Adult Curling

Northwest Arena recently hosted Week 5 of its Backyard Curling Leagues sponsored by Dot’s Gift Boutique.


The Pepsi Zero’s went 2-0 this week with wins over The Brush Offs, 27-21, and Stone Cold Curlers, 45-37, receiving outstanding play from Kellie Warner and Jarred Warner.

The Brush Offs started off the night with a win over the Trojan Curlers, 37-29, being led by Jarrett Kingsbury. Stone Cold Curlers knocked off Arthur R. Gren 33-28 with Matt Mancuso leading the way. Close Enough also picked up a close win over Gren 38-37 when Ken Mark threw the deciding stone on the shot. The Trojan Curlers bounced back with a 45-28 win over All Curled Up receiving solid play from John Brinkley and Greg Card. Golfers on Ice knocked off Close Enough 39-36 with strong play from Jim Gustafson.

In other action, All Curled Up remained in the hunt going 1-1 on the week as they beat Golfers on Ice 28-26 with Jenn Swanson and Marty Richau leading the way.


Neil’s Propane remained on top of the league after going 1-1 this week, getting a win over The Hackers, 45-26, with outstanding play from Ryan Short.

The Hackers did record their first win of the season as they defeated TRCurlers 27-21 with outstanding play by Dave Barber.

Game of Stones was the only team to collect two wins this week by defeating Swedish Meatballs, 36-23, and Dot’s Gift Boutique, 28-23, where they were led by Chris Rodgers. Dot’s Gift Boutique bounced back by knocking off Conewango Curlers 40-38 with Rex McCray leading the way. Slippery Rock recorded a win over TRCurlers, 45-25, with Chris Burnett being the top curler. Conewango Curlers gained a win over the Slippery Rock, 39-38, as Ed Munch led the way for the Curlers. Swedish Meatball did record a close victory over first-place Neil’s Propane, 40-38, getting strong play from Dan Leake.


Shoeless Joe’s Pub took two close wins over The Cremators, 41-33, and Cliff and the Baby Broomers, 40-38, behind strong play from Andrea Carlson and Gannon Jackson.

Cliff and the Baby Broomers bounced back with a 49-34 win over The Scuba Crew with their top curler being Ethan Rapp.

Teams going 1-1 on the night were Sweeping with your Wife with Joe Poston leading the way, Scuba Crew with top curler Patrick Mims, The Cremators led by Nicole Cowan and Legion of Broom led by Mike Dietrich.

Leading the way for winless Fruit of the Brooms were Ed and Steve Cramer.


Mary’s Smooth Red Curlers took two more convincing wins over Jamestown Hammers, 35-24, and Snow Ballers, 38-35, having strong play from Todd Conklin and Sammy Lisciandro as they continue to move up the leaderboard.

Also, going 2-0 was Merrill Lynch Cirls being led by Darcy Cramer and Darla Jo Nelson.

Going 1-1 on the night were Game of Stones with strong play from Ally Piazza, Making Curling Great led by Bruce Janowsky, Jamestown Hammers led by Justin Rader and Snow Ballers led by Sean Nowling.


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