Four Win Two Events Apiece In Trojans’ Victory

Sophomore Teagan Shedd reached a sectional qualifying time in the 100-yard breaststroke and was a double winner as Southwestern topped Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton 134-51 in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association swimming and diving Thursday at Southwestern Elementary School.

Shedd claimed the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:14.88 and also won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:29.21 for the Trojans.

Grace Wood won the 200-yard freestyle (2:01.07) and 500-yard freestyle (5:28.68); Natalie Fosberg was victorious in the 50-yard freestyle (25.24) and 100-yard freestyle (56.84); and Morgan Faulk captured the 100-yard butterfly (1:12.04) and 100-yard backstroke (1:08.99) in the win.

200y medley relay: Southwestern (Ellie Kreinheder, Teagan Shedd, Natalie Fosberg, Grace Wood), Southwestern, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton. T–2:00.88

200y freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Alexis Grijalva (S), Maddison Cresanti (S). T–2:01.07

200y individual medley: Teagan Shedd (S), Ella Fosberg (S), Anna Jones (S). T–2:29.21

50y freestyle: Natalie Fosberg (S), Isabella Grijalva (S), Amelia Brown (CL/W/B). T–25.24

1m diving: Ashlynn Swan (S), Sophie Kreinheder (S), Mackenzie Cross (S). P–205.35

100y butterfly: Morgan Faulk (S), Jade Shampoe (CL/W/B), Maddison Cresanti (S). T–1:12.04

100y freestyle: Natalie Fosberg (S), Amelia Brown (CL/W/B), Alexis Grijalva (S). T–56.84

500y freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Ella Fosberg (S), Hannah Morrison (CL/W/B). T–5:28.68

200y freestyle relay: Southwestern (Alexis Grijalva, Anna Jones, Morgan Faulk, Isabella Grijalva), Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton, Southwestern. T–1:50.08

100y backstroke: Morgan Faulk (S), Ellie Kreinheder (S), Leeya Riley (S). T–1:08.99

100y breaststroke: Teagan Shedd (S), Addison Brassard (S), Lorin Rizzo (CL/W/B). T–1:14.88

400y freestyle relay: Southwestern (Natalie Fosberg, Teagan Shedd, Ellie Kreinheder, Grace Wood), Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton. T–4:04.84



FREWSBURG — With first-place finishes in every event but two, including top-three sweeps in three events, Frewsburg/Falconer topped Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville 131-53.

Madison Kramer claimed the 50-meter freestyle (28.56) and 100-meter butterfly (1:14.03) for the Bears.

200m medley relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Emily Swan, Madison Albright, Ava Palmquist, Olivia Ekstrom), Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–2:23.33

200m freestyle: Kaylee Constantino (F/F), Abby Ward (F/F), Emily Lundgren (F/F). T–2:28.62

200m individual medley: Kaylynn Powers (F/F), Cara Pillittieri (F/F), Emily Swan (F/F). T–2:56.50

50m freestyle: Madison Kramer (F/F), Brooke Pecorella (A-L/E), Riley Chitester (F/F). T–28.56

1m diving: Elayna Pitts (F/F), Kristina Oyer (F/F), Jocelyn Decker (A-L/E). P–172.65

100m butterfly: Madison Kramer (F/F), Brianna Rosequist (F/F), Nicole Marra (A-L/E). T–1:14.03

100m freestyle: Olivia Ekstrom (F/F), Lauryn Ball (A-L/E), Ava Palmquist (F/F). T–1:08.08

400m freestyle: Riley Chitester (F/F), Abby Ward (F/F), Paige Pecorella (A-L/E). T–5:26.55

200m freestyle relay: Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville (Emmy Li, Leilani Foster, Lauryn Ball, Brooke Pecorella), Frewsburg/Falconer, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–2:08.03

100m backstroke: Emmy Li (A-L/E), Teresa Mole (F/F), Hannah Eckert (F/F). T–1:17.01

100m breaststroke: Madison Albright (F/F), Kaylynn Powers (F/F), Cara Pillittieri (F/F). T–1:25.65

400m freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Falconer (Kaylee Constantino, Madison Kramer, Ava Palmquist, Olivia Ekstrom), Allegany-Limestone/Ellicottville, Frewsburg/Falconer. T–4:39.29



PANAMA — Eighth-grader Megan Jackson, freshman Alexis Trietley and junior Shannen Stein led Olean/Portville/Franklinville to a 125-58 win over Panama/Clymer/Maple Grove.

Jackson took the 50-yard freestyle (26.46) and 100-yard freestyle (58.16); Trietley captured the 200-yard freestyle (1:58.71) and 500-yard freestyle (5:29.10); and Stein claimed the 100-yard butterfly (1:13.42) and 100-yard backstroke (1:14.40) for the Huskies.

Hope Marshall won the 1-meter diving competition with 357.52 points for Panama/Clymer/Maple Grove.

200y medley relay: Olean/Portville/Franklinville (Megan Jackson, Kassidy Gehm, Shannen Stein, Sara Thomas), Olean/Portville/Franklinville, Panama/Clymer/Maple Grove. T–2:06.34

200y freestyle: Alexis Trietley (O/P/F), Izzi Bailey (P/C/MG), Olivia Marshall (O/P/F). T–1:58.71

200y individual medley: Sara Thomas (O/P/F), Alexa Steighner (O/P/F), Emily Lyon (P/C/MG). T–2:39.53

50y freestyle: Megan Jackson (O/P/F), Kassidy Gehm (O/P/F), Tessa Mozzi (P/C/MG). T–26.46

1m diving: Hope Marshall (P/C/MG), Hannah Vanderhoef (O/P/F), Makenna O’Connell (O/P/F). P–357.52

100y butterfly: Shannen Stein (O/P/F), Hialeah Johnson (P/C/MG), Emma Mikolajczyk (O/P/F). T–1:13.42

100y freestyle: Megan Jackson (O/P/F), Tyyetta Herman (O/P/F), Tessa Mozzi (P/C/MG). T–58.16

500y freestyle: Alexis Trietley (O/P/F), Izzi Bailey (P/C/MG), Olivia Marshall (O/P/F). T–5:29.10

200y freestyle relay: Olean/Portville/Franklinville (Sara Thomas, Tyyetta Herman, Kassidy Gehm, Alexis Trietley), Panama/Clymer/Maple Grove, Olean/Portville/Franklinville). T–1:50.97

100y backstroke: Shannen Stein (O/P/F), Anna Slavinski (O/P/F), Maddigan Bless (P/C/MG). T–1:14.40

100y breaststroke: Kassidy Gehm (O/P/F), Alexa Steighner (O/P/F), Evelyn Montagna (P/C/MG). T–1:18.25

400y freestyle relay: Olean/Portville/Franklinville (Megan Jackson, Olivia Marshall, Sara Thomas, Alexis Trietley), Panama/Clymer/Maple Grove, Olean/Portville/Franklinville. T–4:11.19