The three-game winners last week were Dave Niles and Kurt Von Kliest while Barb Chadwick, Dave Evanzcik, Art Mitchell and Mike Shannon recorded two wins each.

Niles had games of 81, 91 and 82 with five, 10 and six ringers; Von Kliest recorded games of 85, 88, and 89 with 23, 24, and 23 ringers; Shannon had scores of 87 and 94 with 9 and 14 ringers; Bill Petransky had an 89 with 10 ringers, while Jerry Vargeson also had an 89 with 12 ringers. Don McCray Dave Evanzcik had 86s with eight and six ringers; and Chadwick rounded out the scoring with an 83 with five ringers.


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