Beaver Rolls 276 Game, 734 Series At JBC

Ryan Beaver smashed a 276-231-227-734 for Busy Beaver Hand Cleaner to lead the Lena Pizza Men’s League on Wednesday night at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Finishing close behind was Jeff Arnold for J.B. Liquor with a 239-256-233-728. Mike Greiner finished with a 268-225-699 for Bemus Point Inn, while John Williams Jr. rolled a 237-238-689 for Wadsworth Construction. Blake Morrison added a 278-682 for Busy Beaver Hand Cleaner, Bobby Michael 264-246-680 for Bullfrog and Jamie Willey added a 216-269-677 for Falconer Rod & Gun.

Laura Schlining led the women’s league with a 255-213-647.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza Men’s League–Chris Gullotti 258-648, Andy Raymond 234-642, Ken Berlund 242-642, Ron Lyon 245-224-640, John Williams Sr. 223-639, Alex Foti 235-638, Bill Colburn 267-633, Greg Grimm 225-223-630, Dave Fiorella 221-223-624, Bill Leonard 232-620, Tim Wares 620, Joe Foti 233-616, Mark Sanden 224-606, Matt Erickson 226-604, Ang Volpe 604, Dan Benson Jr. 603, Dana Smith 234-590, Shawn Glander 223-590, Tim Whitmore 580, John Angeletti 577, Chuck Chapman 226.

Lena’s Pizza Women’s League–Grace Wheeler 209-586, Jamie Olson 205-572, Fran Walters 542, Marlene Macey 202-497, Jen Goshgarian 486.


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