Pool Leagues

Twenty members of the Jamestown Tuesday Night Men’s Pool League recorded perfect scores in the 18th week.

Recording 24s were Terry Dylaney, Dave Fiore, Bob Porter, Allan Rivera, Jeff Palowski, Joe Iuculano, Al Bishop, Jose Alicea Jr., Greg Worrell, Martin Hernandez, Darryl Green, Kyle Rahr, Wayne Goff, Jeff Smith, Greg Newman, Dean McKoon, E.C. Colon, Vince Parasiliti, Rick Peters and Darryl Anderson.

In team results, Celoron Legion I defeated Crescent Inn II, 132-1­08; Jack’s House III defeated Jack’s House I, 137-72; Lakewood Legion knocked off Puzzle II, 139-98; Crescent Inn I defeated GoodTime Saloon, 121-108; Puzzle I edged out Bullfrog, 127-126; Celoron Legion II knocked off Crescent Inn III, 137-101; Jamestown Legion defeated The Swamp, 117-116; and UVA defeated Jack’s House II, 127-110.


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