Heather Lyon Rolls 753 Set At JBC

Heather Lyon was the headliner in area bowling circles Monday, smashing a 269-268-753 for JBC Pro Shop in the Dean’s Snowmobile/Ahlstrom-Schaeffer League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

That was just one of several outstanding series in that league.

Beth Sacilowski rolled a 258-224-677 for Axiom, Dawn Raynor shot a 606 for Jamestown Bowling Company, Daryl Wadsworth hit a 602 for Alumidock and Steph Tompkins shot a 596 for Rudy’s. Bonnie Smith had a 232 game.

Jeremy Becker fired a 288-706 for Piazza’s Carpet One in the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Rusty Martin rolled a 279 game and Dan Sasso had a 266 in the Ames Insurance League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Ames Insurance League — Rusty Martin 661, Dennis Nilson 627, Dan Sasso 617, Pat Ewing 615, Ken Bedford Jr. 608, Heather Ewing 211-580, Lacey Evans 213-553, Kelly Savaree 491.

Monday Hot Shot Seniors — Paul Snow 234-565, Larry Pischera 560, Keith Hartley 543, Chuck Hood 511, Gary Wells 501, Mary Love 403, Sharon Dowd 400.

Monday Seniors — Ann Knepshield 214-541, Sam Lisciandro 507, Sheila Vergith 487, Chloe Vincent 466.

Dean’s Snowmobile/Ahlstrom-Schaeffer League — Kathy Bradshaw 215-553, Kate Foti 213-567, Leda Peterson 535, Mary Green 481.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League — Jamie Willey 226-622, Josh Snow 244-624, Devin Kennelley 226, Paul Burdic 606.

Chris Sieber Memorial League — Yolanda Verleni 206-555, Gloria Martin 517, Linda Riffel 505, Anne Sischo 498.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League — Jeff Arnold 656, Wayne Harvey 649, Mike Carlson 630, Dave Eriksen 605, Erik Lindquist 601, Burke Lindquist 596, Troy Beightol 575.


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