Gullotti Rolls 648 Series For Falconer

Matt Gullotti’s 222-215-211-648 led Falconer to a 4-0 sweep of Chautauqua Lake in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys bowling Tuesday at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Damen Vincent added a 185-515 for the Golden Falcons (21-15), who finished with a team linescore of 800-757-743-2,300.

The Thunderbirds (0-32) had a linescore of 481-474-429-1,384.

In girls action, Falconer’s Hannah Cross rolled a 276-615 to lead her team to a 4-0 sweep.

The Golden Falcons (11-17) finished with a team linescore of 712-790-646-2,148.

The Thunderbirds (0-28) rolled a 379-440-423-1,242.


Daniel Paterson rolled a 182-180-182-544 to lead Silver Creek to a 4-0 sweep of Maple Grove in Division 2 boys action at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Brandon Erick added a 221-524 for the Black Knights (32-0), who rolled a team linescore of 786-747-797-2,330.

Logan Crist’s 212-547 led the Red Dragons (2-34) to a 781-623-749-2,153.

Silver Creek also won the girls match, 4-0.

The Black Knights (19-9) rolled a 470-524-486-1,480.

The Red Dragons (0-28) finished with a 342-454-425-1,221.


FREWSBURG — Collin Kehrli had a 223-542 and Matt Thompson added a 230-536 as Frewsburg blanked Forestville, 4-0, in Division 2 boys action at Frewsburg Lanes.

Noah Phillips chipped in a 181 game for the Bears (22-6), who finished with a 767-879-767-2,413.

The Hornets (6.5-25.5) finished with a team linescore of 644-649-553-1,846.

Lilly VanArsdale’s 198-540 led the Forestville girls to a 4-0 sweep.

Tristian Olsen added a 190 game for the Hornets (27-1), who rolled a 634-658-644-1,936 as a team.

The Bears (14-10) finished with a 513-491-558-1,562.


SPRINGVILLE — Logan Cowles rolled a 205-508 and Nathaniel Goldsmith added a 190 game as Allegany-Limestone swept Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 4-0, in Division 3 boys action at Cascade Lanes.

The Gators (24-16) finished with a linescore of 983-891-826-2,700.

The Timberwolves (0-24) rolled a 558-601-576-1,735.

Allegany-Limestone also swept the girls match, 4-0.

The Gators (31-9) finished with a 672-638-768-2,078.

The Timberwolves (0-24) had a 534-550-537-1,621.


SALAMANCA — Nathan Pinney had a 206-215-200-621 and Ethan Rix rolled a 193-216-191-600 to lead Hinsdale to a 3-1 Division 3 boys win over Salamanca.

The Bobcats (24-4) finished with a 925-1,051-952-2,928.

Quinton Jones had a 222-533 and Dylon Ingersoll spilled a 503 for the Warriors (27-9) as they finished with a 938-1,003-881-2,822.

Emma Fiske had a 204-505 for the Salamanca girls in a 4-0 sweep.

The Warriors (33-3) rolled a team linescore of 793-714-705-2,212.

Hinsdale (11-17) finished with a 719-650-624-1,993.


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