Miller Fires 751 At JBC, Nelson Rolls 694 At State Lanes

Brandon Miller and Scott Nelson led the way Tuesday night at Jamestown Bowling Company and State Lanes respectively.

Miller fired a 269-246-236-751 for JP Graig Racing in the Miles Machine Men’s League at JBC, while Nelson hit a 249-694 for 7-Eleven North Main Street in the Falconer Businessmen’s League at State Lanes.

Adam Newhouse rolled a 279 at Cutting Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Miles Machine Men’s League — Nate Lester 225-216-628, Pedro Melendez 235-617, Mike Page 613, Chuck Ryberg 242-607, Brandon Carlson 600, Andrew Raymond 587, Rod Swanson 225-582.

Tuesday Night Ladies League — Ann Knepshield 530, Brittany Miller 496..

State Lanes: Falconer Businessmen’s League–Andy Almquist 236-626, Doug Wood 605, Eric Johnson 235-601, Wally Westerdahl 583, Doug Harrison 575, Brandon Johnson 575.

Cutting Lanes: Ron Reed 242-602, Ed Bailey 246-652, Adam Newhouse 647, Doug Smith 591.


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