Frank Wins Twice At Eriez Sunday

Chub Frank, right, is pictured with Bobbi Farr, widow of Mike Farr, after Frank won the Mike Farr Memorial Race at Eriez Speedway on Sunday night. Photo by Steve Schnars

HAMMETT, Pa. — Mike Farr was one of the early racers at Eriez Speedway and other local tracks who left a lasting legacy in the sport.

This year’s edition of the race in his memory attracted 34 of the best Super Late Model teams from Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and West Virginia. A total of 138 cars signed into the pit area for the 24-event card. Max Blair turned in the fastest qualifying time, a 15.910-second lap, well off the track record of 14.778, set by Chad Wright.

Through four heat races and two “B-Mains” the starting field was narrowed to 22 starters plus two “provisionals” determined by the sanctioning body. Chub Frank bested the ULMS/Mill Run Collision Super Late Model field from his fourth-place starting spot.

Frank also won the Nic Dit Trucking RUSH Late Model finale from seventh on the starting grid. Steve Simon won the Waterford Hotel E-Mod feature from the outside front row starting spot while former class champion Chris McGuire converted his outside front row start for the win in the Curtze Food Service Street Stock night capper. Garrett Calvert scored his first-ever Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economod win from the outside front row and Mark Lawrence started from the pole, then led the L & D Tree Service Challengers to the checkers.

Of course the main event of the evening was the ULMS Mill Run Collision Super Late Models 41-lap Mike Farr Memorial, paying $4,100 to win plus lap money for the driver up front. The “41” was for Mike’s number all those years he ran in the old Sportsmen class. Mike was a fan favorite who moved to Georgia and founded Genesis Shocks, a leading supplier of racing equipment. Mike was always ready to help competitors with suspension expertise.

Starting positions were determined by time trials, then four heat races and two “B-Mains” plus two provisionals. After a pill draw for the top eight spots, it was Bump Hedman and Colton Flinner bringing the field to Mark Matthews’ green flag. Fast qualifier Blair, the defending track champ and winner of10 Eriez Speedway Super Late Model features in 2019, started ninth. Defending race winner Greg Oakes started the main event 11th. At the drop of the green flag it was Flinner leading Hedman, Frank, Mike Pegher, and Matt Lux through lap one. At three laps, Lux got to fourth with Dave Hess Jr. up to fifth. At six complete, Blair was into the top five behind Flinner, Frank, Hedman, and Hess Jr. At 13, Blair was fourth, and then third a lap later. At 15laps, it was Flinner leading Frank, Blair, Hess Jr., and Hedman.

In turn two at lap 17, Frank took over the lead using the high line. At the end of the lap he had a full car-length lead. At 25 laps the leaders were into lapped traffic. Blair took over second at lap 24 and the chase was on. At 30 complete it was Frank, Blair, Flinner, Mike Norris, and Hess Jr. With seven laps remaining, Blair had caught Frank and two laps later, with five remaining, Frank began opening his lead again. On the back straight on the final lap, Blair mounted a charge, but Frank was able to rally to the win. At the finish it was Frank by .030 second over Blair, with Flinner, Norris, and Hess Jr filling out the top five.

Jeremy Wonderling and Steve Dixon started the Nic Dit Trucking RUSH Late Model feature at the front. Right at the green several cars scattered mid-pack due to a chain-reaction when a car faltered at the green, but all continued with nobody coming to a halt. No caution was necessary and the race continued until turn two where Jonathan Stockdale spun. At lap four Dylan Goodman, Scott Dellahoy, and Brad Stoeger got together in turn four for the next caution. At lap five the leaders were Wonderling, Dixon, Breyton Santee, Frank, and Joe Martin. Martin took fourth at lap eight. At 10 laps Chad Clement spun in turns three and four. Frank was again fourth at 11 laps, third at 12, second at 13, then his march to the front was complete at lap 14. With five to go it was Frank, Wonderling, Dixon, Santee, and Darrell Bossard. Blair entered the top five at 16 laps, was fourth at 18, and third at 19. The final order was then Frank, Wonderling, Blair, Dixon and Santee. Frank started the event seventh.

