Golf Leagues

In the Parent/Child event held at Moon Brook Country Club, Sonny Mason and Adam Mason took home the 6-7 boys title with a 26 while Jack and Jay Churchill were second with a 38.

Shane Dubois and Rich Farrell shot 39 while Maxwell Wendelboe and Matt Wendelboe took fourth place with a 40.

In the 6-7 girls division, Lyla Stronz and Jason Stronz were the winners with a 29 while Lauren Yagger and Matt Yagger shot 36, Piper Ecklof and Devin Ecklof 42, and Avery Yagger and Matt Yagger 42.

In the 8-9 boys division Nico Mason and Adam Mason won with a 25, Theo Schaefer and Jimmy Schaefer shot 29, Ejuan Sarvaiya and Salim Sarvaiya 30, Sammy Lisciandro and Rushton Siggins 36, Trent Olson and Rex McCray 37, Bennett Larson and Doug Larson 38, while Jacob Ecklof and Devon Ecklof finished with a 46.

In the 8-9 girls division, Amy Noll and Pamal Noll won with a 44. Delaney White and Dawson White were second with 46 while Sophie Evan and Josh Evan shot 49.

In 10-11 boys play, Michael Carlson and Dusty Carlson were the winners with a 34. Rayshawn Anderson and Pete Scheira Jr. shot 39 and Nicholas Smeraldo and Rick Joslyn 40 while Nathan Walter and Jon Walter shot 52.

In the 10-11 girls division, Nilla Ecklof and Rick Ecklof won with a 37.

In the 12-13 boys division, Hudson Dawson and David Dawson shot 55 to edge out Jack Carlson and Dusty Carlson, who took second with a 55. Adam Powell and Jim Powell fired a 60, Max Digirolamo and Casey Digirolamo 64, and Dalton White and Renee White shot 67.

In the 12-13 girls division, Kaylee Cappa and Brett Cappa were the winners with a 38.

In the 14-and-up girls division, Jenna Stockwell and Marty Stockwell took home the title with a 42. Jacey Cappa and Brett Cappa shot 52 while Joey Corey and Ken Brown shot 52.

In boys 14-and-up play, Drew Carlson and Jason Stronz won the title with a 49. Dan White and Jim White shot 55, Jacob Smeraldo and Pat Smerlado 69, and Issac Ecklof and Rick Ecklof shot 70.


ASHVILLE — In Tuesday AM Ladies League play at Timber Creek Golf Course, Candy Carlson shot 45.

Candy Carlson 45, Cindy Massey 46, Doreen Murtaugh 50, Connie Heil 51, Margie Westerling 53, Bonnie Green 54, Sylvia Fiorello 56, Debbie Illig 59, Angela Nazzaro 59


ASHVILLE — In the Tuesday PM Ladies League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Brenda Tarana led the way with a 40.

Brenda Tarana 40, Toni Indriolo 45, Kathi Ames 47, Anne Yager 47, Barb Tordella 47, Karan Murray 47, MaryJo Hamilton 48, Heather Ames 48, Jami Olson 49, Kait Ames 51, Suzie Lindquist 52


ASHVILLE — In Wednesday AM Men’s League play at Timber Creek Golf Course, Darrel Gruber was the leader with a 38.

Darrel Gruber 38, Keith Beckerink 40, Doug Smith 41, Mark Digirolamo 42, Bob Sargent 42, Howie Moore 43, Jim Bentley 44, Bruce Brightman 44, Jon Haller 44, Alan Jaroszynski 45, Charley Yeskey 46, Don Angelo 46


ASHVILLE — In Wednesday PM Men’s League play at Timber Creek Golf Course, Andy Tordella and Mike Yuchnitz both shot 40.

Andy Tordella 40, Mike Yuchnitz 40, Rick Cole 43, Tim Neidert 43, Brad Houghwot 44, Gary Sams 44, Mike Kraus 45, Jared Coon 46, Dustin Raynor 46, Tim Reed 46, Carl Braun 47, Brock Windoft 47, Derek Davis 47


ASHVILLE — In the Thursday Warren Sheet Metal Scramble at Timber Creek Golf Course, Steve Hoyt and Tanner Delahoy led the way with a 33.

Steve Hoyt/Tanner Delahoy 33, Jim Alexander/Keith Martin 34, John Mangine/Ed Cramer 35, Tom Pilling/Bill Jackson 35, Zack Camarata/Aaron Widrig 36, Dave Leathers/Paul Silzle 36, Tom Ahlstrom/Ross Fargo 36, Jeff Johnson/Jeff Depetro 36, Jim Baron/Jack Rensel 36


CASSADAGA — In Cassadaga Country Club Ladies Wednesday Night League play, Michelle Helmer shot 42.

