Junior Bowling


Brandon Michael led the Majors Division at Jamestown Bowling Company with a 279-239-207-725 while Colton Cappalino hit a 248-192-187-627.

In the Preps Division, Macy Bailey hit a 126-103-309 while Maylin Cuifolo struck a 112-303.

Rowan Gilson had a 108-98-206 for the Bantams.

Majors–Zack Ryberg 244-596, Braddock Damore 224-580, Jack Christensen 203-537, Brendan Randall 220-531, Hadyn Walker 207-524, Damen Vincent 190-178-524, Abbie Desby 213, Vincent Parasiliti 194, Natalie Milner 177.

Preps–Tori Higbee 123, Tayvian Gilson 118, Ethan Heppler 117, Dallas Conkright 111, Nora Brown 107, Will Crossley 102.

Bantams–Jaxson Higbee 100-67-167, Ella Dean 81-76-157, Elliot Heppler 56.


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