Zach Johnson and Steve Simon started at the front of the Waterford Hotel E-Mod feature. Johnson got sideways in turn one then headed though the infield with no caution necessary. At the end of one it was Simon leading Ty Rhoades, Ken Zimmer, Jesse Gould, and Steve Rex. At lap three Joel Watson uncharacteristically spun in turn three. Rex had moved to fourth by the time of the caution. At four laps Jarred Silvis got into the front straight wall, then rolled up onto his side with Watson also getting involved, having no way to avoid. Tim Rockwell also was involved, and came to a halt away from the immediate scene. All were done for the night. The next yellow was for Jimmy Diabo, who spun in turn four. At seven laps Dave Lamphere wound up on his roof after colliding with the front straight wall. Diabo and C J Ramsey were also involved and wound up locked together just beyond Lamphere. The order for the green was Simon, Rhoades, Zimmer, Gould, and John Boyd. At the halfway mark, Gould was fourth with John Boyd moving into the top five. The order remained the same through to the checkers.

Kyle Couchenour and past champion Chris McGuire started the Curtze Food Service Street Stock feature on row one with McGuire grabbing the lead at the start, leading Couchenour, Jason Black, Douglas Eck, and Jason Covey through lap one. At six laps Couchenour slowed and headed to the pit. At lap seven Michael Reed spun in turn four. The halfway running order was McGuire, Eck, Black, Wesley McCray, and Covey. At nine complete McGuire and Eck were side by side at the stripe with McGuire slightly ahead when Reed, Brandon Birdsall, and Justin Pratt spun in turn two. After green Black was challenging Eck for the runner-up spot, but Eck held on to it. The top five were McGuire, Eck, Black, McCray, and Covey.

The Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods started their feature with Jarrett Young and Garrett Calvert leading the way to green. Calvert took the front spot, leading Young, Bobby Vogt, Matt Alexander, and Gary Olson through lap one. Cody Stronghart spun in lap four in turn for. At five laps Matt Alexander got sideways, but recovered. However, Jason Brightman spun to avoid a collision. The order remained the same for the restart but only one lap more was complete when Todd Miller spun his mount in turn four. Again the same order for the front five restarted the event, but before a lap was in Olson spun in turn four, collecting Brightman. At halfway it was Calvert, Vogt, Jarrett Young, Alexander, and Nate Young. Miller spun again, this time at lap nine in turn two. The finish saw Calvert taking his first-ever win with Vogt, Jarrett Young, Nate Young, and John Boyd as the top five.

Mark Lawrence and Kevin Covell brought the L&D Tree Service Challengers to green with Lawrence leading Dylan Green, Holden Heineman, Covell, and Chris Horton through lap one. After a quick yellow Heineman was second at lap two with Horton and Greene side by side for third. At halfway it was Lawrence leading Heineman, Horton, Greene, and John Mease. Mease came to fourth at lap eight. The final order was Lawrence, Heineman, Horton, Mease, and Zack Eller, the defending class champion.

Mill Run Collision Super Late Models: 34 Cars

Time Trials: (Top Five) NOT AVAILABLE

Heat 1: Mike Pegher, Colton Flinner, Max Blair, Alex Ferree, Doug Eck, Ryan Scott, Brandon Groters, Easton Hedman, Steven Scaife Jr

Heat 2: Matt Lux, John Lobb, Dutch Davies, David Scott, Andy Boozel, Brad Mesler, Jason Dobson, Bryce Davis

Heat 3: Dave Hess Jr, Chub Frank, Greg Oakes, Mike Knight, Jake Finnerty, Steve Kania, Kyle Scott, Dave Lyon, Clay Ruffo

Heat 4: Michael Norris, Bump Hedman, Colton Burdette, Wyatt Scott, Boom Briggs, Michael Wonderling Jr, Khole Wanzer, Chad Wright

B-Main 1: Andy Boozel, Doug Eck, Ryan Scott, Brad Mesler, Brandon Groters, Steve Scaife Jr, Jason Dobson, Bryce Davis

B-Main 2: Boom Briggs, Steve Kania, Jake Finnerty, Dave Lyon, Khole Wanzer, Clay Ruffo, Kyle Scott, Chad Wright

Feature: Chub Frank, Max Blair, Colton Flinner, Michael Norris, Dave Hess Jr, Bump Hedman, Dave Scott, Mike Pegher, Greg Oakes, Dutch Davies, Matt Lux, Mike Knight, Colton Burdette, Wyatt Scott, Doug Eck, Boom Briggs, Steve Kania, Brad Mesler, Jake Finnerty, Steve Scaife Jr, Alex Ferree, Ryan Scott, John Lobb, Andy Boozel

Nic Dit Trucking Rush Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Max Blair, Steve Dixon, Logan Zarin, Ward Schell, Brad Stoeger, Bud Watson, David Parker,Joe Long, Khole Wanzer

