Burdic’s 720 Leads Area Scores

Paul Burdic rolled a 258-244-720 to lead the Jeremy’s Belview League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Monday night.

Jeff Arnold also eclipsed the 700 plateau for Ted’s Automotive at Frewsburg Lanes, firing a 230-253-227-710 in the VSK Emporium League. Scott Nelson fired a 233-265-675 for Piazza’s Carpet One while Zack Blood rolled a 246-266-675 for Hope’s Windows.

Kate Foti led the way in the Dean’s Snowmobile/Ahlstrom-Schaeffer League at JBC, firing a 269-247-709 for Axion Office IMA while Heather Lyon finished close behind with a 257-266-695 for JBC Pro Shop. Stephanie Tompkins recorded a 243-215-212-670 for JBC, Debbie Williams recorded a 216-212-617 for JBC Pro Shop, Chelsey Mee recorded a 221-600 for Shoeless Joes, and Lyn McIntyre finished with a 210-213-586.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Jeremy’s Belview–Jamie Willey 245-671, Jim Suckow 246-667, Andrew Raymond 247-659, Steve Ryberg 247-654, Tim Snow 597, Jimmy Johnson 220-586, Ron Lyon 236.

Chris Sieber Memorial League–Sara Wickham 502, Debbie Latona 486, Yolanda Verleni 477.

Hot Shot Seniors–Larry Pischera 203-252-623, Lenny Bush 210-550, Hank Mole 510, Ed Petransky 509, Sharon Dowd 404, Judy Parson 401.

JBC Seniors–Sheila Vergith 200-547, Gerry Kemp 535, Pat Dispenza 478, Linda Conti 447, Chloe Vincent 437, Ruth Sodeur 425.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League–Cody Himes 237-662, Dave Johnson 649, Kevin Carlson Jr., Bill Farr 614, Ray Textor 603, Russ Payne 593, Burke Lindquest 591, Rick Cusimano 579, Jeremy Becker 578, Bill Pownall 575.

Cutting Lanes: Boozers & Losers League–Brad Robinson 256-608, Jamie Willey 227-632, Carla Couse 201-496.


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