Foti, Thompson Have Huge Nights At JBC

Alex Foti and Bill Thompson led the way in the Classic Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

Thompson finished with a perfect 300 in his second game, but Foti finished on top, smashing a 288-299-258-845 for Brother’s Foti. Thompson finished with a line of 258-300-246-804 for Safety Compliance.

Howard McIntyre Jr. rolled a 287-226-264-777 for A-Bat, while Brandon Miller smashed a 267-276-754 for Don’s Car Wash. Ang Volpe added a 237-278-739 for Dom’s Mobile, Alan Felmlee a 258-279-733 for Southern Tier T-Shirts and Jeremy Becker a 241-246-245-732 for Midnight Towing.

Jim Mee rolled a 248-267-729 for GameTime, Justin VanArsdale 257-258-717 for Zamborik-VanArsdale, Mark Blasdell had a 258-246-703 for John Nelson Construction, Tom Sacilowski a 256-245-703 for Chautauqua Point Golf Club and Paul Burdic a 258-231-700 for Farm Fresh Foods. Bob Paterniti smashed a 281-241-697 for John Nelson Construction, John Williams Jr. rolled a 237-232-695 for Southern Tier, Dan Gould rolled a 227-249-692 for Harmony Sheet Metal, Dan Hallberg had a 256-684 for Southern Tier T-Shirts, Devin Kennelley had a 221-258-680 for Emco Finishing, Chris Conti had a 256-678 for Dom’s Mobile, Dan Walker had a 268-232-670 for Guild-Walker, Dave Saxton had a 268-656 for Dave Warren Auto, Lenny Marucci smashed a 276-632 for Geraci and Co. and Andy Blasdell finished with a 254-622 for Dave Warren Auto.

Drew Robinson’s 220-288-721 led the way in the American League at Cutting Lanes.

Jim Suckow led the Thursday Early Birds at Jamestown Bowling Company with a 268-246-705, while Larry Pischera rolled a 227-635.

Theresa Jackson’s 216-225-623 led the Celoron Moose Ladies League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Sue Kehrli rolled a 227-537 to lead the Angel Hair Ladies League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Classic Doubles League–Nate Lester 225-223-663, Ryan Colburn 245-663, Troy Beighol 236-658, Jamie Willey 224-232-661, Joe Foti 245-641, Ray Textor 234-634, Brent Miller 235-633, James Cappalino 607, Matt Erickson 606, Tom Lester 225-604, Dan Zamborik 600, Mark Meleen 236-600.

Thursday Early Birds–John Foster 215-577, Hank Mole 526, Gary Wells 521, Wayne Hunzinger 514, Ken Davis 514, Kathy Bradshaw 501, Sharon Dowd 450

Cutting Lanes: American League–Ron Reed 277-646, Cody Robinson 225-633, Michael Reed 225-631, Adam Newhouse 236-606, Alton Wethli 238-599

Frewsburg Lanes: Celoron Moose Ladies League–LuAnn Spallino 238-576, Bonnie Smith 505, Tonie Wirsen 480

Angel Hair Ladies League –Bonnie Smith 205-534, Emily Zamborik 207-478.


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