Heat 2: Jeremy Wonderling, Brian Larson, Chub Frank, David Parker, Kyle Zimmerman, Chad Clement, Shane Crotty, Jonathan Stockdale, Hunter Proctor

Heat 3: Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Breyton Santee, Joe Martin, Jason Genco, Scott Delahoy, Paul Norman, Dylan Goodman, Josh Beckstrom

B-Main: Joe Long, Jonathan, Stockdale, Dylan Goodman, Josh Beckstrom, Khole Wanzer (DNS), Hunter Proctor (DNS)

Feature: Chub Frank, Jeremy Wonderling, Max Blair, Steve Dixon, Breyton Santee, Darrell Bossard, Joe Martin, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Logan Zarin, Ward Schell, David Parker, Boom Briggs, Paul Norman, Scott Dellahoy, Chad Clement, Dylan Goodman, Brian Larson, Brad Stoeger, Jason Genco, Joe Long, Jonathan Stockdale, Bud Watson

Waterford Hotel Outlaw Modifieds:

Heat 1: Steve Rex, John Boyd, Steve Sornberger, Tim Rockwell, Dennis Lunger, C J Ramsey, Eric Reinwald, Jimmy Diabo

Heat 2: Zach Johnson, Joel Watson, Steve Simon. Ty Rhoades, Randy Hall, Casey Bowers, Joel Lamphere

Heat 3: Ken Zimmer, Jesse Gould, Rich Michael, Jarred Silvis, Dave Lamphere, C J Ramsey

Feature: Steve Simon, Ty Rhoades, Ken Zimmer, Jesse Gould, John Boyd, Rich Michael Jr, Randy Hall, Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Steve Rex, Eric Reinwald, Steve Sornberger, Zach Johnson, Joel Lamphere, C J Ramsey, Jimmy Diabo, Dave Lamphere, Dennis Lunger, Jarred Silvis, Tim Rockwell, Joel Watson, Chris Peterson (DNS)

Johnson’s Car Care And Collision Economods:

Heat 1: Nate Young, Kyle Layton, Jarrett Young, Cody Stronghart, Steve Simon, Brad Boyd

Heat 2: Mitchell Wright, Jason Brightman, Gary Olson, Kyle Adkins, Mike Johnstone, Brian Toto

Heat 3: Matt Alexander, Garrett Calvert, Bobby Vogt, Tyler Davis, Todd Miller, Donald May

Feature: Garrett Calvert, Bob Vogt, Jarrett Young, Nate Young, Mitchell Wright, Brad Boyd, Kyle Adkins, Cody Stronghart, Jason Brightman, Matt Alexander, Donald May, Tyler Davis, Todd Miller, Mike Johnstone, Steve Simon, Gary Olson, Kyle Layton, Brian Toto (DNS)

Curtze Food Service Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Jason Covey, Kyle Couchenour, Michael Reed, John Boardman, Wesley McCray, Steve Yokum, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Justin Pratt

Heat 2: Chris McGuire, Jason Black, Shane Applebee, Douglas Eck, Drake McCray, Brian Graham, Brandon Birdsall

Feature: Chris McGuire, Douglas Eck, Jason Black, Wesley McCray, Jason Covey, Steve Yokum, John Boardman, Michael Reed, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Justin Pratt, Drake McCray, Brandon Birdsall, Kyle Couchenour, Brian Graham (DNS), Shane Applebee (DNS)

L & D Tree Service Challengers:

Heat 1: Nicholas Eck, Kevin Covell, Jordan Melice, Jasmine Markham, Chris Anderson, Michael Beaver, Nicholas Reed, Lane Reinwald, Jonathan Seekings

Heat 2: Mark Lawrence, Zack Eller, Dylan Greene, Wes Stull, Joe Syzmanski, Dalton Eggleston, Gary Youngs, Alex Siekkinen, Nick Robie

Heat 3: Holden Heineman, John Mease, Chris Horton, Brandon Hall, James Weigle, James Glover, Corey Wick, Joe Mason

Feature: Mark Lawrence, Holden Heineman, Chris Horton, John Mease, Nicholas Eck, Zack Eller, Wes Stull, Dylan Greene, Nicholas Reed, Kevin Covell, Jordan Melice, Chris Anderson, Joe Syzmanski, Dalton Eggleston, Gary Youngs, James Glover, Michael Beaver, James Weigle, Corey Wick, Brandon Hall, Alex Siekkinen, Jasmine Markham, Joe Mason


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