Todd Piazza’s 276-720 Series Tops Area Bowling

Todd Piazza led the way for Piazza Carpet One in the Miles Machine Men’s League on Tuesday night at Jamestown Bowling Company, firing a 244-276-720.

Brandon Miller finished with a 269-699 for JP Craig Racing, while Toby Christensen fired a 232-225-233-690 for Piazza Carpet One. Mike Page finished with a 245-683 for Miles Machine.

Adam Newhouse fired a 279-654 to lead the Monday Men at Cutting Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Miles Machine Men’s League–Pat Ewing 244-657, Brandon Carlson 247-637, Jeff Ellis 232-606, Chuck Ryberg 226-602, Brent Carlson 597, Tom Yocum 596, John Van Horn 237-590, Nate Lester 221-589, Mike Wallen 588, Tom Lester 248-578.

Tuesday Coffee Bowl–Jim Suckow 224-622, Jim Elardo 216-608, Jodi Lawson 534, Bill Evans 523, Helen Chambers 438

Tuesday Night Ladies League–Brittany Miller 220-564, Sheila Vergith 200-536, Peggy Harris 529, Brenda Peterson 507, Kathy Bradshaw 484

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men–Pat Bemis 255-648, Taylor TeCulver 234-651, John Bailey 223-615, Justin Whitehead 581

Tuesday Morning Seniors–Jim Redfield 204-518, Clarence Madison 505, Jim Thompson 200-542

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League (2/18)–Scott Nelson 233-644, Jeremy Becker 619, Walter Westerdahl 224-607

Falconer Businessmen’s League (2/25)–Jeremy Becker 269-664, Mike Johnson 598, Walter Westerdahl 593, Topper Westerdahl 592, Bill Donaldson 224-596, Andy Almquist 578, Scott Nelson 575, Merle Prezybelinski 575


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