Winter Backyard Curling

Following are Week Five results of the Northwest Arena Winter Backyard Curling Leagues, sponsored by Dot’s Gift Boutique, results for the Monday Night is as follows:


Three teams went 2-0. First, Shoeless Joe’s Pub defeating the TRCurlers (38-37) and The Cremators (48-37), with top-notch performances from Joe Jackson and Michelle Johnson. The second team was Scuba Crew, which defeated the TRCurlers (44-31) and Curling Me Softly (42-40), thanks in large part to all-star curling outings from Brian Ceci. The third team that went 2-0 was Sweeping with Your Wife, which downed Legion of Broom (51-43) and Curling Me Softly (42-41), led by Tricia Poston and Joe Poston. Keeping its strong season going was Legion of Broom by securing a close victory against Merrill Lynch Cirls (48-47), led by Adam Irgang. Merrill Lynch Cirls also had a solid night by improving its overall season record to 6-4 by winning their game against The Cremators (48-44), with their best performance coming from Sadie Stuart.


Mary’s Smooth Red Curlers can’t be stopped as they won both games against Fruit of the Brooms (51-48) and the sNOw Ballers (52-35), with big-time performances coming from David Lobb and Sammy Lisciandro. Slyde & the Family Stone came up big this week by going 2-0 on the night with their wins over Chadakoin Curling Crew (36-33) and the Ice Holer’s (40-34), due to the clutch curling efforts of Tony Falcone and Keith Swanson. On the Rocks bulldozed the competition with two strong victories coming against the Pratt Street Pushers (39-34) and sNOw Ballers (45-44), thanks to Dan Gustafson’s top-tier curling skills. Fruit of the Brooms kept a solid season going by obtaining a victory over the Ice Holer’s (45-38), and Frank Fuller had a huge part in that with his standout performance. The Chadakoin Curling Crew was able to get a win by defeating the Pratt Street Pushers (44-34), and Brian Kushmaul was his team’s top performer.


Two teams were 2-0. Stonehenge was able to capture wins against Cliff and the Baby Broomers (49-43) and Sarah and the Broomsmen (50-40), while being led by Reid VanEvery and Chris Rodgers. The Frozen Assets defeated both of their opponents, the Pepsi Zero’s (51-32) and Sweeping with the Enemy (48-30) because of the outstanding efforts of Jim Dahlberg. Cliff and the Baby Broomers got a win against the Mountain Dew Zero’s (48-38), with Cliff Sleasman having a solid curling performance. Game of Stones went 1-1 by downing the Mountain Dew Zero’s, with Amber Barr her team’s top performer. Keeping its record at an even .500 was the Pepsi Zero’s with a win over Game of Stones (38-34), led by Fred Pellerito. Sarah and the Broomsmen improved its overall season record with an all- around team win against Sweeping with the Enemy (50-37) and Sarah Carlson had the team’s best curling performance.


The Brush Offs were able to stay atop of the season standings with wins over Trojan Curlers (37-26) and the Sky Rocketers (45-36) and Steve Shelters was the team’s top performer. The Rock Blockers surprised their competition and won two matches against The Garage (45-35) and the Stone Cold Curlers (48-29), all thanks to Dean Krueger and Scott Sheira. The Garage had a solid evening of curling with its victory over the Knuckle Draggers (41-37), with Butch Camarata leading the charge for his team. Also going 1-1 on the night was All Curled Up as it posted a narrow victory over the Trojan Curlers (32-31) and Marty Richau helped lift the team to victory. The Sky Rocketers secured a win against the Stone Cold Curlers (34-22), with Troy Eklum leading the way. The Knuckle Draggers rounded out the night’s 1-1 performances with a win over All Curled Up (43-39) and Justin Kramer having a solid performance.


Only one team was able to go 2-0 this week and that was Dot’s Gift Boutique with their two wins against Peterson’s Candies/Neil’s Propane (46-38) and Short & Curly (39-31) all because of Dan Davis’ stellar curling showing. Peterson’s Candies/Neil’s Propane went 1-1 and had a victory over Rolling Rocks (47-42) and Brian Carlson had the team’s standout performance. Rolling Rocks continued their fine season with a win this week, coming against Beebe’s Broomers (49-43) and Erik Dahlgren was the major contributor for the Rocks. Killer BBB’z kept its fine season going with a win against Curl Power (25-8), and Madi Nieves lifted the team to victory. Short & Curly keeps its record even at 5-5 while defeating Killer BBB’z (47-27) and Jaime Smith had the elite curling performance in this one. Rollman’s Rockers went 1-1 on the night and, thanks to Joe Rollman, were able to capture a victory over Curl Power (35-24). Beebe’s Broomers had a solid night and won their match against Rollman’s Rockers (38-29) with Brian Rossey’s curling efforts helping the team.


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