Burdic Rolls 730 Series At JBC

Paul Burdic led the Jeremy’s Bel View League at Jamestown Bowling Company with a 256-233-241-730 for Team 8, while George Wendell hit a 256-685 for Landmark Restaurant and Jamie Willey a 227-237-682 for Jeremy’s Bel View.

In the Midnite Towing/Terminal Collision Monday Ladies Classic Doubles League, Stephanie Tompkins hit a 268-235-679 for JBC Pro Shop, Beth Sacilowski 257-214-662 for Axiom Office Imaging and Heather Lyon 214-222-620 for Axiom Office Imaging.

In the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes, Bill Farr struck a 279-675 for Farr’s Allstate.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Monday Hot Shots Seniors–Lenny Bush 532, Ken Davis 526, Bruce Macey 516, Wayne Henzinger 505, Larry Pischera 501.

JBC Monday Seniors–Richard Franzen 503, Ron Pappalardo 502, Ruth Sodeur 470, Chloe Vincent 427, Mel Liddie 404.

Jeremy’s Bel-View–Mark O’Neill 255-620, Steve Ryberg 604, Josh Snow 601, Dave Tracy 276-596, Paul Taber 594, Rob Stockton 584, Dave Carlson 576.

Chris Sieber Memorial–Yolanda Verleni 503, Erin Himes 479, Debbie Latona 476.

Ladies Classic Doubles–Grace Wheeler 538, Dawn Raynor 231-532, Bonnie Smith 525, Donna Clark 523, Sue Bero 510, Dana Stanton 505, Mary Green 498.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League–Wayne Harvey 234-667, Erik Lindquist 657, Kevin Carlson Jr. 646, Mike Carlson 608, Dan Trehune 593, Bill Pownall 584, Andy Chapman 581, Russ Payne 575.


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