Red Dragons Honor Liebers’ Memory At Long Point

Silver Creek’s Juliana Flick leads the pack during girls cross country action at Jamestown’s Martin Road Athletic Complex on Tuesday. P-J photos by Valory S. Isaacson

BEMUS POINT — Rob Liebers, a friend of the Maple Grove cross country program, passed away Monday.

The Red Dragons honored him with a pair of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association victories Tuesday.

Peter Auer finished the Long Point State Park course in 17:19 to lead the Red Dragons (17 points) boys team to three wins over Allegany-Limestone (41), Frewsburg (79) and Cattaraugus-Little Valley (117).

“I told the team that any time they felt like they hurt they were to think of Rob and he would be there with them to take the pain away and help them to the finish line,” Maple Grove head coach Stephen Matteson said. “I was extremely proud of my team today. Many times it is hard to get out of school and run a hard race and these kids did it for Rob.”

Maple Grove’s Ava Crist won the girls race in 19:21 as the Red Dragons finished with 23 points. Allegany-Limestone (51) was second, Frewsburg (78) was third and Cattaraugus-Little Valley (82) was fourth.

Randolph’s Ronan McDonald, left, and Jamestown’s Drew Carlson, run the Martin Road course.

“Our team had multiple runners run their best time of the season,” Matteson said. “Not only were the boys led by a strong performance by Peter Auer, but Riley Auer and Lukas Baer had great races. Ava Crist, Tori Pavlock and Hannah Tarbrake had fantastic finishes also.”


1. Peter Auer, Maple Grove; 2. Riley Auer, Maple Grove; 3. Lukas Baer, Maple Grove; 4. Darius Jones, Maple Grove; 5. Ryan Wisniewski, Allegany-Limestone; 6. Jacob Brink, Allegany-Limestone; 7. Drew Kelemen, Maple Grove; 8. Donald Higgs, Allegany-Limestone; 9. Toby Gifford, Frewsburg; 10. Daniel Casey, Allegany-Limestone. T–17:19


1. Ava Crist, Maple Grove; 2. Angelina Napoleon, Allegany-Limestone; 3. Acacia Barber, Frewsburg; 4. Christina Peppy, Maple Grove; 5. Abby Brunenavs, Maple Grove; 6. Tori Pavlock, Maple Grove; 7. Hannah Tarbrake, Maple Grove; 8. Maddie Straub, Allegany-Limestone; 9. Emma Pocobello, Cattaraugus-Little Valley; 10. Rylee Gore, Frewsburg. T–19:21

Randolph’s Elisabeth Root tours the course.



Randolph’s Ronan McDonald was the top individual runner, but Jamestown picked up three team wins with 39 points in boys action at Jamestown High School’s new Martin Road Athletic Complex course.

McDonald finished in 17:28.9, but the Red Raiders (3-0) topped Randolph (2-1, 44 points), Gowanda (1-2, 49 points) and Silver Creek (0-3, 91 points).

In girls action, Silver Creek had a dominant outing with 36 points, led by individual winner Juliana Flick’s time of 20:54.1.

The Black Knights (3-0) had four runners finish in the top 10. Jamestown (2-1) finished with 47 points followed by Gowanda (1-2) with 65 and Randolph (0-3) with 67.


1. Ronan McDonald, Randolph; 2. Andrew Carlson, Jamestown; 3. Josh Walters, Randolph; 4. John Ondus, Gowanda; 6. Christian Cook, Gowanda; 7. Colton Cappalino, Jamestown; 8. Roan Kelly, Randolph; 9. Gabe Rhodes, Silver Creek; 10. Jaymin Morano, Jamestown. T–17:28.9


1. Juliana Flick, Silver Creek; 2. Elisabeth Root, Randolph; 3. Kayla Forthman, Gowanda; 4. Sydney Smith, Randolph; 5. Berit Abers, Jamestown; 6. Emma Romanik, Silver Creek; 7. Melanie Wilson, Silver Creek; 8. Daisy League, Silver Creek; 9. Siena DeAngelo, Jamestown; 10. Shaylie Zwald, Jamestown. T–20:54.1


OLEAN — Southwestern’s Eddie Scroxton won the boys race in 17:17 as the Trojans took the top 10 individual spots against Olean and Dunkirk at Forness Fields’ 3.03-mile course.

In the girls race, Dunkirk’s Jericha Petrella won with a time of 21:00.


1. Eddie Scroxton, Southwestern; 2. Dagon Bryant, Southwestern; 3. Trenton Shutters, Southwestern; 4. Ethan Luce, Southwestern; 5. Jackson Vanstrom (Southwestern); 6. Carter McCotch, Southwestern; 7. Nate Lewis, Southwestern; 8. Brady Fye, Southwestern; 9. Brendon Luce, Southwestern; 10. Jaden Kinnear, Southwestern. T–17:17


1. Jericha Petrella, Dunkirk; 2. Ashlyn Collins, Olean; 3. Lily Nelson, Southwestern; 4. Gabby Wigren, Southwestern; 5. Gabby Hart, Dunkirk; 6. Maddie Hoffman, Olean; 7. Quinn Taylor, Southwestern; 8. Nya Martinelli, Olean; 9. Mary Rose, Southwestern; 10. Claira Todd, Southwestern. T–21:00


PANAMA — In the boys race, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley was the winner finishing with 19 points while Fredonia (43) was in second, Clymer/Sherman/Panama (77) third and Franklinville (87) fourth.

Bryce Baglia led the winners with a time of 18:05.4.

In the girls race, Clymer/Sherman/Panama was victorious with 35 points, Fredonia (47) was second, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (57) third and Franklinville (72) fourth.

Emily Brown of Fredonia was the winner with a time of 20:30.1.


1. Bryce Baglia, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 2. Chris A., Fredonia; 3. Rayven Sample, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 4. Joey Pillittieri, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 5. Joseph Frizer, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 6. John Brockelbank, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 7. Adam Lush, Fredonia; 8. Nick Erickson, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 9. Wyatt Harrington, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 10. Fred Coullo, Fredonia. T–18:05.4.


1. Emily Brown, Fredonia; 2. Hannah Schauman, Clymer/Sherman/Panama; 3. Savannah Lashbrook, Fredonia; 4. Haley Odell, Clymer/Sherman/Panama; 5. Michaela LeBaron, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 6. Julia Lebarron, Fredonia; 7. Tabitha Clark, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley; 8. Mackenzie Gratto, Clymer/Sherman/Panama; 9. Taryn Herman, Franklinville; 10. Leanne Swan, Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T–20:30.1


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