Chapman’s 734 Set Tops Weekend Bowling

Andy Chapman rolled a 258-249-227-734 in the Saturday Mixed Couples League at Jamestown Bowling Company to pace the area pin action over the weekend.

In the same league, Kevin Colburn fired a 279-245-709, and Thomas Lester hit a 247-236-684 in the Ames Insurance League, also at JBC.

Turning in top games were Rusty Martin with a 268 and Mark Cobbe with a 257 game at JBC; and Bobby Allen with a 257 at Cutting Lanes.

Dan Zamborik was the King-of-the-Hill winner at Cutting Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Saturday Mixed Couples League — Mark Cobbe 236-673, Paul Burdic 227-228-611, John Budzinski 582, Fran Walters 206-551, Grace Wheeler 522.

Ames Insurance League — David Gray 639, Rusty Martin 638, Andrew Raymond 607, Michael Gray 604, Pat Ewing 585, Jason Pool 584, Ken Bedford Jr. 581, Dennis Nilson 576, Will St. John 575, Kelly Savaree 540, Heather Ewing 540.

Cutting Lanes: King of the Hill –Dan Zamborik 245-649, Jamie Willey 234-648, Ed Bailey 223-639, Ron Reed 246-635, Bobby Allen 617, Jack Post 246-612, Devin Kennelley 236-601, Joe Jagoda 591, Lyn McIntyre 204-526, Kim Dunnewold 501.


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