Asquith Senior Tour Travels To Riverside Golf Course

CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, Pa.– In Art Asquith Senior Golf Tour play at Riverside Golf Course, White Flight A had Jud Foy at plus-3, Joe Matte at plus-3, Randy Carlson at plus-1 while Dave Young shot 82.

In White Flight B, George Meier was plus-4, Jim White plus-3 with an 89, while Paul Bell finished at zero.

In Gold Flight A, Ron Juzdowski was plus-8, Brian Eckwahl plus-4 with a 79 while Ross Calli, Joe McCourt and Norm Biegaj all finished at zero.

In Gold Flight B, Bruce Carlson was plus-12 with a 79, Joe Ianniello plus-7, while Ross Williams and Larry Eidens were plus-6.

In Gold Flight C, Bill Derby led the way with an 81 at plus-9, Greg Kraus was plus-7 and Dick Tyler plus-5.

In Gold Flight D, Norm Thomas was plus-7 with a 98, Duey Anderson plus-6 and Fred Bretl plus-6.

Closest-to-the-pin honors went to McCourt on No. 3, Clyde Mohl on No. 8, Tom Szydlo on No. 11 and Ross Williams on No. 13.