USA flag wall hanging made by Ginger Hitchcock, two 25-ounce tumblers made by Kylee Lindahl of Kylee’s Kreations, and a $40 gift certificate to Hippie Stitches run by Ashley Thierfeldt

“We got all of these items from local people running super successful side gigs. They’re awesome,” Bianco said. “We’re supporting local small business in order to help raise funds for our group.”

After the second day of the raffle, ESA received more items for the raffle from Julie Freling, a Dunkirk School 7 teacher, who works with Bianco’s wife, Sandy. Freling donated a set of four long-stem wine glasses with the Buffalo Bills logo and a Bills tie-dye T-shirt.

The raffle will likely run through Wednesday with a randomized drawing to determine prize winners. Chances are available as follows: one chance for $5, five chances for $20, 15 chances for $40, and 25 chances for $50. Donations can be sent via PayPal (exceptionalstarsathletics@gmail.com) or Venmo (@Exceptional-Stars-1). For more information, contact Bianco at 450-1329.


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