Helmer was also closest to the pin.

Michelle Helmer 42, Mary Bartkowski 43, Linnea Nichols 44, Kay Pagano 47, Judy Mowery 47, Jodi Hoffman 48


CASSADAGA — In Cassadaga Country Club Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League action, Fred Chamberlin and Scott Jagoda both shot 35s.

John Chabuel had a low net of 25 and got the skin on No. 6 while Rod Lind was closest to the pin on No. 6.

Fred Chamberlin 35, Scott Jagoda 35, John Chabuel 36, Todd Fenton 36, Sean Helmer 36, Rod Lind 36, Tim Bulger 37, Don House 37, Mike Lancaster 37, Matt Wallace 38, Mike Botticello 39


CHAUTAUQUA — In Chautauqua Women’s Golf Association action at Chautauqua Golf Club, Barb Jones, Nancy Theado and Jana Stone took home the Beat The Officers event with a 224.

Jeanne Weibenga, Barb Blanchard and Pat Peters shot 230 while Leslie Peet, Carol Sorg, Caroline Zatyko and Linda King finished with a 232.


BUSTI — South Hills Country Club Held its Member-Member Tournament recently using a two-man net best-ball format.

The Blue Tee Division winners were Jamie Barton and Jim Brown with a 118 while Eric Harvey and Jordan Ricotta took the White Tee Division with a 112.

First Flight from the blue tees had Dan Dominick and Phil Mead at 118, Chad Waddington and Pat Macintyre at 120, Eric Truss and Chris Burnett at 123 and Evan Grey and Sam Lamancuso at 124.

In the Second Flight from the blues, Jim Hartzell and Erik Dahlgren shot 128. Bob Paterniti and Mark Blasdell also fired 128, Jerome Davis and Kevin Darling had a 131, and John Nelson and Ken Weilacher also had a 131.

In the First Flight from the white tees, Rich Brunecz and Jim Gustafson shot 114, Jack Fulford and Yogi Kent 116, Mike Little and Bob Szymanski 117, and Mike Paterniti and Pete Caprino 120.

In the Second Flight from the white tees, Brian Cook and Dan Vincent shot 122, Carl Calimeri and Vern Palmer 123, Mike Peters and Ken Eimiller 124, and Don Colf and John Trout 124.


MAGNOLIA — In AffinityOne FCU Wednesday Night League play at Willow Run Golf Course, Betsy Eggleston, Barb Vogan and Kerry Coan all tied at 46.

Janet Kulig shot 49.


In the Moon Brook Country Club Junior Program Tournament Piper Ecklof led the 6-7 girls division with a 19 while Lyla Stronz shot 23, Lauren Yagger 23 and Avery Yagger 30.

In the 6-7 boys division, Sonny Mason shot 18, Maxwell Wendelboe 19 and Bennett Larson 40.

In 8-9 girls action, Amy Noll was the winner with a 16, Maria Ewings shot 18, Sophie Evan 21, Delaney White 21 and Ellie Cappa 38.

In the 8-9 boys division, Nico Mason was the winner at 19. Jimmy Mitchener shot 29, Jacob Ecklof 30, Evan Ewsings 33 and Trent Olson 34.

Nilla Ecklof won the 10-11 girls division with a 25 while in the 10-11 boys division Michael Carlson shot 45, Rhys Kelly 46, Rayshawn Anderson 55 and Nick Smeraldo 59.

In the 12-13 girls division, Kaylee Cappa shot 41 and Olivia Pappalardo 47 while in the 12-13 boys division Adam Powell led with a 34, Jack Carlson 39, Max Digirolamo 45, Hudson Dawson 50 and Dalton White 52.

In the 14-and-up girls division, Josephine Corey shot 34, Jenna Stockwell 37 and Jaycee Cappa 41 while in the boys 14-and-up Daniel White led with a 48, Drew Carlson shot 65 and Issac Ecklof 70.


MAGNOLIA — Janice Brown shot a 39 and birdied No. 2 to lead the Wednesday Night Women’s Parteers League at Willow Run.

Karen Bjorkholm-Leeper birdied No. 3.

Janice Brown 39, Sharon Casselman 42, Karen Bjorkholm-Leeper 43, Patty Lefford 43, Kathy Bernard 44, Lisa Masters 45, June Jacobson 46, Sue Vincent 46, Linda Smith 47, Brenda Wiedenhoffer 47, Chris Anderson 48, Susie Stuart 48, Wendy Doolittle 49


In the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Willow Run Golf Course, Class A had Cheryl Johnson fire a 44 gross and Marsha Gastol a 33 net while Roxie Maytum had 16 putts.

In Class B, Mimi Huffman shot a 50 gross and Anne Fruin 35 net while Pat Fincher and Kathy Yaw each had 18 putts.


