Long Gets First Victory At Raceway 7

MONROE CENTER, Ohio — Seasoned veterans and newcomers went to Victory Lane on yet another hot night of five-star racing at Raceway 7.

Joe Long and Mitchell Wright made their first trips to the winner’s circle with Long’s visit the first-ever feature win of his career and Wright’s the first for him at his home track. At the other end of experience at winning was Joel Watson, the winningest driver in Raceway 7 history, putting yet another notch in his growing list of accomplishments. Young Jessica Harvey put up her third Mini-Stock win of the season to expand her points lead and Chas Wolbert collected the RUSH Modified victory. During heat race action in the RUSH Modifieds Gary Haupt got up on an infield marking tire and rolled, ending his night.

Rush Modifieds

Heat 1: Kole Holden, Jacob Jordan, Greg Porter, Kyle Martel, Jacob Wolfe, Ayden Cipriani, Mike Smith

Heat 2: Chas Wolbert, Tony Tatgenhorst, Rob Kristyak, Amelia Clay, Brandon Ritchey, Dave Price, Gary Haupt

Feature: Chas Wolbert, Rob Kristyak, Tony Tatgenhorst, Kole Holden, Ayden Cipriani, Jacob Jordan, Kyle Martell, Amelia Clay, Jacob Wolfe, Brandon Ritchey, Dave Price, Mike Smith, Greg Porter, Gary Haupt (DNS)


Heat 1: Zack Lenart, Garrett Calvert, Judson Fell, Jarett Young, Jordan Simmons, George Bestal, Alex Brockway

Heat 2: Bill Cunningham, Billy Cunningham, Coleton Longwell, Justin Sax, John Boyd, Derek Connors

Heat 3: Nate Young, Mike Harmon, Mitchell Wright, Bob Vogt, Todd Miller, Andrew Pisarchick

Heat 4: Matt Alexander, Justin Chaddock, Dustin Demattia, Donald May, Edward Roberts, Dale Reiser

Feature: Mitchell Wright, Dustin Demattia, Nate Young, Matt Alexander, Garrett Calvert, John Boyd, Mike Harmon, Andrew Pisarchick, Jarett Young, Zack Lenart, Judson Fell, Jordan Simmons, Derek Connors, Todd Miller, Edward Roberts, Billy Cunningham, Coleton Longwell, Justin Sax, Donald May, George Bestal (DNS, Dale Reiser (DNS), Alex Brockway (DNS)

RUSH Late Models

Heat 1: Matt Latta, Kyle Zimmerman, John Lacki, Dennis Dellinger, Steve Hollabaugh, Jon Rivers

Heat 2: Josh Ferry, Chad Sines, Billy Henry, Bud Watson, Jonathan Stockdale, Tyler Allison

Heat 3: Cory Sines, Jason Genco, Joe Long, John Watson, Breyton Santee, Brandon Porter

Feature: Joe Long, Matt Latta, Jason Genco, Cory Sines, Kyle Zimmerman, John Lacki, Breyton Santee, John Watson, Billy Henry, Josh Ferry, Dennis Dellinger, John Stockdale, Steve Hollabaugh, Tyler Allison, Chad Sines, Jon Rivers, Bud Watson, Brandon Porter


Heat 1: Jeff Johnson, Casey Bowers, Troy Johnson, Al Brewer, Dan McDonald, Brandon Grossman, Josh McDonald

Heat 2: Randy Hall, Alan Atkinson, Percy McDonald, Mark Titus, Dan McEwen, Bill Watson, Chuck Steinle Jr

Heat 3: Joel Watson, Mike Kinney, Brent Rhebergen, Jesse Gould, Eric Reinwald, Dennis Lunger, Jim Plance

Feature: Joel Watson, Mike Kinney, Brent Rhebergen, Casey Bowers, Al Brewer, Dennis Lunger, Josh McDonald, Alan Atkinson, Randy Hall, Dan McDonald, Troy Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Eric Reinwald, Mark Titus, Chuck Steinle Jr, Brandon Grossman, Jesse Gould, Dan McEwen, Percy McDonald, Jim Plance (DNS), Bill Watson (DNS)


Heat 1: Jacob Wheeler, Mark Lawrence, Trisha Jacklett, Bondy Stoyer, Mike Barr, John Kish, Alan Sousa

Heat 2: Pat Hanlon, Alex Siekkinen, Jessica Harvey, Kevin Watson, Jamie Lamp, Andrew Smith

Heat 3: Zoey Gill, Alexis Vogt, Ana Vassen, Tristan Start, Krista Start, Scott Gill

Heat 4: Dalton Eller, Derrick Randolph, Justin Bailey, Devin Haefke, Charles McClintock, Calvin Tedrow, Zack Eller

Feature: Jessica Harvey, Mark Lawrence, Dalton Speer, Zoey Gill, Jacob Wheeler, Zack Eller, Alan Sousa, Bondy Stoyer, Derrick Randolph, Trisha Jacklett, Mike Barr, Charles McClintock, Tristan Start, Krista Start, Ana Vassen, Calvin Tedrow, Andrew Smith, Alex Siekkinen, Alexis Vogt, Justin Bailey, Devin Haefke, Kevin Watson, Jamie Lamp, Pat Hanlon


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