Berkhous Smashes 300-742, Burdic Rolls 771 At JBC

In the JBC Classic Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company Tab Berkhous was perfect on Thursday night.

Berkhous hit a 227-300-742 for The Bad Bowlers, while Paul Burdic smashed a 268-247-256-771 for Farm Fresh.

Mike Sacilowski had a 278-234-704 for Memory of AJF, Jeff Arnold a 263-246-689 for AXA Equitable Ad, Brandon Miller a 225-256-687 for Don’s Car Wash, Jamie Willey a 256-228-687 for Southern Tier Supply, Dan Walker a 268-227-686 for Guild-Walker, Mike Griener a 235-234-678 for Dom’s Mobil, and Andrew Blasdell a 237-226-678 for AXA Equitable Ad.

In the Schutts Arctic Cat League Chris Goodwill hit a 245-682.

Lenny Bush led the JBC Early Bird Seniors with a 244-605.

Jamestown Bowling Company: JBC Early Bird Seniors–Larry Pischera 245-566, Harry Jones 211-548, Ed Petransky 245-542, Ken Davis 207-527, Gary Wells 503, Sandy Hoyt 420, Denise Weber 420.

JBC Classic Doubles–Bill Thompson 265-655, Mark Meleen 248-652, Andrew Raymond 234-225-651, Jim Mee 221-245-650, Mark Blasdell 237-649, Joe Foti 244-646, John Williams Jr. 233-646, Ray Textor 237-228-646, Ron Lyon 245-233-645, James Cappalino 234-642, Lenny Marucci 640, Kate Foti 232-220-636, Justin Van Arsdale 225-631, Dan Zamborik 233-630, Austin Aldrich 625, Joe Jagoda 225-231-623, Jeff Wadsworth 613, Brent Miller 610, George Wendell 609, Steph Tompkins 607, Devin Kennelley 605, Andy Proctor 602.

Schutts Arctic Cat–Dennis Goodwill 242-651, Patrick Ewing 620.


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