McIntyre Jr. Rolls 289-300-848, Burdic Hits 300-761

What a performance by Howie McIntyre Jr.

Paul Burdic’s wasn’t too shabby either.

And they were only two of the headliners on what was a huge Thursday night in the Classic Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

First, McIntyre Jr., who has turned in quite a 2019-2020 season in the Classic Doubles League, smashed a 289-300-259-848 for A-Bat, one of 19 series that exceeded 675.

Meanwhile, Burdic registered the second 300 of the evening to go along with a 237 and a 224 for a 761 set for Farm Fresh Foods; and Justin VanArsdale rolled a 287-236-221-744 for Zamborik-VanArsdale.

Stephanie Tompkins led the women with a 279-256-686 for Chautauqua Point Golf Course, followed by Chelsey Mee with a 233-586.

In other top scores from that league, Jamie Willey hit a 246-269-729 for Southern Tier; Lenny Marucci recorded a 234-268-726 for Geraci & Company; Mark Meleen authored a 257-258-710 for Bowler’s Corner; and Alan Felmlee shot a 269-224-704 for Southern Tier T-Shirts to round out the 700-plus series.

In addition, Bob Paterniti fired a 224-258-694 for John Nelson Construction; Andrew Raymond had a 268-691 for Mir Oil; John Williams Jr. registered a 234-252-690 for Southern Tier; Dave Saxton had a 247-245-696 for Dave Warren Auto; Alex Foti hit a 228-259-688 for Brother’s Foti; Dan Gould recorded a 237-688 for Harmony Sheet Metal; Mark Blasdell found the mark for a 255-246-687 for John Nelson Construction; Brandon Miller had a 235-236-684 for Don’s Car Wash; Ray Textor fired a 237-239-681 for Butternut Brooke; Dan Hallberg rolled a 232-237-679; and Bill Thompson hit a 224-229-224-677 for Safety Compliance.

Top games were turned in by Chris Conti with a 277 and Joe Jagoda with a 264.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Classic Doubles League — Chris Conti 669, Joe Jagoda 657, Tom Sacilowski 584, Troy Beightol 226-619, Tom Lester 234-626, Jeremy Becker 224-580, Andy Blasdell 236-242-663, James Cappalino 234-632, an Volpe 603, Brian Kennelley 235-611, Tim Thompson 225-234-661, Christy Cuifolo 497, Jim Elardo 235-601, Zack Leone 225-224-647, Matt Erickson 582, Dan Walker 237-232-659, Brent Miller 605, Ryan Colburn 221-587, Howie McIntyre Sr. 245-636, Jim Mee 226-228-663.

Frewsburg Lanes: Angel Hair Ladies League — Bonnie Smith 201-541, Kelly Lauffenburger 502, Billi Jo Lindell 492, Debbie Walker 476.


Andrew Chapman led the way in the Belle View East League at Jamestown Bowling Company with a 279-229-235-743.

Other top series in that league were recorded by Jim Glotz with a 229-265-237-731; Rob Loll with a 227-226-245-698; and Eric Truver with a 247-264-689.

Top games belonged to Matt Erickson and Rod Peterson, each with a 258; and Darrin Bernoudy with a 252.

In the Friday Night Mixed Couples League, Jeff Arnold rolled a 279-224-237-740 and John VanHorn hit a 258-226-699.

Pat Ewing fired a 268 game.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Belle View East League — Matt Erickson 668, Rod Peterson 660, Darrin Bernoudy 632, Tab Berkhous 619, Larry Pischera 578, Nick Boschert 623, Andrew Raymond 222-602, Greg Bush 5878, Tim Whitmore 587, TJ Weimer 668, Bill Colburn 224-621, Justin Johnson 232-584.

Friday Mixed Couples League — Chucky Chapman 246-653, Pat Ewing 639, Ken Bedford 245-611, Jerry Anderson 235.


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