Busy Weekend For CCAA Cross Country Teams

PANAMA — Behind the first- and second-place finishes of Nate Lewis and Ethan Luce, and a fourth-place finish by Carter McKotch, the Southwestern boys posted a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association cross country victory on Saturday at Panama Central School.

The Trojans, who had seven runners in the top 10, finished with 19 points, followed by Clymer/Sherman/Panama with 45 and Fredonia with 78. Lewis’ winning time was 18 minutes, 8 seconds over the 3.1-mile course.

John Swabik was the top finisher for C/S/P, claiming third place. Owen Ludwig finished eighth to pace Fredonia.

In the girls race, Lily Nelson of Southwestern eventually pulled away for the individual win, posting a time of 23:52.2, holding off Haley Odell, Jenna Fisher and Tayden Persons of C/S/P, who finished second, third and fourth respectively. In her varsity debut, eighth-grader Evangeline Johnson placed seventh, helping the Wolfpack to secure a four-point victory over the Trojans. C/S/P finished with 28 points, Southwestern had 32 and Fredonia had 67.

Julia LeBaron paced Fredonia with an eighth-place finish.


1. Nate Lewis (S), T–18:08; 2. Ethan Luce (S); 3. John Swabik (CSP); 4. Carter McKotch (S); 5. Trenton Shutters (S); 6. Bryce Hinsdale (CSP); 7. Brendan Luce (S); 8. Owen Ludwig (F); 9. Jaden Kinnear (9); 10. Lucas Svenson (S).


1. Lily Nelson (S), T–23:52.2; 2. Haley Odell (CSP); 3. Jenna Fisher (CSP); 4. Tayden Persons (CSP); 5. Gabrielle Wigren (S); 6. Grace Anderson (S); 7. Evangeline Johnson (C); 8. Julia LeBaron (F); 9. Marley Ohl (S); 10. Ashlyn Ambrose (F).


Sydney Smith of Randolph posted a time of 22:44 over the 3.1-mile Jamestown course to lead the way in the girls race, while Drew Carlson of Jamestown was the boys’ winner.

Smith posted a time of 22:44 to lead the Cardinals to victory with 25 points, followed by Gowanda with 32 and Jamestown with 71.

Kayla Forthman of Gowanda was second and Elisabeth Root of Randolph was third. Alyson Canfield’s ninth-place finish led the Red Raiders.

Carlson’s time of 17:34 was 70 seconds faster than Randolph’s Talon Rowland, who finished second. Colton Cappalino of Jamestown was third. The Red Raiders, who had five runners place in the top 10, finished with 23 points, Gowanda had 53 and Randolph had 58.

Cole Herman of Gowanda finished fourth.


1. Drew Carlson (J), T– 17:34; 2. Talon Rowland (R); 3. Colton Cappalino (J); 4. Cole Herman (G); 5. Jaymin Morano (J); 6. Mason McVinney (J); 7. Dylen Harbison (G); 8. Maxwell Knight (J); Roan Kelly (R); Ethan Peelman-Gray (J).


1. Sydney Smith (R), T– 22:44; 2. Kayla Forthman (G); 3. Elisabeth Root (R); 4. Gracyn Rowland (R); 5. Autumn Pupo (G); 6. Calie Hudson (G); 7. Lucy VanRensselaer (R); 8. Miranda Kaminski (G); 9. Alyson Canfield (J); 10. Lilly McDonald (R).


BEMUS POINT — Angelina Napoleon of Allegany-Limestone posted an impressive individual win by nearly two minutes, but Maple Grove’s depth was the difference as the Red Dragons claimed the girls team victory at Bemus Point Golf Course.

Napolean’s time was 19:10 to hold off Marie Lemay of Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, who finished in 20:58. Christina Peppy of Maple Grove was third in 21:05.

The Red Dragons finished with 27 points, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley had 41 and Allegany-Limestone had 53.