LAKEWOOD — Ellen Lehning led the Mulligan Mama’s League at Maplehurst Country Club with a gross of 40.

Wendy Spencer led the net scores with a 26.

Gross: Ellen Lehning 40, Kathy Stedman 42, Mary Green 42, Leda Peterson 42, Patty Weeks 43, Brenda Tarana 43, Andrea Carlson 43, Fran Carlson 44, Lynn Radack 45, Kelly Haaksma 45, Marcia Derby 45, Beth Johnson 46, Cathy Mercer 47, Ruth Kriese 47, Karen Coccagnia 47, Liz Fredrick 48

Net: Wendy Spencer 26, Ellen Lehning 29, Liz Fredrick 29, Leda Peterson 30, Brenda Tarana 30, Joyce Peterson 30, Beth Johnson 31, Julie Falk 31, Mary Green 32, Andrea Carlson 32, Marcia Derby 32, Kristy Moore 32, Kathy Stedman 33, Fran Carlson 33, Ruth Kriese 33, Lynne Radack 34, Karen Coccagnia 34, Theresa Jackson 34, Patty Weeks 35, Cheryl Mason 35, Kelly Haaksma 36, Cathy Mercer 36, Wendy Merchant 36, Laurie Collingwood 36, Rina Currie 37, Jen Peters 37, Stephanie Tanner 39, Lisa Nelson 39, Deanna Fuller 39


ASHVILLE — In the Tuesday PM Ladies League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Barb Tordella shot 45.

Barb Tordella 45, Jami Olson 46, Karan Murray 47, Kathi Ames 48, Karen Coccagnia 49, Julie Acklin 49, Suzie Lindquist 50, Beth Johnson 52, Anne Yager 52


ASHVILLE — In the Wednesday AM Men’s League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Doug Smith led with a 38.

Doug Smith 38, Howie Moore 39, Randy Jacobs 42, Darrell Gruber 43, Mark Digirolamo 43, Bruce Brightman 43, Mike Sard 43, Denny Tyger 44, Charley Yeskey 45, Jim Cady 45


ASHVILLE — In the Wednesday PM Men’s League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Dustin Raynor and Jared Coon both shot 43s.

Dustin Raynor 43, Jared Coon 43, Brock Windoft 44, Austin Anderson 45, NeKyle Taylor 45


BUSTI — Marty Carcione and Dawn Strothers posted 41s to lead the Tuesday Night Ladies League at South Hills Country Club.

Carcione had five pars and Strothers four pars. Sarah Drake had a birdie on No. 2.

Marty Carcione 41, Dawn Strothers 41, Kristin Carlson 45, Karen Bruce 45, Mary Jo Ford 46, Pam Simon 46, Patty Lundin 47, Tammy Hartzell 48, Mary Green 48, Pat Weeks 49, Andrea Carlson 49, Sarah Drake 49, Lori Dahlgren 50, Anne Smith 51, Lisa Snyder 52, Sharon Sowd 52, Sally Buffone 53, Jill Allenson 54, Sue Lamb 54, Kristy Moore 54, Julie Abramson 54, Marcia Matteo 54, Stephanie Tanner 54, Barb Carlson 56


CASSADAGA — In Cassadaga Country Club Thursday Night Men’s Golf League play Chip White led with a 37.

White had a low net of 29 and was closest to the pin on No. 6 while skins went to Matt Wallace on No. 1 and No. 9, Mike Lawhead on No. 2, Bob Warsitz on No. 4 and White on No. 6.

Chip White 37, Fred Chamberlin 38, Mike Lawhead 38, Matt Wallace 38, Tom Gauronski 41, Mike Lancaster 41, Joel Marsh 41, Joe Tramuta 41, Bob Warsitz 42, Dave Yagger 42


AKELEY, Pa. — In the Cable Hollow Senior Men’s Friday Golf League Standings, Jim’s Team leads the Eastern Division with 361.5 points while The Duffers have 356, Jones Chevrolet 354.5, Community Resource 350.5, Get R Done 350, Jones Pest Control 348, Struthers 332, The Fab Four 331.5, Warren Tire 322 and House of Print 315.5.

In the Western Division, Mike’s Townline has 364, Conn & Company 357, Bonded Services 352.5, Cable Hollow Golf 333.5, Maple Place Farms 327, Pete’s Team 326, The Yanks 323.5, Mt. Laurel FCU 318, Falconer/Frewsburg Crew 316 and Horseshoe Inn 303.5.

Jon Vincent had a low gross of 39 while Dave Cassidy and Ron Rearick both had 33s to lead the net scores.

Vincent and Dave Youngberg both had eight points and Wayne Matve leads in points with 104.5.


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