Raymond Tops Area Bowling With 735

Andrew Raymond led the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Wednesday with a 2544-234-247-735 for All Shots Matter.

Paul Burdic hit a 236-233-693 for Spare Us and Dan Walker had a 253-679 for Midnite Towing.

In the JBC Classic Doubles on Thursday, Ryan Colburn led the way with a 227-258-229-714 for Jeremy’s Belview, Jamie Willey had a 255-233-707 for Southern Tier Supply, Dan Gould a 232-259-702 for Harmony Sheet Metal, Jeff Guild a 234-234-691 for Guild-Walker, Dan Zamborik a 257-254-691 for Zamborik-Tompkins, Brandon Miller a 225-236-227-690 for Dan’s Car Wash and Jeremy Becker a 236-246-682 for Aldrich Becker.

In the American League at Cutting Lanes Adam Newhouse led with a 268-675, Brad Robinson had a 257-645 and Pat Bemis 235-640.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza Men’s League–Andrew Chapman 249-656, Mark O’Neill 654, Tim Wares 240-649, Dan Benson Jr. 640, Shawn Sample 237-638, Devin Kennelley 632, Bill Leonard 255-618, John Williams Jr. 613, Jamie Willey 225-611, Ang Volpe 606, Bubby Michael 229-585, Tim Whitmore 229-582, Joe Foti 227-581, Mark Cobbe 577.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League — Fran Walters 553, Laura Schlining 522, Jen Goshgarian 204-497, Jeannie Colburn 476.

JBC Classic Doubles–James Cappalino 243-237-668, Joe Jagoda 239-663, Andy Blasdell 655, Lenny Marucci 268-648, Steph Tompkins 645, Bill Thompson 645, Mark Meleen 245-641, Tom Sacilowski 226-634, Mark Blasdell 247-633, Paul Burdic 236-630, Jeff Arnold 599, Tim Thompson 599, John Williams Jr. 591, Mike Sacilowski 589, George Wendell 587, Ray Textor 581, Justin Van Arsdale 580, Austin Aldrich 579, Joe Foti 576, Dave Saxton 576, Mike Griener 575.

Schutts Arctic Cat–Chris Goodwill 245-645, Vince Willis 581.

Cutting Lanes: American League–Jeff Donor 225-622, Ed Bailey 242-605, Brian Holthouse 595, Jason Rhodes 225-589.


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