Volpe Just Misses Perfect Game In 730 Set At JBC

In the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company, Ang Volpe just missed a perfect game and rolled a 226-299-730 for Lena’s Pizza.

Alex Foti was the overall leader with a 245-275-731 for Midnite Towing, Andrew Chapman hit a 258-223-246-727 for The Big Revelations and Jamie Willey had a 258-675 for Falconer Rod & Gun.

Kate Foti led the Lena’s Pizza Townline Auto Womens League with a 244-210-644.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Lena’s Pizza Men’s League–Chris Gullotti 244-649, Dave Fiorella 236-643, Paul Burdic 257-632, Shawn Ulander 629, Chris Johnson 235-628, Shawn Sample 234-627, Tim Wares 232-607, Devin Kennelley 231-601, Andrew Raymond 258-591, Don Olson 590, Jim Chapman 246-589, Dan Walker 220-589, Mark Sanden 585, Ron Lyon 581.

Lena’s Pizza Townline Auto–Laura Schlining 215-572, Jen Goshgarian 568, Fran Walters 533, Grace Wheeler 206-519, Michelle Slade 514.