Miller Wins Fifth Of Season At Eriez Speedway

HAMMETT, Pa. — It was Kids Night sponsored by Phantom Graphics at Eriez Speedway with fun and games for kids of all ages Sunday.

Bicycles were given away as well as T-shirts and lots of games and fun for the little ones.

For the older men and women there was hot racing action under the hot August sun. At the end of the night Victory Lane was host to Max Blair for the eighth time in the New Motors Super Late Model feature and the seventh time in the Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Late Models.

Mike Kinney collected his second win of the season in the Waterford Hotel E-Mods, Kyle Miller got his fifth Johnson’s Car Care Economod win, Chris McGuire triumphed for the fifth time in the Curtze Food Service Street Stocks and Dillon Speer picked up his first L&D Tree Service win.

Next Sunday it will be an all open-wheel night featuring the return of the Patriot Sprint Group, the RUSH Sprints, the Waterford Hotel E-Mods and the Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods.

New Motors Super Late Models

Heat 1: Bump Hedman, Doug Eck, Matt Urban, Mike Knight, Chris Hackett, Jake Finnerty, Brandon Groters, Terry Porter

Heat 2: Greg Oakes, Max Blair, Wendell Pinckney, Breyton Santee, Bob Dorman, Easton Hedman, Chris Peterson

Feature: Max Blair, Matt Urban, Mike Knight, Doug Eck, Jake Finnerty, Greg Oakes, Bob Dorman, Bump Hedman, Chris Peterson, Breyton Santee, Brandon Groters, Wendell Pinckney, Easton Hedman, Chris Hedman, Terry Porter (DNS)

Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Paul Norman, Max Blair, Khole Wanzer, Jason Genco, Breyton Santee, Joe Long, Jacob Peterson

Heat 2: Kyle Zimmerman, Darrell Bossard, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, Brandon Porter, John Stockdale, Alex Haight

Feature: Max Blair, Jason Genco, Scott Gurdak, Andy Boozel, Breyton Santee, Khole Wanzer, Joe Long, Darrell Bossard, Paul Norman, Jacob Peterson, Alex Haight, Kyle Zimmerman, John Stockdale, Branden Porter

The Waterford Hotel Outlaw Modifieds

Heat 1: Randy Hall, Mike Kinney, Steve Sornberger, Greg Johnson, Jarrod Silvis, Steve Simon, Brandon Grossman

Heat 2: Gary Eicher, John Boyd, Mike McGee, Steve Rex, Dan Sasso, Zach Johnson, Garrett Calvert

Feature: Mike Kinney, John Boyd, Mike McGee, Gary Eicher, Greg Johnson, Steve Rex, Steve Simon, Jarrod Silvis, Steve Sornberger, Brandon a Grossman, Dan Sasso, Zach Johnson, Garrett Calvert, Randy Hall

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods

Heat 1: Kyle Miller, Nate Young, Matt Alexander, Kyle Reinwald, Justin Clark, Dominic DePonceau

Heat 2: Jason Brightman, Gary Olson, Kyle Layton, Jason Brightman, Tyler Davis, Gary Olson

Feature: Kyle Miller, Nate Young, Kyle Layton, Kyle Reinwald, Matt Alexander, Mike Boyd, Dominic DePonceau, Justin Clark, Tyler Davis, Jarrit Young, Gary Olson, Jason Brightman

Curtze Food Service Street Stocks

Heat 1: John Boardman, Douglas Eck, Jeremy Perry, Steve Yokum, Anthony Marotto, Shane Applebee, Chris Fenno, Tony Lyngarkos

Heat 2: Chris McGuire, Bill Applebee, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Carl Marcy, Joe Rohrer, Gary Fisher, Brent Crandall, Dale McDonald

Feature: Chris McGuire, Steve Yokum, John Boardman, Douglas Eck, Carl Marcy, Jeremy Perry, Anthony Marotto, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Shane Applebee, Brent Crandall, Bill Applebee, Chris Fenno, Tony Lyngarkos, Dale McDonald, Gary Fisher, Joe Rohrer

L&D Tree Service Challengers

Heat 1: Zack Eller, Lane Reinwald, Tyler Walters, Donnie May, Nick Steiner, John Burbules, Joe Richter, Jeff Nunemaker, Dillon Speer

Heat 2: Chris Horton, Nick Robie, Joe Mason, Jessica Harvey, Brandon Huffman, Dalton Speer, Wes Stull. Joe Syzmanski, Charles Silvis Jr

Feature: Dillon Speer, Tyler Walters, Chris Horton, Zack Eller, Brandon Huffman, Joe Mason, Jessica Harvey, Wes Stull, Nick Robie, Dalton Speer, Charles Silvis Jr, Donnie May, Joe Syzmanski, Lane Reinwald, Joe Richter, Nick Steiner, Jeff Nunemaker, John Burbules


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