In the boys race, Ryan Wisniewski (17:08), Jacob Brink (17:25) and Daniel Casey (17:43) finished first, second and fourth respectively to lead Allegany-Limestone to victory with 25 points. Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, led by Joey Pillittieri’s second-place individual finish, was second with 41 points and Maple Grove was third with 67.

Lukas Baer led the Red Dragons with a fifth-place finish.


1. Ryan Wisniewski (A-L), T–17:08; 2. Jacob Brink (A-L); 3. Joey Pillittieri (F/CV); 4. Daniel Casey (A-L); 5. Lukas Baer (MG); 6. Joe Krenzer (F/CV); 7. Donald Higgs (A-L); 8. Alex Crist (MG); 9. John Brockelbank (F/CV); 10. Devin Austin (F/CV).


1. Angelina Napoleon (A-L), T–19:10; 2. Marie Lemay (F/CV); 3. Christina Peppy (MG); 4. Abby Brunenavs (MG); 5. Tori Pavlock (MG); 6. Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV); 7. Ava Crist (MG); 8. Allison Bohall (MG); 9. Tabby Clark (F/CV); 10. Maddie Straub (A-L).


FREWSBURG — Acacia Barber led the way for Frewsburg against Silver Creek/Forestville and Olean, finishing with a time of 20:03 on the 3-mile course.

Silver Creek/Forestville’s Juliana Flick took second and Daisy League was third, helping lead their team to first place with 15 points. Frewsburg and Olean were incomplete.

In the boys race, Toby Gifford of Frewsburg claimed first place with a time of 18:52, while teammates Micah Barber took third, Noah Collins fourth, Xander Pitts fifth, and Declan Gibbons sixth as the Bears placed first with 19 points. Silver Creek/Forestville took second with 42. Olean was incomplete.


1. Toby Gifford (F), T– 18:52; 2. Jack DeRose (O); 3. Micah Barber (F); 4. Noah Collins (F); 5. Xander Pitts (F); 6. Declan Gibbons (F); 7. Ryan Forrello (SC/F); 8. Logan Perryman (SC/F); 9. Aidan, Jamison (SC/F); 10. Jacob Sears (F).


1. Acacia Barber (F); 2. Juliana Flick (SC/F); 3. Daisy League (SC/F); 4. Emma Romanik (SC/F); 5. Teghan Trocki (F); 6. Nya Martinelli (O); 7. Rylee Gore (F); 8. Sara Thomas (O); 9. Melanie Wilson (SC/F); 10. Amber Lockwood (SC/F).


FRANKLINVILLE — Emma Pocabello of Cattaraugus-Little Valley and Cayden Hatch of Franklinville/Ellicottville led the way in the boys and girls races.

Pocabello toured the 3.1-mile course in 22:57, but Franklinville/Ellciottville captured team honors with 15 points as Cattaraugus-Little Valley and Dunkirk were incomplete. Tarryn Herman of Franklinville/Ellicottville was second and Dunkirk’s Siera Porpiglia was third.

In the boys race, Hatch posted a winning time of 18:24 and was followed by teammates Michael Steward and Tavi Riling in second and third place respectively. The Titans finished with 21 points, Cattaraugus-Little had 37 and Dunkirk had 74.

Geoffrie Eisensmith was the top Cattaraugus-Little Valley finisher, placing fifth, while Zachary Zentz led the Marauders with a ninth-place finish.


1. Emma Pocabello (CLV), T– 22:57; 2. Tarryn Herman (F/E); 3. Siera Porpiglia (D); 4. Aaliyah Small (CLV); 5. Margaret Mcauley (FE); 6. Summer Wilkins (F/E); 7. Amaya Smith (CLV); 8. Riley Moffat (F/E); 9. Sarah Weber (F/E).


1. Cayden Hatch (F/E). 18:24; 2. Michael Steward (F/E); 3. Tavi Riling (F/E); 4. John Visnesky (C/LV); 5. Geoffrie Eisensmith (CLV); 6. Josh Halterman (CLV); 7. John Tinelli (F/E); 8. AJ Shortz (F/E). 9. Zachary Zentz (D); 10. Donnie Feamon (CLV).


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