Foti Rolls 631 Set At JBC

In the JBC Deans Snowmobile/Ahlstrom-Schaeffer Ladies Classic League at Jamestown Bowling Company, Kate Foti led the way with a 214-224-631 for Chautauqua Lands while Heather Lyon had a 278-620 for JBC Pro Shop.

In Friday Night Mixed Couples League action, Andrew Chapman hit a 237-215-646, while Bill Colburn had a 279-625.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Friday Night Mixed Couples–Roger Golden 216-595, Kevin Stimson 204-578.

Dean’s Snowmobile/Ahlstrom-Schaeffer–Chelsey Mee 213-551, Theresa Jackson 232-545, Beth Sacilowski 506, Donna Clark 502, Grace Wheeler 203-501, Dana Stanton 500, Sue Bero 478, Daryl Wadsworth 476.

Jeremy’s Bel-View–Josh Snow 234-643, Jamie Willey 224-215-633, Paul Taber 243-617, George Wendell 226-610, Steve Ryberg 224-608.

Chris Sieber Men’s League–Anne Sischo 521, Laurie Gorgan 520, Gloria Martin 500, Katrina Robbins 482..

Ames Insurance–Ken Bedford Jr. 247-600, Lacey Evans 476

Cutting Lanes: Boozers and Losers–Lyn McIntyre 227-238-607, Jamie Willey 237-230-616.