Butler, Steinbroner Earn League Honors

Bryce Butler

Bryce Butler of Ellicottville has been named Player of the Year for the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association East Division in boys soccer.

Butler helped the Eagles to a 8-5-1 record, scoring 12 goals and nine assists as a senior.

Noah Steinbroner of Ellicottville has been named Defensive MVP, and Portville’s JJ McIntosh has been named Coach of the Year after guiding his team to a 7-3 record.

First-Team selections also included Michael Cole (nine goals), Kyle Mathes (two goals, six assists), Alex Wenke, Nathan Petryszak (seven goals, one assist), Todd Stone and Thomas Carls of Portville; Neeland Cummings of Salamanca/Cattaraugus-Little Valley (five goals, two assists); and Bryson Rozler (five goals, three assists) and Ethan Shields of Randolph.

Second-Team selections included Christian Gariepy, Trey Williams and Kyle Stone of Portville; Wayne Libby, Evan Frontuto and Cameron Hayes of Pine Valley/Gowanda; and Clayton Rowland, Justin Imhoff, Caleb Jennings, Wyatt Chudy, and Jamison Caldwell of Ellicottville.

Noah Steinbroner

Pine Valley/Gowanda earned the Sportsmanship Award, with the individual honor going to Brendan Butcher.

Ryan Arvin has been selected as Referee of the Year.

CCAA East Division All-Stars


Michael Cole Sophomore Portville

Neeland Cummings Senior Salamanca/Cattaraugus-Little Valley

Bryce Butler Senior Ellicottville

Kyle Mathes Junior Portville

Bryson Rozler Senior Randolph

Nathan Petryszak Junior Portville

Noah Steinbroner Senior Ellicottville

Ethan Shields Senior Randolph

Todd Stone Junior Portville

Thomas Carls Junior Portville

Alex Wenke Senior Portville


Christian Gariepy Junior Portville

Wayne Libby Senior Pine Valley/Gowanda

Evan Frontuto Senior Pine Valley/Gowanda

Clayton Rowland Senior Ellicottville

Trey Williams Senior Portville

Justin Imhoff Senior Ellicottville

Caleb Jennings Senior Ellicottville

Kyle Stone Senior Portville

Cameron Hayes Senior Pine Valley/Gowanda

Wyatt Chudy Senior Ellicottville

Jamison Caldwell Senior Ellicottville


Ellicottville: Mitchell Azcarate (Sr.), Sam Edwards (Fresh.)

Portville: Nick Harmon (Jr.), Ethan Dean (Sr.)

Salamanca/Cattaraugus-Little Valley: Reece Redey (Sr.), Joe Quigley (Sr.), Hunter Yaworsky (Sr.), Lucas Barber (Jr.)

Randolph: Ashton Bushy (Sr.), Clayton Crouse (Soph.), Ben Hitchcock (Jr.), Kyle Smallback (Sr.)

Pine Valley/Gowanda: Noah Frontuto (8th), George Kruszka (Soph.)


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