Trap Leagues

In Western Chautauqua County Trap League action, Westfield bested North East, 329-289, while Ripley was a 328-319 winner over Big Tree with perfects 25s coming from Mike Johnson Jr., Bob Murray, Don Farnham, Dexter Gordon and Terry Sanden.

For North East, high Lady was Sue Concilla (32), high Sub Junior was Aidan VanTassel (27), high Sub Veteran was Jim DeMatters (44), high Senior Veteran was Bill Sinclair (43), and high Super Senior Veteran was Ken Hitz (42).

Westfield was led by high Lady Ashley Dulmus (46), high Sub Junior Mason Maring (38), high Junior Mike Johnson Jr. (49), high Junior Lady Mikala Latimore (44), high Sub Veteran Howard Lindstrom (45), high Veteran Tom Gross (47), high Senior Veteran Kelly Brown (45) and high Super Senior Veteran Mike Cluchey (46).

Ripley had high Lady Sheila Yokum (42), high Sub Junior Sam Carris (45), high Junior Lady Cheyenne Meeder (43), high Sub Veteran Sid Meeder (47), high Veteran Jack Mosier (39), high Senior Veteran Bob Murray (48) and high Super Senior Veteran Jim Carris (42).

Big Tree was led by high Sub Junior Nolan Gunnell (39), high Senior Veteran Steve Milliman (45), and high Super Senior Veteran Cliff Hammer (47).

North East: Jim Courtwright 45, Jim DeMatters 44, Bill Sinclair 43, Gary Jacobs 42, Ken Hitz 42, Bob Loeing 41, Sue Concilla 32.

Westfield: Mike Johnson Jr. 49, Mike Johnson Sr. 47, Tom Gross 47, Mac McCausland 47, Mike Dulmus 47, Bob Wright 46, Mike Cluchey 46.

Ripley: Don Farnham 49, Bob Murray 48, Sid Meeder 47, Mark Henry 47, Dexter Gordon 47, Sam Carris 45, Mark Vento 45.

Big Tree: Cliff Hammer 47, Scott Hammer 47, Mark Holthouse 46, Jerry Burnett 45, Steve Milliman 45, Cole Hammer 45, Paul McKotch 44.