Trap Leagues

In the Chautauqua County Trap League, Randolph topped Busti, 347-343; and Celoron edged Carroll, 387-386, using a tiebreaker score.

Perfect 50s were shot by Steve Crudele, Stan Grochowina, Howard Arnold, Clarence Dickerson, Jim Kestler Jr., Jim Kestler Sr., Jason Hurlburt, Kevin Nicklas, Dave Kingsley and Jim Nowacki.

Danielle Yotpolis of Busti and Diane Sturzenbecker of Celoron were the High Ladies with a 45; Dyillian Wynn-Milner of Celoron was the High Junior with a 46; Logan Crist of Celoron was the High Sub Junior with a 42; Nowacki of Celoron was the High Veteran with a 50; Crudele of Randolph and Kestler Sr. of Busti were the High Senior Veterans with a 50 apiece; and Arnold of Randolph and Kingsley of Celoron were the High Super Senior Veterans, also with a 50 apiece.

Randolph: STEVE CRUDELE 50; STAN GROCHOWINA 50; HOWARD ARNOLD 50; CLARENCE DICKERSON 50; Denny Gullo 49; Dale Speta 49; Gary Sickles Sr 49

Busti: JIM KESTLER JR 50; JIM KESTLER SR 50; JASON HURLBURT 50; George Kirin 49; Gary Donaldson 48; Ben Paddock 48; Rob Graham 48

Celoron: KEVIN NICKLAS 50; DAVE KINGSLEY 50; Don Farnham 48; Tim Young 48; Jerry Martin 48; Matt Tutmaher 48; Kev Sturzenbecker 48; Glenn Chapman 47

Carroll: JIM NOWACKI 50; Bob Gray 49; Ray Lee 49; Paul Prentice 49; Mike Mackey 49; Austin Lynn 47; Luke Courson 47; Austin Anderson 46


In the Warren County Trap League, Pine Grove downed Sheffield, 346-329; Corry topped Sugar Grove II, 339-332; Tidioute outshot Brokenstraw, 340-334; and Sugar Grove I outgunned Kalbfus, 333-318.

Perfect 50s were shot by David Anderson, Russ Wingard, Kenton Knopp, Ralph Challingsworth, William Mitchell, Doug Sliker, Colby Case, Ken Anderson and Chris Kibbey.

Pine Grove and Corry tied for the first-half lead, so they will shoot off on Tuesday at Tidioute, starting at 5 p.m. Only shooters who have shot four or more times in the first half are eligible to participate.

The high lady was Cindy Cable of Pine Grove with a 49; the High Junior was Jaxon Gray of Corry with a 47; the High Sub Junior was Harry Eckert of Pine Grove with a 47; the High Veteran was Sliker of Tidioute with a 50; and the High Super Senior Veterans were Wingard of Pine Grove and Challingsworth of Sheffield with a 50 apiece.

Pine Grove: DAVID ANDERSON 50; RUSS WINGARD 50; Kenton Knopp 50; Rick Manning 49; John Foster 49; Dave Kingsley 49; Cindy Cable 49

Sheffield: RALPH CHALLINGSWORTH 50; Lee Dunkle 49; Joe Leichtenberger 47; Ryan McMillen 46; Rich Pierson 46; Mike Smith Sr 46; Ken Rubright 45

Corry: WILLIAM MITCHELL 50; Mike Dietz 49; Jaxon Gray 48; Kurtis Gurdak 48; Logan Muir 48; Jeff Peters 48; Ken Berkhous 48

Sugar Grove II: Austin Anderson 49; Sheldon Battle 48; Craig Darling 48; Reed Johnson 48; Tom Dallas 47; Ron Harmon 46; Jared Lindell 46

Tidioute: DOUG SLIKER 50; COLBY CASE 50; KEN ANDERSON 50; Conrad Shearer 48; Guy Anderson 48; Derek Dickson 47; Joel Stewart 47

Brokenstraw: Rick Woodcock 49; Robbin Weaver 49; Ed Wurst 48; Curt Hollabaugh 47; Dale Johnson 47; Ed Haregsin 47; Russ Dempsey 47

Sugar Grove I: CHRIS KIBBEY 50; Rick Espin 48; Hunter Trawick 48; Scott Currie 47; Gary Casler 47; Jim Hannon 47; Scott Eastman 46

Kalbfus: Paul Prentice 48; Jim Nowacki 47; Ben Hampson 46; Fred Callahan 46; Doug Gray 45; Mike Mackey 43; Chuck Travis 43


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