Robbins Rolls 749 Set At JBC

John Robbins rolled a 267-267-749 to lead the Schutt’s Arctic Cat League at JBC. Craig Merchant cracked a 222-245-680.

Rob Loll led the Belle View East League at JBC with a 233-256-711.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Schutt’s Arctic Cat–Dennis Goodwill 244-634, Chris Goodwill 222-226-612, Brad Johnson 601

Belle View East–Tab Berkhous 247-227-674, Andrew Raymond 257-659, Justin Fardink 638, Larry Pischera 234-631, Matthew Erickson 619, Mitch Bernoudy 227-232-614, John Robbins 233-609, Rod Peterson 609, Bill Colburn 223-604, Andrew Chapman 592, Darrin Bernoudy 591, Terry Winne 225-594, Tena Berkhous 581, Bob Szymanski 578

Friday Night Mixed Couples–Chuckie Chapman 244-604, Jerry Anderson 223, Jeff Arnold 226-616, Ken Bedford 225, John VanHorn 246-651


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