Trap Leagues

In Western Chautauqua County Trap League action, Westfield topped Ripley 330-323 while Big Tree took care of North East 329-303.

For Ripley, Sheila Yokum was High Lady (44); Sam Carris High Sub Junior (42); Cheyenne Meeder and Kayla Yokum High Junior Ladies (45); Howard Maille High Sub Veteran (44); Gary Stanton High Veteran (46), Bob Murray High Senior Veteran (47); and Jim Carris High Super Senior Veteran (45).

Westfield’s Mike Dulmus shot hist first 50 straight. High Lady was Rose Corbran (45); High Sub Junior Mason Maring (29); High Junior Dylan Rammelt (36); High Junior Lady Mikala Latimore (34); High Sub Veteran Howard Lindstrom (46); High Veteran Tom Gross (44); High Senior Veteran Kelly Brown (42); and High Super Senior Veteran Mike Cluchey (46).

For Big Tree, High Lady was Val Holthouse (39); High Sub Junior Nolan Gunnell (35); High Sub Veteran Dennis Trostle (46); High Veteran Steve Milliman (46); and High Super Senior Veteran Paul McKotch (49).

High Lady for North East was Sue Concilla (46); High Sub Junior Aiden VanTassel (42); High Senior Veteran Bill Sinclair (45); and High Super Senior Veteran Ken Hitz (47).

Kirk Carris shot his first 25 straight while 25s also came from Donald Henry, Scott Hammer and Paul McKotch.

Ripley: Josh Pierce 48, Donald Henry 47, Bob Murray 47, Gary Stanton 46, Cheyenne Meeder 45, Jim Carris 45, Kayla Yokum 45.

Westfield: Mike Dulmus 50, Kevin Sturzenbecker 47, Mac McCausland 47, Danny Ficarra 47, Glen Chapman 47, Mike Cluchey 46, Howard Lindstrom 46.

Big Tree: Paul McKotch 49, Mark Holthouse 48, Jerry Burnett 47, Scott Hammer 47, Dennis Trostle 46, Steve Milliman 46, Cliff Hammer 46.

North East: Ken Hitz 47, Gary Jacobs 47, Sue Concilla 46, Bill Sinclair 45, Aiden Vantassel 42, Ed Firment Sr. 38, Linda Gilbert 38.